He talked about translation and digital development.. the most important of what Salah Fadl said at the end of the conference

The activities of the 88th session of the Arabic Language Academy, which was held under the title “Arabization of Sciences: Experiences, Problems and Solutions,” ended and sought to hold dialogue sessions. Dr. Salah Fadl, President of the Arabic Language Academy, made a number of statements, including: – The Arabic Language Academy in Cairo passed the … Read more

Moscow is not sure whether to resume relations with the West, it will work on relations with China

New York: Digital technologies have profoundly transformed all aspects of society. It offers endless opportunities for development, education and social inclusion, and transforms the process of advocacy on issues such as human rights and humanitarianism, enabling large numbers of people to be quickly mobilized around the world around important issues that require urgent attention. However, … Read more

The Jordanian Academy of the Arabic Language, a discussion forum on the evaluation of language teaching and cultural pluralism in education systems

Last Thursday, the Jordanian Arabic Language Academy organized a face-to-face roundtable, during which: Dr. Muhammad Khalil Al-Haj Khalil gave a lecture on the contents of the book (Handbook of Research in Second Language Teaching and Learning: Volume III) The Third Volume”, and Professor Ahmed Battah on the content of the book (Cultural Support Pedagogies) “Educational … Read more

Qatar and the United Kingdom… intimacy in the relationship and model of friendship

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has started a working visit to the United Kingdom, as part of strengthening the friendship and strategic cooperation between the two countries.Relations between Qatar and the United Kingdom maintain an enduring intimacy and distinction at all levels, and are growing in strength and strength over … Read more