Al-Hariri’s revolution: its maqams in its social dimension and its European extension

Arab critics who have occupied themselves with the study and analysis, or simply the explanation of the Maqamat al-Hariri, have celebrated the purely linguistic and rhetorical aspect, since it is really a linguistic blog that contains the parasites of Arabic and its eloquent words, which formed the linguistic stock of ancient poetry, not to mention … Read more

Amendments to the law of application and sanctions have come to eliminate the disturbing phenomena of society

Amman- The government has stated that the legislative amendments that have been made to some provisions of the Enforcement and Sanctions Laws have come to address the disturbing phenomena in Jordanian society, including imprisonment of the debtor, bad checks, suicide attempts and the criminalization of bullying, imposing charges on people and terrorizing society. She added, … Read more

The size tremor that society fears

Julien Hajj BBC News Arab 18 minutes ago published image, Getty Images Interesting are the adjectives that usually accompany the dance. Madness, celebration, expression, defect, freedom, revolution, forbidden ), this lexical field shows a divergence of opinions about dance. Man has been practicing this art since prehistoric times: inscriptions in Pharaonic temples, for example, show … Read more

Nyhom’s Tragedy (4)

(since a long timeI drank the sorrow from this voicegrains of sandI mixed it in its folds.. and I see itBedouin crossed the is useless to walk)Taysir Sebol .. There, too, he saw the Germans and approached them, but he remained in the center, observing from afar, despite the approach, and followed and analyzed. … Read more

Minister of Solidarity: The political leadership appreciates the efforts of civil society

Minister of Social Solidarity Dr. Nevin Al-Kabbaj witnessed the signing of a cooperation protocol between the ministry, the National Foundation for Family and Community Development and the Arab Organization for Human Rights, in the framework of the implementation of the national human rights strategy and the national project for the development of the Egyptian campaign … Read more

Government medical aid for illegal residents in France… between rumors and disinformation

Rumors are circulating in French circles according to which state medical aid (AME) allows foreigners without a residence permit to obtain a basket of medical care paid for by social security, and that this aid is higher than received by French citizens. But contrary to rumors, the state does not pay the full cost of … Read more

Final Judgment: Cheating With A Cell Phone Requires Failing All Subjects

12:17 p.m. Wednesday, May 11, 2022 Books – Mahmoud El-Shorbagy: The Supreme Administrative Court, with a certificate of its appendix, upheld the judicial decision that restores discipline in the examination halls of the general secondary commissions issued by the Administrative Court of Alexandria, the first circuit of Beheira, headed by Councilor Dr. The student (AAA) … Read more