National Women’s Day: We demand the regulation of polygamy and the abolition of obedience

National Women’s Council leader Maya Morsi has called for polygamy to be regulated and for the judge to be given the power to allow second marriages, after ensuring that the first wife is aware and agrees. Maya Morsi called for the abolition of obedience provisions, clarification of the benefit of contracts entered into before any … Read more

Who is Guevara Al-Budairi’s husband?

Content of articles Who is Guevara Al-Budairi’s husband?A well-known Palestinian journalist and media personality in the Arab world, Al-Budairi works for the Al-Jazeera satellite channel as a journalist and is one of the most active broadcasters at the Arab level. the news that you transmit as a journalist on Al-Jazeera, and Guevara Al-Budairi is characterized … Read more

Women’s National seeks permission to release husband’s accounts and sources of income regarding

11:53 p.m. Wednesday, May 11, 2022 Cairo – A Sh A The National Women’s Council led by Dr. Maya Morsi, and all its members and adherents, thanked and appreciated President Abdel Fattah El-Sissi for his statements yesterday, during an intervention on a television program, on the need to discuss family matters honestly, impartially and without … Read more

Mental load not calculated. This Is Why Women’s Energy Runs Out Faster | shimmer

The little family sits down for lunch and the mother tells her children that they need to eat vegetables and protein and watches them eat, while she tells her husband about the result of the daughter’s examination and the trip school the son wants to attend. The husband finishes eating and raises his plate and … Read more

Kurdistan’s crimes shed painful light on culture of ‘killing women’

A security guard’s murder of his wife and four family members in the Kurdistan region has sparked angry reactions, amid calls to reduce cases from powerful officials providing protection for those wanted by the judiciary , while the government has undertaken to deal with the case of female killers in accordance with the procedures in … Read more

Why don’t women want to have sex as much as the husband wants? ! – homeland

country The sexual desires of men and women differ from each other, and several factors explain this. The questions asked for psychological or physiological reasons are numerous, and to answer them, the French magazine “Sante Mag” conducted an interview with the specialist in clinical or clinical psychology and sexologist, Sébastien Garnero. Do both sexes feel … Read more

National Women’s Authority Report Reveals Procedures for Divorced Woman to Obtain Financial Rights

The Women’s Complaints Office of the National Council of Women revealed in a report the legal procedures regarding women’s financial rights after divorce, how divorced women can obtain their rights and how these rights can be assessed. The report answered the most controversial questions. The Women’s Complaints Office explained that divorce has great social, psychological, … Read more