Interpretation of a dream of a husband marrying his wife

Khabarni – There have been many interpretations of seeing the husband marrying his wife in a dream, as their interpretations differ according to the state of the seer, his relationship with the husband, his relationship with the second wife and the specifications of the new wife There are many other interpretations of this vision with … Read more

From before me to Bahri.. Personal status issues of all shapes and colors

Personal status issues It differs in Upper Egypt governorates from Lower Egypt governorates and the countryside, but cases remain divorce Fewer marriages and higher marriage rates, we visited several provinces and learned about the tales of reality family courts In these governorates, we noticed that the separation in the governorates of Lower Egypt is dominated … Read more

After raising it in Parliament, the Sheikh of Al-Azhar clarifies the reality of polygamy in Islam

Representative Nashwa Al-Deeb’s request, a member of the House of Representatives, has sparked widespread controversy regarding the Personal Status Law and the issue of polygamy, to obtain judicial authorization and to inform the first wife. Article 14 of the bill stipulates that “if the husband desires polygamy, he must ask the family court judge, in … Read more

Underage marriage and social media…a problem in search of a solution

Westerner: Muhammad Auf bear witness family courts and offices Family Conflict Resolution to Gharbiya Governorate Many cases numbering in the thousands between Divorce and Divorce And the resulting demands, rights, alimony and the like, and with this large number of divorce cases, the reasons differ, and according to statistics made by the Central Mobilization and … Read more

Matrimonial leave..the separation of one spouse from the other breaks the routine and renews the love between them | lifestyle

Interview with Dr. Mazen: Preserving personal spaces is one of the most important characteristics of a healthy marital relationship, but these spaces are shrinking due to increased responsibilities and life pressures, causing disagreements and psychological or physical exhaustion for one or both spouses, then the need to take a vacation or personal vacation arises. Amman- … Read more

Personal Status Issues| Al-Khula.. halal bitter

Qena: Abu al-Maarif al-Hafnawi to Governorates of Upper EgyptThe constitution of the tribe is above all, even in matters of marriage, divorce andkhulmany recurring problems in divorce Her hero is to judge the young girl for marrying her uncle’s son, even though he is not intellectually or culturally compatible with her, and after a few … Read more