From me to Bahri.. Personal status issues of all shapes and colors

Personal status issues It differs in Upper Egypt governorates from Lower Egypt governorates and the countryside, but cases remain divorce Fewer marriages and higher marriage rates, we visited several provinces and learned about the tales of reality family courts In these governorates, we noticed that the separation in the governorates of Lower Egypt is dominated … Read more

The princess of Egyptian cinema… Her husband threw her into the street barefoot, and Shaarawy taught her ablutions and prayer… You won’t believe who she is! You will be shocked!!

Friday, May 20, 2022 It’s 3:25 a.m. (Ahdath Net/Basma Ahmed) Critics and audiences called her “the princess of Egyptian cinema” and many other titles, and she was characterized by European traits mixed with Arabian beauty and lightness of shade. She is “Inge”, the sweet aristocratic daughter, Pasha’s daughter, and aggrieved stepmother who expected her stepdaughter … Read more

Disciplining Husband Naama Al-Hashemi | Arab News

Disciplining the husband, Naama al-Hashemi, Dr. Naama Al-Hashemi is one of the famous personalities on social networking sites and through search engines, who is interested in presenting marital conflicts and providing advice and solutions to interested people. Disciplining husband Naama Al-Hashemi Dr. Naama Al Hashemi, a psychologist specializing in advice and opinions on marital relations … Read more

10 Requirements Women Expect in the New Personal Status Law

Written by: Heba Abdel Rahman Since President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi, President of the Republic, promised every Egyptian woman in 2019 saying, “I will not sign a law that does not bring justice to Egyptian women. Hope is born in the heart of every woman and mother who suffers from personal status laws. Over the past few … Read more

Interpretation of the dream of studying at university for single women and pregnant women of Ibn Sirin

Content of articles Interpretation of a dream of studying at university It is possible for a person to see in a dream many different dreams that may not come to mind, so seeing study or education in a dream may not know the appropriate interpretation, because the Interpretation specialists put a lot of different things. … Read more