The story of Muhammad Adel Imam’s marriage to the daughter of the Minister of Defense, his disagreement with his father, and his insult to Muhammad Ramadan!

Monday, May 23, 2022 12:00 (Ahdath Net/Rola Muhammad) Although he is the son of the artist, Adel Imam, he chose the most difficult path in the art world, and began his career with a small role in front of Lucy and Farouk El-Fishawy in “Canaria and Partner”. his education For the rest of the news … Read more

The film “Syria: Women in War”… The revolution in the eyes of its heroines | art

The film “Syria: Women at War” by Moroccan director and journalist Kamal Radwani tells the story of 4 Syrian women activists during the Syrian revolution and war (2011-now): Mona Freij, Marwa Taleb, Mona Khaiti and Lubna Al-Kanawati . The women have faced pain, fear, injustice, starvation and brutality from the different forces in conflict on … Read more

How does our reality threaten and incite radicalism? – Illuminations

Source Date 2020/4/15 Writer Chest of drawers Sam Humans are beings who tell stories. The stories we tell have profound implications for how we perceive our role in the world, and today the popularity of dystopia continues to grow. According to Goodreads, an online community with over 90 million readers. The share of books classified … Read more

Amal Dunqul and her silence are thick with words – Illuminations

Modernity and capitalism have produced the right person for them, and the state has created it for them through the tools of education and education in utilitarianism and narcissistic thinking. Which leads to this moment and the emptiness of its sympathetic, cultural, temporal, existential and even metaphysical character. content, and therefore nothing remains for that … Read more

A woman and an unfinished love story in affective relationships by artist Samir Sabry

You are now following the news of a woman and an unfinished love story within the affective relationships of the artist Samir Sabry and now with the details Riyadh – Ahmed Salah – The life of the late Egyptian artist Samir Sabry is one of the most secret and secret stories of artists and celebrities.Very … Read more

A worrying year, the struggle of women and a dark spot… Scenes from the biography of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain | To mix together

Queen Elizabeth II of England has broken all records when she has dedicated her life to her royal duties and to her people since she was sworn in at the age of 21. The young Duchess of York was born Elizabeth on April 21, 1926 at 17 Bruton Street in wealthy Mayfair, becoming third in … Read more