The martyrdom of two police brigades as they pursued the resting place of Aswan. Pretty shocked Al-Ahly. Israel admits shooting Shireen Abu Akleh

Over the past few hours, “Veto” has released many important political, economic, sports and other news. The most important news published were the following: The martyrdom of a police general during the pursuit of the rest house of Aswan Today, Major General Montaser Abdel Moneim, ‘undersecretary of the Public Security Authority’, was martyred while pursuing … Read more

“He allows the celibate and relieves the anguish of the sterile”… The heritage of the “blessing” from the priest to the guardian

In his novel “The Ring and the Bracelet”, which became one of the 100 most important films in the history of Egyptian cinema, the late writer Yahya Al-Taher Abdullah elected an ancient ritual, which became a tradition among the wives of Upper Egypt living in areas close to the vicinity of the temple of “Dandara”, … Read more

Somaya al-Alfi’s husbands… An artist asked Farouk al-Fishawi for permission to marry him, and she did after Medhat Saleh betrayed her twice!

Monday 09 May 2022 It’s 11 a.m. (Ahdath Net/Rola Muhammad) Somaya Al-Alfi is an artist of a special nature and was one of the dream girls of the 80s. She was never far from the limelight despite her lack of participation in artistic works, but always her relationship and her marriage, in particular to the … Read more

Youssef Wehbe.. went bankrupt after a secret relationship with this princess and a famous artist who didn’t get married because of him

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 It’s 05:00 (Ahdath Net/Rola Muhammad) Youssef Wehbe is an Egyptian author, actor, theater and film director and one of the pioneers of theatrical art. Critics called him “the dean of Arab theater”, and his theater troupe presented more than three hundred novels and brought the talents of theatrical art to the … Read more

Full Care.. “Al-Dustour” supports the “Wasl Al-Khair” food distribution initiative

9,000 volunteers took part in the “Wasl Al-Khair” initiative, launched at the beginning of last Ramadan, to distribute one million boxes full of foodstuffs to the deserving, as part of the efforts of the presidential initiative “A life worthy “ensure a decent life for citizens and lighten the burden on their shoulders. While the initiative … Read more

A Byzantine princess converted to Islam at the hands of Zahra… The story of Nargis, the long-awaited Mahdi’s mother

Despite the great importance that the character of Mrs. Nargis occupies in the imaginary Twelver Imami Shi’i, as the mother of the twelfth Imam and the long-awaited Mahdi Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Askari, Shia sources have had many discrepancies on the details of his origin, his biography and his death. Shia sources – especially the later … Read more