He talked about translation and digital development.. the most important of what Salah Fadl said at the end of the conference

The activities of the 88th session of the Arabic Language Academy, which was held under the title “Arabization of Sciences: Experiences, Problems and Solutions,” ended and sought to hold dialogue sessions. Dr. Salah Fadl, President of the Arabic Language Academy, made a number of statements, including: – The Arabic Language Academy in Cairo passed the … Read more

A sudden appearance of the star of the series Bab Al-Hara “Umm Essam” with her lover .. and the public was surprised by the severity of her beauty! (see who it is)

Thank you for your interest in reading the news of a sudden appearance of the star of the series Bab Al-Hara “Umm Essam” with his lover… and the public was surprised by the severity of her beauty! (Look who is) on our website and now with details Sana’a – Misra Ismail – Syrian actress, Sabah … Read more

“Reading in the text of the eminent Tunisian writer Taher Meshi…” The darkness of the sunset has its silence

duration/ The moments of sunset take me in my steps, at each sunset…for these distant neighborhoods.. There, where we met long ago, and among the spreading sun, my desire fades, my moans threaten me, the pain of my wound intensifies, the sun hides me and robs me of this nostalgia , and the past grows … Read more

Hands in love body language

body language loving hands, And its role in showing the emotional relationships between the two partners and between people close to each other, and body language is one of the languages ​​that people use between each other to show feelings of affection and closeness, and it is similar to human language in terms of complexity … Read more

Libya the future | Ahmed Nasser Qurain: Between sadness and anger there is only love

Libya al-Mustaqbal (Libyan Saqifa (Libya al-Mustaqbal Cultural Gateway): (Not sadness.. but Hazyeen).. This is how Muzaffar Al-Nawab begins his poem. What is not sadness, but inherits sadness? It’s nothing but anger. Yes, the sadness goes to the tears, and the tears explode with anger. Did not Adonis write in one of his texts: I say … Read more

Artists who married in secret..Ilham Shaheen. Her husband almost disfigured her face. What Nabila Obeid did shocked the public!!

Monday, May 23, 2022 It’s 2:15 a.m. (Ahdath Net/Basma Ahmed) The secret marriage in the life of the stars and stars, is soon revealed, as the affair does not continue much in a framework of secrecy, especially with the spread of social networking sites, which prompts the stars to reveal the details and the scenes … Read more

“Light Blue” is a new fragrance from “Dolce and Gabbana”

Summer 2022 marks an exciting new chapter in the Light Blue saga, with a new campaign featuring iconic campaign stars David Gandy and Bianca Balti reunited in the magical location of Capri. Additionally, Dolce&Gabbana Beauty presents two new limited edition fragrances, Light Blue Italian Love, for him and her. Inspired by the Mediterranean, these two … Read more