Unlike the UAE and Saudi Arabia, what is hindering the full normalization of Turkish-Egyptian relations?

leave the press Turkey started in 2022 with the normalization of its relations with many countries in the region, led by the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Armenia, in addition to the start of normalization talks with Egypt. , but Ankara and Cairo did not come far. in this regard, unlike other countries … Read more

Iranian ‘guards’ bombard northern Erbil and Baghdad condemns

Iranian ‘guards’ bombard northern Erbil and Baghdad condemns The Iraqi Foreign Ministry stressed the importance of addressing challenges through dialogue Thursday – 11 Shawwal 1443 AH – 12 May 2022 AD Issue No. [ 15871] Revolutionary Guards ground unit commander Muhammad Bakpour monitors border areas with the Kurdistan region during military exercises in June 2020 … Read more

Overthrow of a Houthi march south of Marib, and the government pledges to fight terrorism

Overthrow of a Houthi march south of Marib, and the government pledges to fight terrorism Thursday – 11 Shawwal 1443 AH – 12 May 2022 AD Issue No. [ 15871] Al-Shuaibi sits next to the Yemeni PM during the first official appearance in his new post the day before yesterday (Saba) Aden: Ali Rabie As … Read more

“Faten Amal Harbi” series brings new family law to Egyptians | Ahmad Hafez

Cairo- The “Faten Amal Harbi” series, which aired during the Ramadan season and sparked widespread controversy, succeeded in bringing Egyptians a new family law that answers the questions raised by this series on divorce issues, alimony, marital housing, education. jurisdiction over children, the right to vision and other matters. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said … Read more

Holding of the preparatory meeting at ministerial level of the Egyptian-Tunisian Joint Higher Committee

Egyptian-Tunisian Business Forum improves communication between private sector on both sides to boost trade and investment movement Today, the ministerial-level preparatory meeting of the Egyptian-Tunisian Joint Higher Committee, in its seventeenth session, was held in Tunisia, chaired by Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation on the Egyptian side, and Fadila Al-Rabhi, Minister of Trade … Read more

Endowments: Occupation profane Al-Aqsa 21 times and prevents call to prayer in Ibrahimi Mosque 52 times in April

Ramallah – Dunya Al Watan Sheikh Hatem al-Bakri, Minister of Awqaf, said the Israeli occupation desecrated Al-Aqsa 21 times and banned the call to prayer in the Ibrahimi Mosque 52 times during the month of April, blaming the two mosques a blatant attack on their sanctity. , indicating that during the days of the so-called … Read more

The use of force in interstate relations heralds the end of the era of the United Nations

Dr. Idris Lakreni, professor of international relations and director of the Laboratory for Constitutional Studies and Crisis and Policy Analysis, said that the Russian military intervention in Ukraine represented a real test that revealed a terrible deficit in the performance of the Security Council, which seems to treat international conflicts and violations with two different … Read more

The “Russian-Ukrainian” war. “The Intercept” claims to have paralyzed the influence of the Russian lobby inside the White House!

Agencies – Writings: Since 2008; The Russian lobby in Washington has prevented the imposition of effective sanctions against Moscow; In response to its military operations in the former “Soviet” republics, but today this lobby faces various circumstances that hinder its activities. The Russian special military operation in “Ukraine” was not the first event in recent … Read more