Mr. Mohamed El-Eid is leaving… after 7 decades of donations

Yesterday the educator, Muhammad Al-Eid, died after a long life of giving. Mr. Muhammad Al-Eid was born in Umm Al-Modon (Muharraq) in 1939 AD, and studied and taught in its schools. Preparatory, Primary and Preparatory Stages from 1957 to 1972. Then he joined Beirut Arab University to obtain a BA in Arts in 1973, and before that he was appointed Deputy Principal at Al-Hidaya Al-Khalifia School from 1972AD to 1974 AD, where he was appointed principal at Al-Hedaya Al-Khalifia School from 1974 to 1979.

While running the Al-Hedaya Al-Khalifa School, he obtained a certificate in school administration from the American University of Beirut in the summer of 1975 AD, as well as an English course from the University of Reading, Great Britain, in 1977 AD. Ministry of Education cadres are in this program, and Mr. Mohammed Al-Eid was one of them, as he obtained an executive management degree from the University of Bahrain in 1999.

The late went through pedagogical and pedagogical positions at the Ministry of National Education and participated in numerous internal and external pedagogical conferences and meetings, to be appointed Deputy Under-Secretary for Educational Services and Private Education of 1996 to 1999. Subsequently, Mr. Muhammad Al-Eid represented the Kingdom of Bahrain as a member of the Islamic Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ISESCO) from 1996 to 1999.

Professor Muhammad Al-Eid has many articles of a historical and educational nature which have been published in local newspapers, for example but not limited to: “Ninety years have passed since the founding of the Al-Hidaya Al-Khalifia school” in 2009, “Seventy years have passed since secondary education in Bahrain” in 2009, and “Seventy years have passed since secondary education in Bahrain” in 2009. The Diamond Jubilee of Industrial Education in Bahrain” in 2011. He was also commissioned to write on the history of education in Bahrain for the National Action Charter.

Hundreds of teachers and officials in the Kingdom graduated from Eid because it had unprecedented outstanding educational and educational contributions.

For his part, the former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Abdullah bin Yousef Al-Mutawa, recalled the many statements and words he collected from the late professor, where he said: “Doctor, I can’t wait to read your book which you wrote on teachers on the occasion of the centenary of education… When does it appear? Words spoken by the late great educator, Professor Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Eid, during my visit to him in his council during one of the holidays before the Corona pandemic, which led me to focus on work in this book.

He added: My acquaintance with Professor Muhammad al-Eid, may God have mercy on him, dates back to the early eighties of the last century, when I met him in his office at the Ministry of Education to transfer to East Riffa Secondary. School for Boys, where he welcomed me, as usual, with his usual smile and promised me the transfer, which happened two days after the meeting.

Al-Mutawa recalled the exploits of the teacher, educator, Muhammad Al-Eid. Professionally, he stands out, whether in education. It is the successful teacher who is close to the students and the administration, but to the whole community. When it comes to school administration, he is a competent administrator in every sense of the word. As for the school administration, he is a leader. May God have mercy on him, because he was close to his employees, but rather to the sector he manages and helps everyone without exception, and everyone has respect, love and appreciation for him.

He was also distinguished by his calmness and his familiarity with all that is small and large, whether at the level of the administration or at the level of the schools under his aegis, generous in spirit and in manners, few words and a lot of actions, and if he promised he wouldn’t break it, he preferred others to himself, even though he had a particular, dislike, tolerant and humble respects. The young man and the great reverence, he is the teacher of education not only in Bahrain, but at the level of the Gulf and Arabs, and this extends to the world, where his participation in local educational meetings and conferences, of the Gulf, Arab, regional and international bear witness to this.

For his part, journalist Youssef Mohammed pointed out that Bahrain has lost one of its flags, a teacher, an educator and a father for all.

Youssef Muhammad confirmed that the personality of the late professor is unique in his character, knowledge, knowledge and love for all, and he said, “I was honored to document his biography in the program ‘My pride and my people” in 2011. The initiatives he presented and I learned from his life and from his educational, administrative or personal stages a lot of values, and I consider him a good model for me and for everyone.

He added: “Professor Muhammad has also recently published a book called ‘The Tip of the Iceberg of Days’, a book that talks about his story and his biography. I was honored in this book to be close of him in the stages of preparation. until he comes to light. Today we feel that we have lost a great history and an educational and human stature, we have no choice but to pray for mercy and forgiveness for him and patience for his family.

The deceased was always smiling and his congregation was full despite his illness and advanced age, may God have mercy on him.

For his part, the former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Hamad Al-Sulaiti, confirmed the many and great contributions of the deceased in the field of education in distinguished humanitarian work, highlighting the long period during which he worked with him in the Ministry of Education for years, recalling his noble qualities and his humanity on Friday, as you find that his whole speech is the speech of the soul Loyalty to the fatherland, love of work and giving unlimited, all these qualities that you feel while you are with him and you feel his belonging and his spirit to the fatherland.

He pointed out that the deceased was known to all for his calmness, sincerity, love, humanity and big heart. May God have mercy on him and reward him with the best reward for benefactors.

National figures mourn the deceased

His Majesty’s Advisor for Diplomatic Affairs, Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, wrote on his Twitter account: May God have mercy on the educator of generations for the love of the fatherland, loyalty to it and the gift of her name. God bless Father Muhammad Eid. May God have mercy on him and forgive him and make him dwell in the heights. “we belong to God and it is to him we return”.

As written by Dr. Eid Inspiration.. “We belong to God and to Him we will return.”. Moved to the mercy of Almighty God, my dear father and the father of all, the virtuous educator, Professor: “Muhammad bin Abdullah Al Eid.”

May God have mercy on him and forgive him and prove it when asked.. “Oh God, replace him with a house better than his house and a family better than his family. Oh God, honor his residence and enlarge his entrance and wash it with water, snow and cold.

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