Brigadier General Jamal Mawas Tells the Story of the Assassination of Martyr President Rashid Karami…and Lies to Major General Rifi

East view: Indeed, it was a big surprise what Major General Ashraf Rifi announced, by which he absolves the “Lebanese Forces” and its leader of the bombing of the plane of martyr President Rashid Karami, while the martyr was returning from Tripoli to Beirut on June 1, 1987. The helicopter belonged to the Lebanese army and came from Adma airbase.

There is no doubt that what former minister Ashraf Rifi told Al-Nahar newspaper is false and has nothing to do with the truth.

What happened was, in fact, a premeditated and meticulously planned operation by the “Lebanese Forces”. As for saying that the Syrian forces planned and orchestrated the assassination, that does not represent the truth either. The plane was launched from the Adma base, located in an area controlled by the “Lebanese Forces”.

“Al-Sharq” met with retired Brigadier General Jamal Mawas, who was a personal escort of martyr President Rashid Karami, and clarified the truth to him about former minister Ashraf Rifi’s remarks.

– What do you think of the interview of Major General Rifi to the newspaper “An-Nahar” on the assassination of the martyr president Rashid Karami?

– The hadith of Major General Ashraf Rifi is totally false, and it has nothing to do with the truth, neither near nor far.

– You were on the same plane… Can you tell us the story as it happened… and you are an eyewitness?

– In the past, every Monday, a Lebanese army helicopter arrived in Tripoli at nine in the morning and landed at the Tripoli Fair in front of the house of the late martyr President Karami, who went directly from his house to the airplane. This plane came from Adma air base, located in the area controlled by the “Lebanese Forces”. At times, the plane was heading from Adama to Zgharta to carry the then late interior minister, Abdullah Al-Rassi.

Did this plane go to Zgharta and then to Tripoli?

Yes, that is exactly what happened. After the plane arrived in Tripoli, I opened the door and found nothing remarkable… Martyr President Rashid Karami boarded the plane and I sat in the middle between President Karami on my right and Minister Abdullah al-Rassi on my left. The aircraft also carried 16 escorts.

The plane, which lasted no more than three minutes over the fairgrounds, flew…

I used to put my headphones on, and when the martyr president wanted something, he would ask me, and I would personally talk to the leaders on the plane and ask what the president wanted.

Twelve minutes later, as the aircraft arrived over Chekka’s tunnel, the explosion occurred when Chekka’s head rolled over.

After the explosion, I turned to President Karami and did not find him, so I turned to the other side and found him lying on the lap of the late Abdullah Al-Rassi, and President Karami had died.

The pilot of the plane, Antoine Boustani, lost consciousness, so his assistant, William Melis, took over the management of the plane… I told William after the door of the plane fell on the sea… We drove towards the Scout City, where there is a military barracks.

Didn’t get it – but later learned from him that there was fuel smuggling and he couldn’t go to any other place but had to land at Halat airport instead .

The plane did not land on its wheels, but rather on its “belly”… If its pilot, Antoine Boustani, had not woken up and had not repaired the steering wheel of the plane with its laces , an unfortunate event would have occurred.

No one was allowed in until the technicians arrived and boarded the plane…and everyone was transferred to a hospital in the city of Byblos.

– Are you sure that it was the “Lebanese Forces” who planted the bomb and detonated it with such precision?

Certainly… for many reasons, the most important of which are:

First: it appears from the trials that took place in 1997 and 1998, and from the confessions of the defendants and the interrogators, that the device had been placed in the fuselage behind the seat on which the chief martyr was sitting and had not replaced in any other place, after removing the “liner” that covered the plane behind the martyr’s chair, and placing the device inside it, the liner was then put back as it was. It was meticulously orchestrated.

Second: Five minutes before the arrival of our plane (that is to say the plane in which the martyred president was), another helicopter arrived at the same place, coming from Klayaat in the direction of Beirut. Brigadier Khalil Matar spoke with Ghassan Touma and another person. of the Manasseh family, who Two of the “Lebanese Forces” were on the ground, telling them: This is not President Karami’s plane… When the plane carrying martyr President Rashid Karami arrived, he told them: This is the plane… It was also discovered that Brigadier General Khalil Matar was receiving money from the “Lebanese Forces” for a meeting.

An indication here is that any aircraft coming from the north, when it arrives over Chekka, gives signals to Qlayaat, and when it returns to Ras Chekka, it starts talking directly with Yarzeh.

As for the second proof of the participation of the “forces” in the attack, it is what emerged during the trial that Brigadier General Khalil Matar changed his clothes, put on his military uniform after the explosion, s went to the crates and covered the body. of the late President Martyr with a “sheet” for his funeral.

Retired Brigadier General Jamal says… “I had previously informed Martyr President Rashid Karami that the plane which ferries him on a weekly basis should not depart from Adma base. plane could be launched from a military base in Beirut… and it’s safer… but the martyred president rejected what I said saying: Do you doubt the army? Lebanese…? I do not accept this.

Returning to the former minister’s question on why to raise this issue these days, we say: is this the reason why he wants to cover up his relations with the “Lebanese Forces” and his alliance with them? Or is there a political party that asked him to do it?

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