The Night of Power prayer, Maher Al-Muaiqly, in the video.. Oh God, stop our necks from the fire

Mon/April 11/2022 – 08:45

The prayer of Laylat Al-Qadr Maher Al-Muaqili is looking for many Muslims to listen to during the last ten days of Ramadan, as the date of Laylat Al-Qadr that the Messenger of God, that the prayer and peace of God be upon him, commanded us to look for the odd days of the last ten days, that is, the last third of the month of Ramadan, is considered an odd night, that the night of 21, 23, 25, 27 or 29 Ramadan, although the majority of scholars believe it to be the night of the twenty-seventh, and based on the importance of Laylat al-Qadr, we will explain his written supplication to you in more than one format for the Saudi reader, Maher Al-Muaqili.

Doaa Laylat al-Qadr Maher Al-Muaiqly

Research will increase in the next period about the supplication of Laylat al-Qadr Maher al-Muaqili, it is the supplication that believers hear with full reverence and supplication to Almighty God, it is a blessed night filled divine breaths, and it is preferred to much worship and good deeds in accordance with the honorable prophetic hadith: “Whoever prays on the Night of Decree: With faith and in the hope of a reward, his previous sins will be forgiven .”

The prayer of Laylat al-Qadr Maher Al-Muaiqly is one of the comfortable supplications for the soul. These are the words of begging, humiliation, lack of mercy from God and asking for the needs of the world and the hereafter to the Mighty King. , the Almighty, who is capable of anything, with written words.

Before explaining to you the supplication for the Night of the Decree, Maher Al-Muaqili, it should be noted that there are no specific supplications for the Night of the Decree, but rather a Muslim can supplication for whatever he wants. . of the decree, what should I pray? He said, “Say, ‘Oh my God, you forgive and you love to forgive, so forgive me.’ The greatest supplication of the Prophet during Ramadan and other times was, ‘Our Lord, give us good in this world and good in the hereafter and protect us from the torment of the Fire.

Prayer Laylat al-Qadr

Supplication written for the Night of Power by Maher Al-Muaiqly

Oh God, guide us with those you have guided, and heal us with those who have recovered, and care for us with those you have taken back, and bless us with what you have given, and entertain- us with your mercy from the evil of what you have decreed Contentment, praise to you as we say and better than we say.

O God, swear to us of your fear what prevents us from your disobedience, and of your obedience what your Paradise will transmit to us, and of the certainty with which the misfortunes of this world will make it easy for us, and our enjoyment. Our religion, and do not make the world our greatest concern, nor the extent of our knowledge, nor our destiny to the Fire, and make heaven our home and our decisions.

O God, do not rule us for our sins, you who do not fear for us and do not pity us with your mercy, O most merciful of the merciful. In truth, with your permission, you guide whoever you go to the right path.

Oh God, oh our Lord, oh Maulana, oh live, oh Qayyum, oh possessor of majesty and honor, oh you who hear our words, see our place and know our secrets and our voices, there is no god that you, glory to you, we were among the criminals. From the fire, O God, arrest us all from the fire with your mercy, O most merciful of the merciful.

Oh God, I ask You for Paradise and what comes close to it in word or deed, and we seek refuge with You from the Fire and what comes close to it in word or deed. Oh God, guide us to the best morals, no one guides to the best of them but you, and distract us from the bad ones, only you can distract us from the bad ones.

O Allah, grant us from our wives and descendants the comfort of our eyes, and make us an imam for the righteous. Our Lord, do not deviate our hearts after You have guided us, and grant us mercy from You that You are the Giver. Our Lord, give us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and protect us from the chastisement of the Fire. Your judgment is just in us, your judgment. We ask you by every name which is yours and which you have revealed in your book or taught to any of your creations or which you have preserved in the knowledge of the unseen with you that you make the great Quran the source of our hearts and the light of our breasts and the remover of our cares and the removal of our sorrows, O Lord of the worlds.

Oh God, make him an intercessor for us on the Day of Resurrection. Oh God, make him an argument for us, not an argument against us. Oh God, do it before us in your gardens, the gardens of bliss. Oh God, grant us his recitation during the night and the ends of the day Oh, defeat the parties, defeat your enemies and the enemies of religion everywhere.

O God, relieve the distressed Muslims, and relieve the distress of the afflicted. O God, you who turn hearts, make our hearts firm on your religion, God direct our hearts to your obedience, God help us to remember you, thank you, and adore you well.

Oh God, you are generous forgiveness, you love forgiveness, so forgive us.. Oh God, you are generous forgiveness, you love forgiveness, so forgive us.. Oh God, you are generous forgiveness, you love forgiveness, so forgive us.. The merciful, O God, bless, bless and bestow blessings on your servant and your soul, Muhammad, and on all his God.

Oh God, we have reached the Night of Power, and make us among your freedmen

There are many supplications in which the Muslim says, “Oh God, we have attained the Night of Power and make us among your freedmen. There are many other supplications for supplication to God, and we explain them to you written in the training as follows:

  • “We have guided the straight path, the path of those who have been blessed by them or of those who have gone astray.”
  • “Our Lord does not catch us if we have forgotten or made a mistake.” You have guided us and grant us your mercy, for You are the Giver.
  • “ربنا إننا آمنا فاغفر لنا ذنوبنا وقنا عذاب النار” “رب هب لي من لدنك ذرية طيبة إنك سميع الدعاء” “ربنا آمنا بما أنزلت واتبعنا الرسول فاكتبنا مع الشاهدين” “ربنا اغفر لنا ذنوبنا وإسرافنا في أمرنا وثبت أقدامنا وانصرنا على القوم الكافرين” ” God is enough and yes, the agent”
  • “Our Lord created this void.” And make us a keeper of you, and make us a helper of you.”
  • “Our Lord has wronged us, and does not forgive us and we pity us from the losers.”
  • “And we entered into your mercy and you are the most merciful.
  • “Lord make me a resident of prayer and my descendants of our Lord
  • “Our Lord is aware of your mercy and our congratulations to us.” Lord, explain to me my chest and pleased me. You are blessed, and you are the best of hosts.” “My Lord, I seek refuge with You from the temptations of demons, and I take refuge with You, my Lord, from temptation.
  • “Our Lord is safe and forgive us and you are the best Al-Rahmen” “Lord forgive and mercy and you are good.”
  • “And make me a tongue of sincerity among others* and make me heirs to the paradise of bliss” “Don’t pile me up a day send a day enjoy no money and no son alone of God came with good health” “Lord I have wronged myself.
  • “Lord, I will not come to me for the good of the poor.” Their parents, their husbands and their seeds that you are the Hakim and the crimes of the wicked and holiness.
  • “Our Lord has revealed to us with torment. You are merciful and merciful.
  • “Our Lord does and you do fate” and my parents.
  • “O God, I seek refuge with You from the torment of the grave, from the torment of the Fire, from the trials of life and death, and from the trials of the Antichrist.” So forgive me.” “O God, save the weak among the believers.” “O Lord, your blessing is indispensable to me.” “O God, revive me while life is good to me, and make me die if death is good for me.

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