“The strangeness behind bars” .. When the killer meets the impostor in a prison

In the world of crime, everything is allowed, to accuse, to conceal, to accuse others… In the end, everything can be done behind bars, but despite this, the truth cannot be hidden either, no matter how long it will take, and no matter who did it, the decisive moment must come when the facts are revealed, and the right reverts to its owners. “The Seventh Day” presents, during the month of Ramadan, successive episodes under the title “Strangeness Behind Bars” of the facts of the book “The strangest cases” by Chancellor Baha Abu Shaqqa..

Episode 9

The second part ended with the young man escaping from the college with a new trick and methods from law enforcement

Counselor Bahaa Abu Shaqqa says days, months and years have passed as if this is the third chapter of this case, and I was surprised by some strange news in one of the newspapers. It was the center of all media attention and repetition. , but rather the surprise and strangeness of public opinion for this lecture, “The engineer husband killed his wife and that the real killer was innocent. It was the impostor who confessed it to him and that it is him the real killer“.

The engineer sentenced him to life imprisonment with hard labor, then appealed the cassation decision, and before it was overturned, he was released to stand trial again in another circuit. ..

Then the second trial was held after several years, and the court decided in the second trial to punish him with life imprisonment with hard labor, and he appealed again in cassation in the last judgment, and the judgment was confirmed and it became final, and he had to serve the sentence..

God’s will and destiny dictated that I meet the college in prison who confessed to him that he killed his wife, had an affair with her, and was in control of her money, because she spent it lavishly. his system of fraud and his false love.

The media received this strange news, in that television presented the case from a purely human angle, and collected in a way that all the viewers of the interview about it were sympathetic to the point of lament and cry over the condition of the engineer. who was wronged by fate all those years he spent innocently behind bars, while listening to a conversation The college, who seemed remorseful, contributing and coercing in his action, asked for forgiveness from the engineer, who began to weep bitterly over the flower of his youth which he passed behind bars.. The audience wept with him in pity for his condition.. The quorum begged for forgiveness, declaring their regrets and remorse and their desire to correct this grave mistake he had made. that he will expiate this error at any cost, and that he is ready to receive his punishment with any punishment, even if it is the death penalty..

It was necessary to investigate this new incident.. and fate wants me to investigate this case as well, considering that this case is a matter of requesting legal reconsideration for the emergence of new evidence that was unknown..

She called a quorum and confronted him with the written admission he had written about himself and given to the engineer, in which he acknowledged that he had killed his wife and had an affair with her, and that she was madly in love with him and was jealous of him for his imagination. She gets enough money from her for a long period of time.. So he was asked the secret not to steal her jewelry, so he decided he was in a hurry not to be exposed, so he took advantage of the maid’s absence to buy supplies for the house, and he stabbed her until he made sure he killed her as they fled, after that he kidnapped his mark of the knife.

I summoned the engineer and asked for his information in light of this confession. , and he destroyed his whole life by repeating in a tone full of assurance and confidence: “Innocent… Innocent.. Innocent.”… “I said from the start that no one believed me.. but our Lord wanted to show the truth and do justice to the truth .. but after which .. after my house was destroyed i quit my job and i was tortured in prison“.

Abu Shaqqa continues: I requested police inquiries in light of the new investigations, and the unexpected surprise was… Fate was on the engineer’s side. The trick almost succeeded… The new trick which the impostor resorted to as one of his renewable and permanent tricks.. It was round the corner or less that he managed to reach his goal. Unfortunately for the unfortunate engineer, it turned out that the quorum on the day of his wife’s murder was a prisoner serving a prison sentence for one of his crimes. He was not released, so his speech was false..

It has become necessary to know the secret of this new trick of this innovative quorum with the latest types of fraudulent methods.. The question arises.. What is the explanation for all these events?, and what is the secret of this game elaborated in what are the roles distributed? the commite?

I summoned the quorum again and confronted him with all of the above and that he was a liar because at the time of the death of the engineer’s wife he was serving a prison sentence. I presented him with irrefutable proof that he could not lie..

He smiles sarcastically as he repeats – “Oh, I’m a crook, and the fool’s livelihood remains. The college must be smart, know the victim’s weak spot, and strike the right chord at the right time.“.

He added: “By chance I was imprisoned with him, and I always used to go further than just drawing him into the conversation, so I knew his story and thought about a new tip in light of these events. The legal period is ten years.. and I knew from his words that he was not a cheater, and his new wife has a lot of money and loves him and that she is ready to sacrifice any amount for him to come out for her even if it is necessary to organize a plan for her escape.. and that there is an attempt to organize this escape for a My money is big, and you know, Beh, that craft rules.. and I’m a quorum and my job is to do it, so I said I’m first..I proposed to her the idea of ​​confession, and I released it in writing and handed it over to him after receiving a large sum from his wife, and he’s safe during I crave two sharks Because any trial, I know the case is over, and the case expired with time… but the joy did not happen.“.

Quorum finished his speech as he left the interrogation room smiling and asking, “Why do people say I’m a quorum? Oh yes, I’m not a quorum. I find pleasure and comfort psychological when i do some time and i see contentment, satisfaction and reassurance in the eyes of those in front of me, and he gives me everything i asked for..every incident has a personality distinguished with great understanding and intelligence.“.

Abu Shaqqa says those moments were the end of the story which began with a murder in which the accused escaped sentence twice, the first when they were the chief prosecutor to sign the case he n There was no way for a criminal case, but fate stood before the accused to obtain his retribution. This time he succeeded, but God is just, and he wants his case to be revealed once more so that he can receive his punishment.

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