A model of the “Decent Life” initiative in Giza

The “Dignified Life” initiative launched by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi almost 3 years ago, achieves major goals on a daily basis with the aim of success in all governorates, as it has become clear that a race among all looking for the implementation of comprehensive development and the burdens of citizens in the most needy communities in the countryside and slums in urban areas, which is the ultimate goal that was launched as soon as within this initiative.

Certainly, this initiative is one of the best seductive ideas that have crossed our ancient and modern Egyptian history, because it has eliminated the false heritages that hindered development in the countryside or neighborhoods, and it has also provided the magic solution for the state. in the periodic control and monitoring of the performance of governors throughout the Republic, especially after years and years of suffering due to the failure of certain officials in the past to discharge their duty or to fall prey to the routine and other things that have hindered the interests of the people and the provision of a public service worthy of the citizens.

I also point out here that whoever thinks that it is both easy and difficult to achieve comprehensive development in both rural and urban areas is mistaken. This leads us to a bright future in which we believe that our country is moving in the right direction during the course of development in all parts of El-Mahrousa in an ideal way, commensurate with the great achievements that our country has achieved in all areas, whether economically or through social housing, the network of roads and bridges, the development of Sinai and the provision of employment opportunities and other matters in the service of the Egyptian people.

In the governorate of Giza, for example, we find that there is a true embodiment and a more than wonderful model in the implementation of “dignified life” projects, because everyone works on the heart of a man in order to make of the initiative a success and working to develop the most needy villages according to the plan established by the State, in addition to paying attention to popular areas and developing them at the same time, and ensuring that no area in all parts of the governorate is neglected, what we see development works in all areas of the north, south, east or west of the governorate, and certainly that is a very difficult and requires a double effort.

The most brilliant in this file is the great evolution of the change of “work system” within most districts, after we suffered a lot from the former district chiefs because they did not play their real role of control and follow-up , as they liked to do. to sit in their offices and stay away from the street, which was badly needed.For their services, it is the opposite of what we see today through the eagerness of many governorate officials to being on the street and monitoring the conditions.

This issue was addressed in more than one scene on the ground, through several tours made by Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza inside the governorate, to follow the progress of the projects of ” life with dignity” in the countryside, in addition to the periodic monitoring of the paving and development implemented in a certain number of important circulation axes District of Giza North, within the framework of the implementation of the investment plan for the current fiscal year.

I was also attracted by the beginning of interest from Giza governorate, especially from the northern district led by engineer Ashraf Bakr, in the city of Tahrir in Imbaba, which is called the “upmarket district”, because this area is known to be quiet and of a special nature far from the slums, but it was exposed, like many others. The neighborhoods were once neglected, but today we see how serious the neighborhood is about restoring this neighborhood to its beautiful glory.

For more than a month, we have been witnessing the daily movements of the shuttles of the engineer Ashraf Bakr, the head of the Giza North district, or his representative, in the streets of the city of Tahrir, more precisely in the street Al- Tayyar Fekry, to monitor the quality of development in the area as part of the governorate’s plan to pave and develop a number of vital streets in Imbaba and its suburbs, in addition to listening to citizens to learn about surrounding issues , including the sewage crisis that haunts the area, where the head of the neighborhood, in turn, has confirmed that it is part of the development plan and work is underway to implement it.

The previous scenes were like an unattainable dream, as I said above. We have not seen this from former officials, except from the mercy of my Lord, as they say, as today we see the governor and the head of the district neck and neck. with engineers and workers to monitor the implementation of paving, landscaping and works in the first place To provide better services to citizens.

ختاما .. كان من أحد أحلامنا رؤية المحافظين ورؤساء وكل مسؤول فى وحدة محلية يقومون بأعمالهم على أكمل وجه وإرساء مبدأ المشاركة المجتمعية الفعالة مع المواطنين, حقا مبادرة “حياة كريمة” تستحق الإشادة مدى الحياة لأنها أثبت أن العلم والعمل المخلص هما السبيل للخروج من الأزمات, ورغم صعوبة المعركة إلا أن قوة التحدى لدى الدولة حاليا على تحقيق الانجازات, من خلال مجتمع متضامن ومتعاون سنتغلب على المصاعب لنحقق فارقا ملموسا لدى المواطن البسيط الذى كنا نسعى دائما لنستمع إلى صوته ونلبى احتياجاته ونرفع الأعباء عن كاهله .. ولسه فى الحكاية بقية وتحيا مبادرة ” decent life”.

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