Qualities of the ideal wife in the eyes of men

Qualities of the ideal wife in the eyes of men

Qualities of the ideal wife in the eyes of menAt the beginning we mention the hadith that the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, said (the world is pleasure, and the best pleasure in the world is the good wife), and the wife has the greatest role in maintaining her relationship with her husband, and considering the issues of her home and raising her children, and through the following article we will mention many things that a woman must have to be a ideal and just human being.

Tips for a woman to be a perfect wife

  1. Just as the wife likes to listen to the husband’s flirtatious words and likes to spend a lot of romantic moments with him, the husband also likes to listen to her husband’s courtship and praise and elevate his status, thereby feeling his manhood.
  2. A good wife is a wife who takes care of her appearance and appearance in front of a man, and who appears before him only with the greatest elegance and beauty, and she always takes care of her personal hygiene.
  3. A man loves a woman who is like an open book with him, who always avoids lying to him, and she can only tell him the truth, so he cannot lose his trust in her or betray her in anything, and so he leads a calm, stable and trouble-free life with her.
  4. The ideal wife who is always beautiful in the eyes of her husband is the kind woman who considers in her relations with the husband whom she treats with the greatest femininity, tenderness and love, and whose voice cannot be louder than her husband or treat him with equals at all.
  5. A wife who knows how to handle a culture of apologies is always one of the wives the husband loves to deal with and cohabit with, and increases the love in her, but the arrogant, arrogant wife who treats her husband with the worst manners are one of the women who hate the husband to deal with, and are an invalid wife and do not know the basics of a good relationship with the husband.
  6. A good wife is a woman who takes care of her children all the time and whose children cannot appear before anyone in an inappropriate guise, so this is an address for her, her husband and her home.
  7. Allah says (may Allah be pleased with them): God talks to each other and deals with them, as God has said, with affection and mercy.
  8. Also, a good wife is one of the wives for whom a man cannot see any hair on her body, nor smell any unpleasant smell. and his money with what he doesn’t like.
  9. Likewise, a good wife must take into account that she elevates a man’s confidence in himself and makes him see himself as the strongest and bravest of men, especially as it elevates his status and the praises in her marital relationship with him. him.
  10. The wife who obeys her husband and does what he asks of her is the righteous wife, and it is necessary for the wife to observe obedience to her husband if he asks her in bed, unless she have a lawful excuse, as the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “If a man calls his wife to his bed and she refuses, then he gets angry with her, his curse is on her.” angels until they become.”
  11. To bridge the gaps between a man and a woman, the wife can give her husband many gifts that express her love for him, longing for him, and great interest in him. These gifts can be simple things like a watch , a wallet or flowers, but these are things to express her love for him.
  12. The ideal woman is the woman who takes care of her husband’s family with the greatest respect, love and friendship, and tries as much as possible not to cause problems with the husband’s family, especially his mother, and increases thus the husband’s satisfaction with his wife and she is an ideal good person, may God be pleased with her.
  13. Moreover, a virtuous wife always takes into account the spending of her husband’s money without wasting it, and she cannot spend a dirham or a dinar of her money without his permission to do so.
  14. Complete secrecy in the relations of a wife with her husband is one of the things that increases the love between them, and the question makes the husband increase the confidence in his wife and increase his love for her, and a good wife also can’t take her problems with husband to anyone even if it’s her mother, but she takes care to solve her marital problems with her husband without any interference from others so that their problems don’t get worse. not aggravate.
Qualities of the ideal wife in the eyes of men

Tips and advice for women

  • A smart wife treats her husband very wisely. If she sees the husband nervous or his mood is not good then she tries as much as possible to change the subject and does not open the conversation on any issue unless she sees the husband in the mood the sweetest and calmest.
  • The wife who conquers the heart of her husband is the one who does not always compare her to her mother-in-law or her sister-in-law, and knows very well that her relationship with them and her relationship with them are completely different from her relationships with her, and therefore this woman is one of the women who does not create problems with the husband.
  • A wife’s respect for her husband and mutual appreciation between her and her husband is one of the things that make between them the greatest cordiality, love and appreciation.
  • A woman who deals with men with understanding and always tries to overcome problems between them from women that a man likes to deal with, and considers her a good person and an ideal wife.
  • A man asked the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, and he said: O Messenger of God, what is the right of the husband over the wife? He said: “If a woman went out of her house, then came back to him, and I came back to him. She is aware of this hadith in her relations with the husband. This is the woman whom we can say that she is an ideal wife and mother.
  • The wife increases the physical contact with her husband, and the light touches that the wife takes to get closer to the husband are some of the things that make the man love his wife so much and they have a friendly relationship with each other.
  • A good wife deals with her husband’s faults with the greatest love, and she cannot walk away from him at all, for she knows that the lover must accept the faults of the beloved, and does not try not fix them, but deal with them.
  • Avoiding grunts, complaints and loud voice is one of the most important things that increase the couple’s love for each other, because the calm woman who appears in front of her husband is still a woman. is the woman whose husband is satisfied and can never walk away from her or face her with all kinds of grumbling and boredom.
  • The ideal wife always pushes her husband forward and cannot frustrate him or reduce his value, but she pushes him forward all the time and towards success and access to the highest ranks.
  • Giving the husband personal space is one of the things that makes spouses eager and friendly and increases the intimacy between them, but the frequent questioning of the wife while the husband is out with his friends or visiting his family is one of the things that keeps spouses away from each other and bores the husband with his wife.

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