Are our societies so fragile?

It is not possible and may not be to confiscate a person’s opinion on a matter in dispute, as each of us has an opinion on the surrounding events. Objection to any person or persons imposing their opinion, under a religious, national or value cover, so that their point of view prevails over everyone else, and holds a code of conduct that everyone must follow. Remember the massive attack by politicians on TV series and the demand for (beheadings)!
This has been raised in a country like Kuwait, but also Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, to name a few, and it is a phenomenon that refuses to address the dysfunction of reality for its own sake. imagine that he is in a society (of angels)! The first was the series (From the Pyramid to…), the second (The Conquest of Andalusia), the third (Innocence) and the fourth (The Love of Kings) to name but a few. , and it is remarkable that the campaign is frequented by those who call themselves (democrats) by profession, a profession which obliges those who claim it to accept (The Other Opinion), and this denies the foundations of democracy in its true sense , which it aspires to achieve, and these positions deny the human capacity to provide reasons for progress for its societies through free discussion. It is a work of art that one has the right to see or not to see, but to set oneself up as a guardian of virtue is a kind of terrorism!
Basically there is a deep crisis of thought, which is monism and impressionism in thought resulting from transmission and follow-up, not from analysis and logical foundation! Coming from a long-term education based either on a religious reference (in the sense that some understand it) or on a closed-mindedness resulting from Puritanism.
The idea of ​​freedom in Arab thought is to a large extent narrow, and some may take their belief as an obligation in order to subjugate others, even using coercion or force, as appeared in “Al-Qaeda ” and “ISIS”. or military or partisan totalitarian rule in many modern Arab experiences.
A certain Arab political thought has been built on the poems of Nizar Qabbani, Muzaffar al-Nawab and others like them on the one hand, and it is a thought that hates reality without specifying an alternative, or it s is built on holistic thinking from national Shafonic experiences, or ignorant fatwas (Qutbism) on the other hand. Modern communication in the absence of consciousness more because the creators of this content themselves are absent in a superficial understanding of religion or citizenship… Producing alternatives to this consciousness in addition to being difficult requires spirit and determination.
Arab collective memory is filled through years of education either with idealistic ideas that have nothing to do with reality, in addition to media programs that confirm this mythical memory and grant the former (miraculous acts) and the latter (bad behavior), so that the audience gets confused.
I have in my hands examples of our reality in which we live, and they are only among dozens. A man (who seems to be a religious man) in his appearance, and it’s a (adjective) that it’s time to seriously discuss this, he says to his audience: “Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a righteous man” , and it is the right of the speaker, and it is his opinion, we do not dispute it.Then he adds that his kindness is manifested in that he kisses his mother’s feet every day before he go to his office! And when he became president of the republic, the mother said: “You shouldn’t kiss my feet while you are president!” He replied: “Do you want to prevent me from going to Heaven? Quotation finished, the listeners applaud! Here is a corrupt political promotion and a real distraction from two angles. The first is that (the clergyman) understood literally and superficially that (heaven is under the feet of mothers) and what is rationally meant is to care for and take care of parents, because human nature is made for being selfish, including neglecting the parents in their lives. old age, and caring here is a laudable matter, modified by the saying (perhaps due to a lack of its understanding of goals) to direct action. On the other hand, the man’s mother died before he became president! This confusion between (what some consider to be religious thought) and (political advancement) has existed for a long time, and if one understands the deficiencies of the ancients, the deficiencies of contemporaries with the tremendous progress of humanity in thought and the availability of information produces a false awareness that is marketed to the public, and it is true!!
In another example (Al-Asouf), which is the criticism of the difficult stage, and some are launching a violent campaign against the series because it calls for the reform that is taking place today in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and some are reluctant to defend the reform agenda for fear of unfair accusations from this totalitarian tendency… Most campaigns This criticism is that it is politicized and has a dark agenda or hates going with the nations or rejects any reconciliation with the time, while the reform movement in the Kingdom is a process due to the Saudi people and even its neighbors, and the nature of the matter is that there should be resistance in some way to any reform program. demonization under various pretexts for fear of intellectual terrorism!
In Egypt, the controversy over (choice 3), and the obvious fact that the Egyptian military saved society from the clutches of deterioration and falling under the control of a past political thought that wants to bring Egypt back to the Middle Age, we find a campaign of distortion, taking advantage of certain flaws, to create a public opinion that hates the current development In Egypt, a new generation of social thought stretched under ambiguous cloaks carries what can be called intellectual terrorism for the benefit of obscure groups.
These are examples and human history says that society develops for the best only by giving space to each other to express their opinion in a peaceful, logical and rational way, and that does not mean that you do not express your point of view in return. ) or (nationalism) to suppress the other opinion slips into an impasse.
The real battle in our Arab space today is a cultural battle par excellence, because serious and enlightened culture has been neglected and alterations have accumulated on it, sometimes from a perspective that some think (religious) and others in a perspective that some think (national)… In fact, it’s a whole politician who seeks to subject society to a single rule. He sees her (the good one) to keep Arab societies in darkness, because darkness has been tamed bats!
To finish:
The strong argument on the hypothesis that a series changes society is an argument that assumes the fragility of society and the absence of reason!

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