The end of the “Ramadan season” and the filming of series are still in progress

The end of the “Ramadan season” and the filming of series are still in progress

“The Journey” with 3 directors… and “Baloo’ Al Soul” is racing against time

Sunday – Ramadan 16, 1443 AH – April 17, 2022 AD Issue No. [

The series “Ghamm Island”

Cairo: Intisar Dardir

With the month of Ramadan coming to an end, most theater directors are racing against time to finish filming the remaining scenes of their work, which are crowded with studios and editing rooms, and work continues day and night. for more than 17 hours a day, and the directors lift the state of emergency, and everyone is worried, because the works are presented on the air, which is a problem that is renewed each year with the season drama of Ramadan, because the directors of Egyptian series used to start filming them before the Ramadan season in an insufficient time, which makes them vulnerable to many crises, including “the recourse to complete filming until the last days of the month of fasting, and what the actors suffer from.” The technicians are very tired”. A number of directors agree that “the writing of the work and the delivery of the episodes are late, contrary to the multiplicity of filming locations”, at the origin of the lack of space in focus and the appearance of certain works of “incomplete” quality.
With the end of the “Ramadan Drama” season, some works are still suffering within this famous marathon. Director Hala Khalil, who is having her first writing experience away from directing in the series “Happy Dreams”, finished a few days before writing the last episode of this work, which continues to be filmed until now. , while the directors of the “Dayma Amer” series seek to complete filming on Ramadan 25, and the directors of the work have reinforced this delay due to the multiplicity of outdoor filming locations between Hurghada, Luxor and Aswan.
The filming of the series “Ghamm Island” began barely two months before Ramadan, and it is late for a work of this scale of decorations and collections, as confirmed by the artist Tariq Lotfi to “Al-Sharq al -Awsat”. He says: “We didn’t have the luxury of stopping for a moment, and we continued filming in the light of the dust storm that Egypt went through, and we were filming on the sea amid very strong winds. strong and waves of heat and cold. We filmed outdoor scenes for 20 days in the city of Al-Qusayr, and we are currently shooting daily in the production city.” Media is from three o’clock in the afternoon to five o’clock in the morning, and we eat our Iftar and Suhoor together, and the filming is expected to continue until the 20th of Ramadan. »
The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, continues to film the scenes of his series “The Journey”, and to intensify the working hours to more than 17 hours per day, the producer being forced to use three filming units for three assistants directors, to ensure the completion and processing of episodes in time to be delivered to the channels that broadcast them, and this crisis has emerged as its revealer. Last week, when the writing of the name of Mohamed Yassin, director, was changed to series title supervisor, with the addition of special thanks to director Mohamed Shaker Khudair, who is assisting in filming the remaining scenes.
While the heroes of the series “The Choice 3″ announced the end of its filming a few days before mid-Ramadan, as the first series to achieve this boom, for having entered filming very early, the team of the series ” Returnees” by artist Amir Karara continues to film its events in several scattered locations and is supposed to fully end on the 20th of Ramadan.
In the same context, the series “Faten Amal Harbi” entered the Ramadan season after filming about 70% of its scenes, and all the work was completed only two days ago. It is also expected that the filming of the events of the series “Tawbah”, starring Amr Saad, will be completed by the end of next week, according to the assurances of the Lebanese producer, Sadiq Al-Sabah, who attributed the delay to the enormity of the series and filming in more than one location in Egypt and Lebanon.
ويبدأ مع منتصف رمضان عرض مسلسل “بطلوع الروح” بطولة إلهام شاهين ومنة شلبي, الذي تم تصويره بالكامل خارج مصر, نظرا لما تفرضه طبيعة الأحداث بالمسلسل التي تدور كلها في سوريا, ورغم أنه ينتمي إلى نوعية ال15 حلقة فقط, لا يزال يتم تصوير بعض مشاهده So far. Although the director of the series, Kamila Abu Zekry, suffered a lot from the pressure of working in the Ramadan drama. But this year, it continues to shoot in the month of Ramadan, and the severity of the pressure is mitigated by the fact that “the series is only 15 episodes long”, noting that “the delay in the filming of Ramadan series often comes Consequently”. of a delay in the writing of the works”, emphasizing to “Asharq Al-Awsat” that “there should be enough time to prepare the dramatic work and have space to film it to the point, so that we can see well-made works of a high standard.
Producer Safwat Ghattas described the affair as “an unhealthy phenomenon that threatens dramas”, assuring “Asharq Al-Awsat” that “in order for the series to air in the month of Ramadan, it must start filming at least three months before this, and this cannot be achieved for many reasons, including the start of filming without the completion of the writing of the work, and sometimes with the director only ten or five episodes, which incites the business creators to use more than one imaging unit to fulfill their commitment, and the work continues for 20 hours a day.

Ghattas has sometimes attributed the delay to “some actors’ association with filming more than one work at the same time, which affects their commitment to filming dates”, referring to his exposure to this crisis previously.

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