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A strange phenomenon that can be observed in the markets, alleys and mosques of Bahrain, not so long ago, It may have spread before and during Ramadan.

Scene 1: In front of a supermarket, either before entering the market or leaving it, an Asian person approaches you, does not speak Arabic, but tries to mix Arabic and English with his language motherly, this person Very elegant, his clothes are clean, and he has a better phone in his hand than yours, comes up to you and says hello, he says: “I am so and so and from the country I work in Bahrain and my salary is good, but unfortunately in the past period my father fell ill Sometimes my mother, my wife or one of my children says: Serious illness, and even if I have some money, what I have is not enough for treatment, is it? Can you help me, when we are in the holy month?

The second scene: In the mosque, after performing the obligatory prayer and as you leave the mosque, an Asian person approaches you. And maybe from the expatriate worker, and he tries to shake your hand, or sometimes just greets you, and comes up to you, he says to you: “I come from the country where I came to work in your country. several months ago, but… So far, I haven’t found a suitable job, and my money is exhausted, can you help me though A little, please?

المشهد الثالث: وأنت في مجمع تجاري تتسوق مع أسرتك, تقترب منك امرأة عربية, ليست مواطنة, وبيدها Babe Seems like this kid never grows up She calmly greets, but she does not approach the man, but rather approaches the woman, and says: “I am the mother of this child, and I do not want anything, I do not want money or anything. whatever, but this The baby has I haven’t tasted food for several days, and my milk has dried up from hunger and want, and though I don’t want anything for myself, I just want buy milk for this baby, would you be so kind? By donating money to buy milk and food for that child? »

Scene 4: Possibly at the door of the mosque, a woman is sitting with a baby on her lap, and in front of her is a paper that is difficult to read, claiming that she has had surgery, or a medical bill. electricity, or that she is from a needy family or the like, and every time someone passed by, he would throw a sum of money in her lap.

And a fifth scene, at a red light, he knocks on the car window, and she holds out her hand to him.

And the sixth scene, an Arab woman approaches you, and she has a bag and some goods in her hand, which she offers to you, hair clips, some feminine gadgets, etc., and offers them to you at a exorbitant price, and when you tell them: “They can be bought.” Less than a quarter of that price. “Then you start playing the well-known record, I’m poor and I need some money and so on.

And the seventh and tenth scenes, and all the scenes, all of which show us that the phenomenon of begging belongs to the reality in which we live, but this time in a more beautiful way, in elegant clothes and using an intelligence different from the previous ones which pretended to be handicap, infirmity, illness, etc.

Dr. Mahmoud Ali says in his research (Begging.. a disgusting sociological phenomenon): “In the eyes of many sociologists, it is that begging is a profession that many people have started to master, whether they are needy or not to kindness. of others, and return their noble feelings.” He goes on and says, “It is clear that begging is a high degree activity.” There is a lot of regulation associated with the general acceptance on the part of the person beggar, rather than an appetite for work, and is blamed Professional beggars in the most productive form of begging, such as displaying their own deformities or helplessness, or running after men in their way With their wives, they also know places conducive to begging, such as gatherings of people on their way to work or places of entertainment in addition to places of worship.

A person from an Arab country told me: “One day, a large number of beggars were arrested. In the region where I live, the inquiries that took place among them showed that they have no not all need to beg, Nor reach out. , but to increase the money and take it out of the hands of the people, and it became clear that they are among them He who pretends to be us, wears our dress and speaks our dialect, and if he is not related to the topic, there are those who visit Checks and bills are for the pleasure of begging, and there are young, capable, strong people who can earn a living by their sweat Halal, not forbidden nor suspicious, yet when they have seen this huge money come out of their pockets People who don’t know about the subject, no doubt it’s easier for someone to reach out than to get up at dawn to work and come home in the afternoon , and there are women who own millions, but she used to reach out to others. ” .

Here we do not want to enter into slanders and intentions, so we accuse them and exonerate them, and we do not want We talk about the reasons that lead to begging, as they are known and mentioned in all research and studies conducted for study This phenomenon, although one of the most important, especially if we talk about the population of the country, is spreading due to the high rate of poverty and unemployment in society, and the spread of protests among the people, perhaps due to the high cost of living, wars and epidemics, Besides the spread of drug addiction and the consideration of begging as a profitable trade for some instead of work, and some diseases Suffering psychology of certain individuals, and perhaps the consideration of begging as a profession inherited from the ancestors.

All of these reasons don’t interest me here, but what interests me in this article is that whoever is carrying out a begging operation and perhaps scamming and scamming are individuals who are supposed to belong to the workers expatriates, workers who entered the country because of work, and they took a visa to enter the country with a specific work title, and Arab women are supposed to be In the company of husbands or fathers, how do all these people to beg?

If there is any doubt in my words, let’s wait for the blessed Eid Al-Fitr, and go to the cemetery of Manama in the morning Or other cemeteries, then you will be surprised by a large number of beggars standing at the entrance from the cemetery, they ask for money, and a number of them are actually foreigners and Arabs, and they are among the workers who are supposed to be among the expatriate workers who entered the country on a work visa , on behalf of a sponsor, and other procedures, Here you ask how they entered the country, and in what capacity?

And when you ask him that question, he roughly replies, “If you don’t want to help, you have nothing to do with anything else.”

It should be noted that these people are not deterred by verses from the Noble Quran or honorable prophetic hadiths, nor by the position of Sharia on begging, for them all this is a luxury that has no value compared to Bareq Easy. money, so we can ask ourselves what solution we can offer to get rid of it, and we do not say it with a photo It is a continuous and permanent phenomenon, and it is natural that it affects the manifestations of development sustainability that we strive to achieve.

We find that the solution can be summed up in some of the following things:

1 – That the competent authorities arrest any person who engages in begging.

2- The competent authorities will study their case, and if they are Really In lack of money, the authorities can provide some solutions that we will discuss later, otherwise it is they who must be severely punished.

3- If they need money and they can work, then the responsible authorities must: It provides them with the appropriate work, whether in the government, private or even private sector, and they take a promise Never start begging again.

4- If they cannot work, such as the elderly or disabled, then it is possible to study their case personally, and for each person with their own situation and needs, and accordingly they are given appropriate work or appropriate assistance.

5- Zakat money must be imposed on the wealthy, one way or another, because Zakat money can be solved Many outstanding financial problems, and Islamic history testifies to this, at During the time of the Commander of the Faithful, Omar bin Abdulaziz May God be pleased with him, the zakat money was so abundant that there was no one to receive it because of people’s chastity and wealth.

Before concluding, it is important to know and be certain that the phenomenon of begging is among the phenomena that threaten the security and stability of society, as well as threatening what is called sustainable development that States seek and who pampers On the weak faith of the people who perform the process of begging, and also make the owner appear in the image of the needy and servile, and to avoid All of the above must leave the problem of begging and count on working and producing with personal effort, He, the peace and blessings of God be upon him, said: “No one eats better food than what he eats of the work of his hands The Prophet of God, David, used to eat of the work of his own hands. Reported by Al-Bukhari.

The phenomenon of begging is a permanent and continuous phenomenon, and it must stop today before tomorrow, and if it is not treated, it will not work tomorrow.

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