Farewell to stimulants.. Put three cloves a few minutes before marital intercourse, this way it will make you a lion in the bedroom

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Sana’a – Misra Ismail – Clove is considered one of the most famous plants available today, which is grown on large tracts of land, as it has great nutritional and health value as it contains a high percentage of vitamins and important and useful nutrients that the body needs to perform its functions effectively and efficiently.

Clove is one of the compounds that has gained great and great fame among people all over the world for several centuries, as it is used for many nutritional, medical and medicinal purposes, as it is in the composition of several medical, nutritional and cosmetic drugs. recipes that improve the health of the body and give it the necessary strength.

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Farewell to stimulants.. Put three cloves a few minutes before marital intercourse, this way it will make you a lion in the bedroom

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Man has inherited clove cultivation from time immemorial, generation after generation. For many centuries, clove has been and still is one of the famous compounds that are not devoid of human life, because of the amazing nutritional and medicinal properties that this magical compound possesses. The most important components of alternative medicine.

After people used it for centuries in the past, modern scientific studies and researches have proven the effectiveness of cloves and their miraculous therapeutic ability in treating incurable diseases that afflict the human body.To protect the body from diseases and treat them when infected. Cloves have a great ability to treat several diseases that affect the human body, such as diabetes, digestive diseases, heart diseases and diseases that affect the respiratory system. It also helps the kidneys to improve their functions and to treat problems of the digestive system, stomach and colon.

And not only that, because cloves also work miraculously to treat mental problems, strengthen memory, eliminate the problem of forgetfulness and lack of attention and concentration. The most important benefit that the one can get from cloves is possibly to improve the sexual ability of men and treat the problems that weaken it. Modern medical studies, scientific research and practical experiences have revealed the tremendous ability of cloves to improve the sexual health of men and make them more capable and stronger during sex, because cloves increase the desire and improve erection in men and thus increase the duration of the relationship between spouses. Cloves also increase the flow of sperm and cleans their sewers and helps to rid men of tension during intercourse, thereby increasing erection period and continuation of sexual process for a long time, which makes both satisfied parties.

These benefits are due to the fact that cloves contain the necessary nutrients and medical compounds that improve the sexual abilities of men.It contains eugenol and a high proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and dietary fibers that improve the ability sex and help to get rid of various sexual problems. .

To get the expected benefits, experts advise eating 3 cloves a day before going to sleep. It can be eaten by placing it in a glass of milk or by chewing it on its own. It can also be crushed and add to dinner, as there are many ways. to take it. Nutritional value per 100 grams of cloves: Water 9.87 milliliters Calories 274 calories Carbohydrates 65.53 grams Sugars 2.38 grams Dietary fiber 33.9 grams Protein 5.97 grams Fat 13 grams Calcium 632 milligrams Phosphorus 104 milligrams Iron 11 .83 mg – Magnesium 259 mg – Sodium 277 mg – Potassium 1020 mg – Zinc 2.32 mg – Copper 0.368 mg – Manganese 60.127 mg – Selenium 7.2 mg – Vitamin C 0.2 mg – Vitamin B 0.158:1 mg – Vitamin B 0.22:2 mg – Vitamin B 1.56:3 mg – Vitamin B 0.509: 5 mg – Vitamin B 0.391: 6 mg – Folate 25 mcg – Choline 37.4 mg – Vitamin A 160 IU – Beta-carotene 45 mcg – Vitamin E 8.82 mg Vitamin K 141.8 mcg.

Other benefits of cloves: – Relieves dental and gum pain. Eliminates flatulence in the abdomen.

Strengthens the work of the digestive system and heals peptic ulcers. – Treats sore throat and sore throat. Stimulates blood circulation in the body and improves the work of the brain. – Increases the ability to concentrate and memorize.

It is useful in the treatment of colds, respiratory infections and blocked sinuses. Strengthens the heart and improves the work of its muscles.

Clove oil protects against cancer, especially lung and gastrointestinal cancer. It reduces dizziness and nausea that affects pregnant women in the first months of their pregnancy.

Removes eye blur and strengthens eyesight. – Relieves headaches.

It rids the skin of acne, pimples and blackheads. Strengthens hair follicles, protects them from damage and eliminates scalp fungus.

Contraindications to the use of cloves: – It should be consumed in moderation – In the event of the use of medication, a doctor should be consulted. Clove should not be consumed in excess as it can cause allergic reactions.

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