After 5 years of exile, he returns to his village to marry the girl he loves, and on the wedding night, he discovers a surprise that no one would think of!

We thank you for your interest in reading the news after 5 years of exile. He returned to his village to marry the girl he loved, and on the wedding night he discovered a surprise no one would ever think of! On our website and now with details

Sana’a – Misra Ismail – After five years of exile in the United States of America, the young “Radad” returned to his remote region, with a lot of money he had collected in the country of expatriation. Like other young men, Raddad dreamed of completing half of his religion and being his own family, especially since he had money and was able to start and build a family.

Raddad decided that her life partner would be a girl from her remote area, away from urbanization and technology, to ensure that she was a girl with her rural character and pure bed, and that she had never experienced love and love stories.
Camel girl in the village

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After 5 years of exile, he returns to his village to marry the girl he loves, and on the wedding night, he discovers a surprise that no one would think of!

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Raddad sat next to his mother, who started describing the girls in the village to him, until he chose one, and she knew that she was the most beautiful girl in the village, and that all the young men wished, so Raddad went with his family to the girl’s house, and asked her father for her hand, who immediately accepted, and how he refuses and the groom is a young man Holds American citizenship.

The father did not give his daughter the opportunity to express his opinion, and made the decision without referring to her, and the wedding ceremony began, and the girl in her heart had something she wanted to say, but there was no one to hear him say. The bride wore her white dress, and she was like moonlight on the night of its completion, and her family married her to the house of the groom, whose heart was almost flying with joy because he had won and won the prettiest girl in the village.

extraordinary night

The groom decided that the wedding night would be exceptional, so he got into his car and next to the bride, and headed to one of the coastal towns near his village, to spend the first nights of his married life with his beautiful bride away from everyone. The groom was trying to talk to the bride in the car, but she answered him shyly, seeming nervous and anxious, so the groom thought it was just shyness and shyness on his part, like the rest of the girls in the village at the beginning of their wedding days.

The newlyweds arrived in the coastal town and headed to the best hotel there, and at the sound of the sea waves, the room they were going to stay in towered over.


The groom tried to caress the bride after entering the hotel and settling into the bedroom, and tried to break the barrier of shyness between them, but the bride’s tension was clearly rising.

And when he asked her to sleep, and approached her to caress her like any groom on the wedding night, the tension was mounting more and more, and he thought it was normal and that she was afraid of breaking the hymen.

The groom tried to end the affair quickly to end the anxiety and fear of the bride, but the shock was when he found out that she was not a virgin and her hymen had been removed before and had had sex with someone. other. The groom got angry and tried to talk to the bride quietly and promised to keep her secret if she told him the truth, and after many attempts the bride admitted that she was in love with another young man village man. , and that she used to meet him at night on the roof of his house when all his family members were sleeping, And she admitted that he broke his virginity and promised to marry her, and he went to the city ​​to work and collect money and come back to marry him.

The bride swore to her husband that she did not want to cheat on him and would refuse to marry him, but her father did not give her the opportunity to speak out and did not take her advice. The groom walked to the balcony of the bedroom, and lit his cigarette, lamenting her failing breasts, while the bride was still crying on the bed and sobbing. The groom returned to the bride and promised to keep her secret, but at the same time decided to punish her in his own way.

An unimaginable punishment

Although the groom promised the bride to keep her secret, and promised her that he would not bring her back to his family so that her affair would not be exposed, and he would keep her with him for a whole year, and then divorce , but at the same time he stipulated that she must live with him all that year like a foreign girl, who does not sleep with him, and speaks to him only in case of necessity, and that she does not go out of at home than by complaining of illness.

The bride agreed to this condition, and the next day the newlyweds moved from the hotel to one of the apartments in the same coastal town. The newlyweds lived for a year as strangers, although the girl tried to get closer to her husband. more than once, but he strongly pushed her away, and after the end of the year the girl was on the verge of perishing, so the husband gave her the divorce paper, took her back to his family in the village , collected her bags the next day and returned to her work in the country of the diaspora. Again on her lips after a year of torment.

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