Who is the owner of the image of the Grand Mosque that has swept the communication sites?

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Sana’a – Misra Ismail – Photos of a pilgrim sitting in the Grand Mosque sheltering in the shade of a man have spread widely in recent hours, only to find out later that the man is his brother, and that the owner of the photos is a Saudi photographer named Abdul Rahman Al-Sahli.

The photographer captured the scene from multiple angles as he spoke to Saudi Arabian newspaper Sabq, while the woman said she was trying to avoid the scorching heat of the sun at the time.

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Who is the owner of the image of the Grand Mosque that has swept the communication sites?

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After the photos were released, her owner came out to announce via her Instagram account that she was the woman targeted, and her page states that she is a Palestinian-born nutritionist and blogger living in Chicago.

Abeer Al-Najjar explains that she was ‘overwhelmed with feelings of love and happiness’ after the footage spread across multiple platforms that the man was her brother and they were on an Umrah trip and It was very hot and humid, so she took advantage of her brother’s sitting position and sat behind him for a few minutes, and at that time a local photographer took the picture from afar.

She points out that she only knew about it after the photos were released.

“I am grateful that we have this photo to remember and it has been a source of happiness for so many people,” she said.

The owner of the photos, Abdul Rahman Al-Sahli, said he took it around 1 p.m., and “the sun is usually hot, and it’s hot at that time, so I came across this photo, so I wanted to document it.”

He added, “Every photographer has a certain look, style and angle they work with. As soon as I saw the shot and the scene, I immediately tried to shoot it from multiple angles.”

Al-Sahli expected, from the first moment, the broadcast of the image, “because such situations, especially in the Grand Mosque, receive wide interaction, and it is an impressive scene, and you find such situations are rare, and therefore, as a photographer, you have to be prepared for such rare moments. If you are a few seconds late, you will miss the shot!”.

Last October, the mosque returned to receive the faithful at full capacity and without any distance, although the muzzle is still compulsory.

And Saudi Arabia recently announced it would allow one million Muslims to perform Hajj this year from inside and outside the Kingdom, a notable increase after the Covid-19 outbreak spread there. two years forced the authorities to drastically reduce the number of pilgrims.

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