Minister of Culture: Jerash Festival is a platform to launch the creativity of the Jordanian artist and intellectual

Culture Minister, head of the higher committee of the Jerash culture and arts festival, Haifa Al-Najjar, said that the activities of the 36th session of the festival, which will be launched during the period from July 28 to August 6 in the ancient city of Jerash, will be a launching pad for the creativity of the Jordanian artist and intellectual, and in accordance with the principle of partnership with the local community, through rational, sustainable governance and new and renewed.
Al-Najjar pointed out during the first meeting of the higher committee of the festival, which was held at the Ministry of Culture today Tuesday, in the presence of the members of the higher committee of the festival, that works will be carried out during of this session to unleash the energies of Jordanian youth and people of the region, focusing on creative and creative values.
Al-Najjar said, according to a press release issued by the Jerash Festival administration, that the aim of the festival is to showcase Jordanian culture and Jordanian creator, and create opportunities to promote and introduce cultural industries. praising the great role played by the partner national institutions of civil society institutions, the private sector and ministries, in particular the armed forces and security services.
She indicated that the ministries concerned with the programs of the festival are doing their best to make the festival a success throughout its various sessions, pointing out that this session will see wide cooperation between Jerash Festival, Youth Ministries, of Tourism and Antiquities, the Greater Municipality of Amman, the Association of Jordanian Artists and the Association of Jordanian Writers.
Al-Najjar pointed out that “Jerash” is not just artistic concerts, but rather a consolidation of Jordanian cultural and creative values ​​that we all share by dedicating and activating, and that it is a framework for the artistic and cultural project of the festival. She indicated that the festival was and will remain an important sign on the map of Arab and world culture, and that it must remain an indicator of the Jordanian cultural movement and its diversity, noting that the history of the festival has been present in Arab countries and international cultural scene, dedicated to cultural and human diversity.
She said the festival will celebrate Jordanian poet Arar as a symbol of Arab culture.
Minister of Tourism, member of the festival’s Supreme Committee, Nayef Al-Fayez, said the festival has begun to regain glory locally and in the Arab world at the artistic and cultural level, stressing the importance of taking into account the prizes tickets and special tickets are available for the Jordanian family as part of encouraging them to attend, especially since the festival is not for profit but rather a festival to spread the word Joy and Culture, and its goal is to reach the widest possible segment of Jordanian society at all levels.
The Minister of Youth, member of the Supreme Committee of the festival, Muhammad Al-Nabulsi, underlined the importance of the role of young people in the success of the activities of the festival, noting their role in previous sessions by participating in the events and providing logistics services throughout the festival. region.
Minister of State for Monitoring and Government Coordination, member of the festival’s supreme committee, Dr. “Nawaf Wasfi” Al-Tal, indicated that the Jerash festival is an Arab and international festival, and that its objective is to increase the openness of citizens to Arab and international cultures and creations, and this means that we are faced with an important opportunity to promote and broaden the horizon towards choices A variety of Arab and international cultures to enrich the artistic taste of the Jordanian community, in addition to diversifying the cultural heritage program by presenting various creative paragraphs.
The executive director of the festival, Mazen Kawar, in turn, pointed out that the date taken by the Council of Ministers to determine the period of the festival’s activities was based on special criteria and considerations related to the conditions of Jordanian society, the most important ones including the end of high school exams, the summer vacation period, and the return of expatriates, which contributes to widening the monitoring space. For the activities of the festival and the participation in it, d especially since the Jerash Festival paves the way for Jordanian and Arab families and Arab and foreign tourists to spend pleasant family moments in a safe space, in an atmosphere of art, culture and diversity of creativity.
He said that this session will be special and symbolic for all Jordanians, because it is the first session of the bicentenary of the life of the kingdom, which will place us in front of a great responsibility towards this festival, which carries a high local culture. and Arabic. symbolism.
Kawar spoke at length about the cultural program and the technical program, and the most important conclusions of the management of the festival, pointing out that the cultural program was prepared in order to be able to present Jordan in its new centenary and to consider Jerash the “festival” as a window on the Arab cultural scene and an integral part of it, and interlocutor of its stakes and interacting with them. .
He added that this year’s artistic program will carry the features of Jordan’s future from the beginning of the first event “The Opening”, which carries the “theme” of the festival and the diversity of its cultural and creative spaces, passing through the diversity of its concerts and the expansion of local Arab and international participation, so that Jerash this year will be different and diverse and will be the foundation for a new stage in its radiant history of consciousness, love and joy.
Kawar appreciated the festival’s ongoing partnership with local community institutions and their important role in the development, construction and success of the activities of the festival, which has become an Arab cultural icon, praising the pioneering role of the municipality of Jerash and local community institutions in Jerash, which contribute during the festival period to achieve economic and development gains for the local community in the governorate. The head of the Jordanian Artists Syndicate, a member of the festival’s top committee, Muhammad Yousef Al-Abadi, said that the Jerash festival is a national festival, and for the Jordanian artist, it is a national marriage to which he must be present in and in a wide area and through the different creations presented which are not linked to singing alone, but through all the different artistic professions He indicated that the Syndicate salutes the Arab and international artistic presence in this artistic and creative event .
The head of the Association of Jordanian Writers, a member of the higher committee of the festival, the poet Akram Al-Zoubi, stressed the importance of accumulating experience and achievements, stressing the importance of consolidating the cultural prize of Jerash, and that the opening of the cultural program should be separated from the opening of the artistic programming, in addition to the importance of the Arab poetic presence in the activities of the cultural festival. .
The Council of Ministers headed by Prime Minister Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh had decided to reform the Higher Committee for the General Supervision of the Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts, headed by the Minister of Culture and the following members: the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, the Minister of State for Monitoring and Government Coordination, the Minister of Youth, the Mayor of Greater Amman, and former Minister Adel Mahmoud Bani Muhammad, representing the local community of Jerash , Secretary General of Ministry of Interior, Director General of Tourism Promotion Authority, Executive Director of Jerash Festival, Director of Military Information Directorate, Mayor of Greater Jerash, Union of Jordanian Artists, President of the Association of Jordanian Writers and President of the Union of Jordanian Writers.

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