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Tell me – How do you make your life the pinnacle of love and submission to the will of God.. (The matrix of life) This is the pinnacle of servanthood to God in the last ten days. not to love more than his benefactor. It is not a requirement that you be a preacher or a sheikh in order to work for our Lord. This is how you relieve Heavy stress in life is a great way to change your future for the better.

Dr. Amr Khaled, the Islamic preacher, said that for a person to feel happy, he must enjoy being a servant of God on Sundays and living the status of a slave, explaining that the most beautiful thing about the slavery to God is to work. for the Creator, place him in his land as much as you can, for the purpose of his existence originally is to work for his Lord, and to worship him according to his will, not according to his desires, “None of you do not believe until his desires are according to what I have brought”, and what the Koran said during the creation of Adam: “I will create a caliph on the earth”, and he will not be able to not practice slavery. Needed only when loving benevolently.

Khaled explained in the twenty-first episode of his show “The Life of Charity”, which airs on his YouTube channel, that Almighty God does not love more than his servant the benefactor, and the word benefactor has been mentioned 7 times in the Quran, which means that you are a servant of God, worthy and long. By the will of God, with the best of what you have: “We have made what is on earth an adornment for her, that we might try them as to which of them is best in action.

He emphasized that “it is not necessary that you do purely religious work (a preacher or a sheikh) in order to work for our Lord, but that you practice any work in the world, with the intention to build the earth and charity, and charity with slavery, you will find a kind of pleasure in it.. Why? Because slavery is affiliation, When a person belongs to something, he brings out the best and best in you.

Khalid quoted the saying of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him: “If the Hour comes and one of you has a seedling in his hand, then if he is able not to get up until ’til he crashes it, so let him. “And God, the Blessed and Exalted, said, ‘Verily, we created everything with predestination’, emphasizing that ‘every creature has a function in the universe. And you are a creature before a job is created for you. written on your forehead, present in your genes, in your talent for building the universe, “Did you think that We created you in vain and that for Us you are not afraid.”

He pointed out that “there is no creature on the face of the universe that does not have a role in the reconstruction of the universe (bees – ants – sun – moon birds – insects – fish – angels – jinns – iron – copper – humans, all are servants of God”), “Have you not seen that God bowed down in the heavens, earth, sun, moon, stars, mountains, trees, men and people and many people and many rights to him and to those that God is makram that God does what he does.

Khaled likened the matter to a “matrix” (array) of a huge array, from earth to sky, divided lengthwise and widthwise, in the name of every being and human being, there is no god but God the One “Indeed, everyone in the heavens and the earth will not come but the Most Merciful will destroy them.” The Matrix is ​​divided into squares with the signs ✓ and x. Anyone who lives as a slave who does his work with charity has a sign of ✓ in front of him.

“Earth and sky have learned their role and work well on the Matrix”, then settle in the sky, smoke. With kindness, as for someone who cheats or steals, then he corrupts God’s system, “God does not love corrupters.”

4 Types on the Matrix Khaled divided human beings into 4 types on the Matrix: Mohsin – spoiler – leaving his place empty – working without charity, stating that “the talent God has given you (the name of God, the Giver) is not vain, he gave it to you to use in rebuilding the earth on the Matrix Woe to him who uses his talent to corrupt the earth instead of rebuilding it, “Have you not seen those who exchanged the blessings of God in unbelief and settled their people in the abode of perdition?

Charity Incentives Khaled said that “all the heavy pressures resulting from the responsibilities we have these days, such as: (work – money – children – studies – domestic problems – car maintenance) if we turn them from heavy tasks by performing them with kindness, because it has become an act of worship” which adores him. As if you see it, “and it is transformed into pleasure, enjoyment, adoration and love for God, thus life becomes fun and not hardship… Charity is a way of turning life into fun and not hardship.”

He said: “Happiness and work go in a straight line. Do your best, and you are happy to be a part of it, and you will get the result of charity. Is the reward of charity anything other than charity? Because you are happy and you love him and you live for him in his land, because you are a slave”, pointing out that positive psychology He says: Be happier to work happily, to be happier and increase the quality of work.

He pointed out that Richard Nodal, from the world of management, has come up with a great way to change your future for the better, but before changing your field of work, do 4 steps: – Know your talent well. are now scientifically measurable – Consult with experts you trust – Employ your talents in your work The current in a new way – I consult for any new work – and add to the above: I do istikarah, but when do I change places? Khalid said: “When the Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him, migrated from Mecca to Medina, he did so only when necessary. Other gates, he has a better gate than he wants you to go through instead of the one that closed in your face Khaled revealed the details of the implementation plan as follows: – Male generates bondage, affiliation, puts your soul at ease without thinking because it has become a temperament Live every moment with kindness, pray with kindness, listen with kindness, sit with your wife in kindness, do not think about the future, live every moment with benevolence Live charity without exaggeration, so that it does not turn into illness and obsession (details and self-blame), balance in itself is charity.. the Prophet, peace be upon him, says : “They paid and approached.” The dhikr leads to the enjoyment of slavery, slavery leads to a sense of belonging, belonging leads to charity.

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