Carnations and Bedroom Secrets.. You won’t believe what would happen if you ate cloves before engaging in marital relations

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The use of cloves is common as a condiment for food or to add flavor to tea, and over time many benefits of cloves have been discovered, as it was used as a toothpaste and antiseptic for the mouth, so it went into the manufacture of toothpaste. , rinses, gargles and some other pharmaceutical industries, and below we will know what are the benefits of cloves for sex.

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Carnations and Bedroom Secrets.. You won’t believe what would happen if you ate cloves before engaging in marital relations

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يعرف عن نبات القرنفل قدرته على تعزيز إفراز هرمون الذكورة لدى الرجال والنساء على حد سواء, وهو الهرمون الذي يعمل على تحفيز الرغبة الجنسية وتحسين القدرة على ممارسة الجنس لدى الجنسين, وتسهيل الوصول إلى هزة الجماع, وقد ثبت بمرور الزمن والتجارب عدة فوائد جنسية لعود القرنفل نذكرها what follows:

Clove improves blood circulation in the body, which improves blood flow to body organs in general and to the genitals in particular.
Cloves contain a group of nutrients and vitamins that are considered a nutritional supplement capable of increasing sperm count, improving their ability to move, accelerate, reduce deformities and enhance sexual ability .
Topical use of clove oil on the penis increases blood flow, enhances the ability to have an erection and prolongs the duration of one’s erection, resulting in exceptional performance in sexual intercourse.
Clove is an effective remedy for men who suffer from premature ejaculation, a problem that makes sex unsatisfying for both parties, and this problem can arise due to the extreme stress and tension that men sometimes experience. due to work pressures.
For women, cloves have great sexual benefits as cloves improve ovulation process, strengthen ovaries, improve egg quality and treat some causes of infertility in women.

Ways to use cloves to treat sexual problems
Cloves are used in many ways to treat many sexual problems that both men and women can suffer from, and here are the right ways to use them:

Clove oil can be used by placing it on the couple’s genitals to treat cases of irritation that may occur to either of them in sensitive areas as a result of practicing intimacy. Clove works to calm them down. Putting the oil on the penis improves its erection and slows down the process of ejaculation. When using clove oil topically, it is best to mix it. another type of natural oil, such as coconut or olive, to prevent burning.
You can add whole or ground cloves to a cup of tea, and you can add clove powder to coffee or milk and take it in the morning.
A mixture of cinnamon, clove oil and milk can be prepared and taken daily for a month to improve sexual health.
It should be noted that if the cloves are crushed, the quantity should be used as soon as possible, because the cracking of the sticks loses some of its elements in a short time.

What are the harmful effects of using cloves?
Clove is generally harmless, but it has harmful effects that can be experienced by those who take it in large quantities or take it the wrong way, and among these effects we mention the following:

An imbalance in the fluid system in the body.
Cirrhosis of hepatic cells.
Feel the urge to vomit.
Stomach cramps and pains.
They are muscular.
Skin sensitivity with itching.
Swelling of the face, throat and mouth, including the tongue and lips.
fast or irregular heartbeat
Tingling of extremities and face.
body chills;
Shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing.
A feeling of general fatigue.
Erection problems and erections may occur.
Despite the benefits of cloves for relieving toothache and cleaning the mouth, it can cause inflammation and irritation of the gums.

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