Couple therapy exercises to restore trust and communication between you

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marriage It’s not always easy, sometimes couples go through many turns andDifficult bumps during their married life togetherSo, getting professional advice and guidance can be helpful, but not all couples are keen on the idea of ​​handing over their married life to a stranger even if the goal is to heal and undo the damage, he So there are lots of couples therapy exercises that you can do at home to strengthen your relationship and build trust and communication between you and try to fix the unequal marriage.

Methods of applying couple therapy exercises

Improve your relationship and your love for each other by adding these 25 confidence building and communication exercises to your weekly routine. These exercises can work well in place of marriage counseling and access to a successful marriage.

Exercise of marital trust

Breaking down trust is the process of rebuilding trust that may seem small but improves big results, to break down trust a partner stands behind the blindfolded husband. Then the deliberately blindfolded husband will pull out and be grabbed by his partner.

When it requires blind trust and faith in the blindfolded partner who will catch their partner, it can cause the blindfolded partner to turn around lest their partner misses..

Do not delay in solving problems

Showing negative images to the group of students a few hours before bedtime, or going to bed immediately after an argument or trauma causes the brain to shield those feelings, keeping them fresh and clear in the mind..

These results suggest that the old adage “don’t go to bed angry” certainly has some merit. Negative emotions directly affect the ability to sleep. If you and your spouse are in distress, treat it gently before going to bed.

Write down your feelings and thoughts

Some of the best couples therapy exercises involve restructuring the way you think and feel about your partner. A great way to do this is to use the like list.

Partners will write down five things their partner does and appreciates, followed by five things their partner can do to make them feel more loved, secure, and valued in the relationship..

Avoid using technology

One of the best couples therapy exercises you can do is ditch the technology and have a chat session. Smartphones and devices are a great way to connect to the world, but they have a surprisingly detrimental effect on your relationships. After all, how do you give your spouse your full attention when you check your phone every ten minutes.

Team building exercises

Some ideas for team building exercises include preparing an instrument, hiking, learning a new language, making online videos together, snowboarding, or hitting the gym.

Get the Honesty Watch

Couples will have an hour of honesty where they will talk openly, but softly, about the state of their marriage, partners will then be allowed to talk about any improvements they would like to see in the marriage or talk about things that are bothering them. The listening partner agrees not to abuse or overreact, which drives the man away from another romantic relationship.

Eliminate stressors

Identify stress triggers in your marriage. Examples of stress triggers may be past conflicts such as infidelity, health issues, and financial instability, rather than stress triggers for discussion. Identify them to solve the problem so that resentment on these topics is not persisted in the future..

Share music

Music can be personal and deeply meaningful. Take time and share the music you love without any judgement. You can choose three songs that are very important to you and explain why.

book exchange

As with music, what you choose to read says a lot about you. Marriage counseling experts recommend this exercise and suggest that it can become a new tradition for the couple.

No matter how well you know your partner, you’ll learn something new about them because books inspire our creative side. They will learn something new about themselves, gain new perspectives, and share a window into their minds. Diving into something as deep as a favorite childhood book is a great way to build a deeper relationship.

More time for hugs

Make a habit of cuddling more often Turn off distractions and just hug When we hug, oxytocin is released This chemical also known as the hug hormone is linked to lower blood pressure and frequency lower heart rate A study suggests this may explain why partners who have emotional support are less likely to die of heart disease.

The miracle question for husbands

Many people face difficulties, simply because they are unsure of their own goals and the goals of their marriage, the miracle question can guide partners and help them clarify their goals and clarify what they seek to achieve. realize as partners and individuals the question is supposed tonight while you are sleeping a miracle has happened when you wake up tomorrow what are the things you will notice that will tell you that life has suddenly improved .

This question allows you to go beyond the realm of reality, using your imagination to seek out the things you really want to happen. By not being bound by daily constraints, you will manifest your desires that you prevent yourself from talking about.

Set goals together

You can create as many categories as you want, but we suggest you start with these 6 important areas of life:

  • health
  • Finance
  • Professional life
  • Hobby or leisure
  • social interactions
  • intellectual activities

Once you’ve agreed on the categories you want to work on, set goals for each area. Agree on the timeline and put the goals somewhere visible.

Couples volunteer together

Whatever reason you both believe in, focusing on helping will bring you both closer together. When you see your partner helping others, you will fall in love with them everywhere. Decide on a situation you want to devote time to and volunteer together through a local charity or church..

send a postcard

In this exercise, the focus is on written communication. Both partners should write on separate postcards their frustrations, feelings or desires. Once written, it is sent by mail and not discussed verbally. Any other response should be written in the same format and sent only. This promotes written communication and patience.

hands tied

This fun couple’s activity involves both body and mind. Partners must work together to achieve a common goal. Twisting Each of them has an arm tied behind their back, they must succinctly communicate directions and actions so that each of them works, with their free hand, to achieve a goal. Their synchronization is necessary to achieve the goal.

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