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As life progresses, ages become smaller in our eyes, and they become just numbers in brackets and nothing more. We used to see twenty year old men as men not to be around, and as soon as we reached it, we found them children with male symptoms, and we used to see men of thirty on their country forearms, and when we reached them we found them still suffering from the effects of adolescence, and we were used to seeing people of forty, wise and wise. And as soon as we got there, we found them in carelessness and bitterness alive, and we used to see the fifty as the stable of life and the repository of hope. And as soon as we reached it, we found hope tender and tender, and every day they had a new battle to hold on to life, so told us then that the eighty is the conclusion, that we will not change not and that we depend on a specific year of our life that we have not left since the day we reached it.

In any case, the man among us is born into a prison that shrinks him over time, and at each stage of his life he enters a prison that becomes narrower and narrower, until he enters the prison of himself and his soul, which is the narrowest prison a person can enter, and remain imprisoned, or to overcome his restraints and knots, and come out of the dungeon of his soul, except the annoying flash that with the signs of his release, the first existential question he would ask himself: Will I live free as long as I have lived in prison?! That is why there are those who say: death is a relief, and it is not. Death is a state of emptiness and obliteration, of neutrality and zero, which means nothing, because life in exchange for death can purify a pain and soften it, so there is no pain pure, but all pain and in which there is joy in the face Somehow, and this is what is not found in death, the state of neutrality in which there is neither pain nor joy. there are those who experience the fragility of life, and these are the people who have been abandoned by life, so they have lived imagining that the pain of life is more severe than the pain of fainting, nothingness or death, and that is somewhat understandable, because the combination of illness, alienation, loss, poverty, ignorance, dramas and contradictions of love, causes a person to be in the wind, not realizing any meaning in life other than misery. He died and then came back from the death to tell us the experience of death versus the experience of life, and let go of the nonsense of the death returnees, because they are only within a framework of life, the life of meaning and sensation was stripped from them for a time, and the life of the insensitive remained with them, and they imagined that they were dead and come back.

There is something forgotten by those who live on the shores of life’s fragility, that there is a protector and defender in their life who gives it a little joy, and that is the memory, of which humanity comes to save them from all this with the most important tool of human life, which is oblivion. Sometimes we can rebel, and humans have often suffered the revenge of memory.

Life is one and death is one, so enjoy it before death, and you won’t regret doing it as much as you won’t regret doing it. And that our life may be imbued with contentment and peace of mind, and that we may withstand the frailty of life with gladness and joy: regret as far as possible from you, for what the lost ages resemble the regret of what happened, and so he will never regret it from the one who preserved his dignity, in any situation, and with whom he was, and I will not regret it The one who helps people and prepares them for a way of life or the beginning of a path will never regret the one who has an encouraging and motivating word, he will never regret being tolerant and transcendent towards abuse, and you will not regret loving yourself, d ‘take care of it and maintain it in a way that does not harm others, and you will not regret the beautiful hours you spend alone or in company in joy, happiness and joy, and you will never regret a good deed, and you will never regret love.

But you will greatly regret the disregard for life and its duration, the defamation of hope and calling it vanity and deceit, and the suppression of the brilliance of life from the eyes of the old and young due to the short span of life, due to the human heritage which is ambiguous with the sanctity of religion. Much so as not to crush the arrogant and arrogant on your account, and you will regret more if you open your door to enter those who you know are human scum, and you will regret having heard of Observe the relations between minors and adviser, advised and advised, and you will very much regret giving in to the fiercest thing that gnaws at your life, namely comparisons between you and those who are better off, and competition for the same competition, not defending a general human value, and they – competition and comparison – generate hatred and envy that kill the soul and the heart little by little, and you regret the state of poverty, the enemy number one of ignorance and disease for human beings, and know that your best friend is financial security and abundance, and until you know the proof, there are difficult people , the hardness of the soul and the coe ur. Enlarged lives of ugliness, and yet people remain around them, and with them, complimenting them, heeding their thoughts, and praising their insignificance, because of wealth alone, and if they were poor, no one would could bear them near or far, and the Samer would not be shaken around them.

You will greatly regret fear because it binds you and keeps your life in its prison. Be adventurous with discipline and reason and live your moment, gain pleasures and share your joy with every lover and beloved.

Finally, you will die a thousand times of regret if you live a life without love.

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