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With the increase in cases of divorce between husbands and the tangible spread of marital problems, especially those where women accuse their husbands of neglect, indifference, preoccupation and other accusations, several calls from many women and even girls about to marry fall under the slogan “Enjoy the husband’s money and leave it to his whim” instead of Making the marital home a field of conflict, disputes and responsibility.

Those who are about to get married see that this principle can be a justification for them to seek husbands who are full of money.

Best losses

Abeer Al Salem says that “the man has power and money, but he controls the woman, restricts her freedom and behaves arrogantly with her simply because he is a man and simply because she is a woman. Therefore, women at least think about money, so that they benefit from it when establishing married life and enjoy their life through it, instead of losing comfort and happiness in it, so don’t go out with the restrictions of marriage and the restrictions of deprivation.

And she adds: “The faults of men have become many. Some of them lay the entire responsibility on the woman, and are either busy with their work if he loves her and neglects her, or spend their nights with her friends either are preoccupied with her and her home with her distractions, and when attempts at understanding fail, the woman will have no choice but to throw This all aside, and enjoy the money husband provides, so she buys jewelry, clothes, and a car, travels, and invites her friends to a restaurant or entertainment, or whatever she wants, as long as the money is there.

Her friend Manal Al-Mohammed agrees with her. Have fun and leave responsibility, controversy and even jealousy behind.

not to be exploited

In exchange for promoting this idea, some men believe that if marriage is based on the side of material interests, it is out of its concept, and Khaled Mahdi says, “Love is the basis of marriage, and feeling of the husband that all the wife’s concern is to get money will lead to an inevitable end of this marriage, even if it is The husband is rich and can provide his wife with anything she desires. It is not at all acceptable for a man to feel exploited.

Many men refuse this to promote the idea of ​​”enjoying money and leaving it to your whim”, explaining that this is a purely materialistic idea, and that it is not the welcome, and that the married woman must accept what she considers to be a fault. in the husband and work to change that for the better. As for her leaving the husband to live with friends, or you make too many demands, because they are rejected problems according to them. Because a marriage that depends on money doesn’t last.

Sami Al-Barrak says that “there are girls who prefer money and ties with a rich man, even if he has bad behavior and bad qualities under the pretext that his money covers his faults. He does not won’t achieve happiness, but there must be affection”. and mercy for the marriage to take place.

What priority?

Samia Kamal, a specialist in personal development and family relations, explains that “the marital relationship, which is built on a spiritual void and devoid of respect, is a relationship that may not last, and may lead to divorce, and the woman must make a great effort to correct the personality of the husband so that they can build a good family and children. . Also, a man should not see that his wealth and money are enough, so his behavior and behavior don’t matter, but he should respect himself and his family, and believe in his house a life based on love and respect.

And she adds: “The marital relationship devoid of feelings of love and responsibility will not last. When the woman matures and grows up, she will see that she has lost her years and the age of her children between money, jewels, cars and palaces”. , when she did not realize herself as a patient wife and conscious mother, but if the common denominator is money, not love. And if the money is ahead of all other options, it’s not acceptable.

The essential basis

Psychologist Najla Al-Braithan believes that “the main pillar of married life is stability, and when we lose it, especially when the husband neglects his wife, and when she tried to fix it but failed, we have to look at several things :

First and foremost, her neglect is a result of ethical issues such as drug abuse or forbidden relationships and the like, and here even if she has children, from my point of view if the situation doesn’t work out, then separation is better for her.

Second, if her negligence was due to her preoccupation with his affairs and so on, then here she has to bear the situation and continue her life with him as it is temporary, and it will go away later.

Third, if her neglect is for other reasons, and she has children, she has a choice. If she can bear and live with him and his children and not distract them, then that’s fine, and if she can’t, she should separate.

Married life witnesses a lot of stagnation of feelings, neglect, emotional separation and problems, and it is like a ship in the sea, once rising and another sinking, but when the oars break due to the intensity of the waves, driving the boat becomes impossible, and it must be understood that each life is different from the other, and that natures differ. It varies, because there are those who sacrifice themselves and others who don’t care.

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