So that holidays really remain holidays

Eid is a season of joy, a season of happiness, a time when loved ones meet, a time to give, a time to show love, a time when laughter rises and congratulations dance .

We all run to start with the blessing before we receive it, so whoever initiates the kindness gets the reward, and the rest is on the kindness of good origin, and for our Eid to be a good holiday, and we preserve those smiles and laughter, and to keep the party truly a party, there are some rules and etiquette associated with meeting this day that confirm the permanence of this day of love and happiness.

Not everyone lacks these manners at all, but most of them are beautiful, but the category referred to here is the category that is quick to say before thinking, this category should send him a special invitation along with some instructions so as not to disturb the happiness of this occasion.

Indeed, some restrictions and guidelines are suitable for all occasions, but Eid is the first to be happy and preserved, and no one wants to be a reason to steal someone else’s happiness at such a time.

I imagine that the invitation to Eid for this category of people should be accompanied by warnings like those written on the drugs when using them, for example: We invite you to attend our meeting on the day of Eid . To avoid slips and stories of misery and heartbreak in this time and place, please observe the following:

1- Do not respond to negative comments on the figure in any way. Right now, everyone is trying to appear as beautiful as possible.

2- Do not ask about achievements or work, because every place has an item, and many people may be anxious and tense about these topics, and Eid and happy occasions are not the right place for the subjects who (the heartbreaking problems).

3- Do not ask anyone the reason for choosing this life. Marriage is a decree that Almighty God writes, and in case there are questions regarding another person’s life, it is better to seek a topic that helps We need to be busy with this person and leave them alone, because people don’t want to discuss their personal life on Eid day.

4- Do not ask any question to a married or married woman about the peculiarities of their life or the lack of children or the large number of children, these questions should not be discussed in any place or at any time, unless we are specialized doctors knowing that can benefit them.

5- Not talking and inquiring about negative events that concern others and refraining from telling tragic stories and many complaints and grumblings about life and its sufferings (everyone wants to be surrounded by positive energy at these occasions).

The truth is that many of us shy away from holidays, occasions, and gatherings because of the many personal questions, comments, and conversations that don’t benefit anyone. The culture of borders and thinking before speaking, unfortunately, is weak for many, and then some complain about people’s distance from them or not inviting them as before, we have to be careful with our words and letters , and feel the place where we are and we put ourselves in the place of the listener and try our questions and conversations on us first .. The Messenger of God, prayer and peace of God be upon him, said (He who believes in God and the Last Day, let him speak well or be silent).

I’m going to tell you a happy story that has often repeated itself in most cases. Happy is a very happy girl in her life. In her eyes, she has reached the highest levels she aspires to reach. His position in his work is important. , her family is very proud of her, her relationship with them is beautiful, and her life is healthy insofar as she is satisfied. She practices her hobbies, and her friendships are strong, and she admires her beauty, and that’s the most important thing.

Saeeda was so satisfied with her world of peace that she reached for this opportunity and had to answer these questions:


Happy, stay out of your job and focus on your femininity and your future (but my job is my future)

– Glad that dress is tight or you’re fat (I don’t know what you noticed)

– Happy, your family is forbidden to you, marry it and comfort it (Malish, God forbid)

– Glad you don’t sunbathe anymore, your color is more beautiful (I haven’t been in the sun for years)

– Happy all your time, work, you have no life (By God, I have a happy and happy life)

At the height of the influx of questions about the poor happy woman, an acquaintance drew her to his side and began complaining to her about her tragedy and her situation that year.

Soon, Saida, who was no longer happy, made up an excuse to go home to throw herself on the bed and think about everything people thought she was missing or missing.

Eid is not the right place for negatives and their circulation, Eid is not the right place to express opinions in people’s lives or appease curiosity about them. People run away when we see each other instead of hugging.. The Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, says (Indeed, the worst of people in the eyes of God on the Day of Resurrection is the one who is left by people to be pious.

Let us preserve our languages ​​in order to live the true spirit of Eid, the meaning of human life, and so that we do not meet people on the Day of Resurrection as violating the sanctity of their privacy by the harshness of our words .

As the Italian proverb says (a slip, not a slip)

Happy New Year, and I hope all your Eid occasions are filled with peace, love and humanity.

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