Application for exemption from housing assistance between spouses

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Omar Shuwail – Jeddah The Saudi Ministry of Housing always seeks to provide support to citizens through Residential platform With the aim of offering the possibility of obtaining the first housing for the Saudi citizen, the platform “Sakani” provides a service Application for exemption from housing assistance between spouses, It is a service that users can avail through the electronic application of the platform on smart devices, which allows the beneficiary to waive housing assistance for the partner husband or wife, and the renouncing party can carry out the procedures electronically, and therefore the request that has been renounced can benefit from the options, housing solutions and financing available Through the platform, and all the stages of this process are done in stages simple and easy, and through our educate me website, you can find out more about the support housing disbursement date and the terms and conditions of registration.

Application for exemption from housing assistance between spouses

Recipients of Sakani assistance in the Kingdom, through their account homepage on the Sakani platform, can opt out of husband or wife assistance by doing the following:

  1. Via the home page of the site from the beneficiary’s account or by logging into the account from the Sakani digital application.
  2. Go to the eligibility field on the profile page.
  3. After that, the housing assistance waiver approval is approved.
  4. After that, you enter the verification number received on the mobile number associated with your account in Sakani.
  5. Finally, a message appears indicating that the housing assistance waiver process has been completed.
Application for housing assistance waiver service between spouses
Application for housing assistance waiver service between spouses

Terms of waiver of housing assistance

The Sakani application adds the meaning of the waiver of the husband or wife to the new real estate support for the wife and the completion of the procedures electronically under new conditions as follows:

  • This service allows the transfer of the right to housing assistance for spouses only, whether the transferee is eligible for assistance or not.
  • Housing assistance cannot be waived in the event of a contract, reservations, existing financial request or opposition within the framework of the procedure.
  • In addition, the waiver decision cannot be reversed, with the need for all the information recorded to be correct to easily complete the procedure.

Residential website and app services

  • The site and app offer all residential program options and solutions, including land, apartments, villas, and townhouses, at prices between 250,000 and 750,000 riyals.
  • The accommodations are available in all regions of the Kingdom with full details of their location, characteristics and prices for immediate and electronic booking.
  • About 80 projects offer approximately 132,000 units, the majority of which are in large residential suburbs, which are characterized by the integration of infrastructure, services and facilities in partnership with real estate developers.
  • Obtain financing offers and choose the most appropriate financing entity.
  • Reservation and selection of residential land, electronic signing of contracts and other services.
  • The Sakani program aims to serve more than 300,000 families with housing solutions that meet the aspirations of Saudi families and match their capabilities.
  • With more than 100,000 various accommodations in partnership with the private sector.
  • Provide 90,000 residential plots, with the aim of increasing the ownership rate to 70% by 2030 in line with the objectives of the “Iskan Program” through immediate empowerment and simplified electronic procedures.

The new housing assistance initiatives can be found via the link

Basic conditions for being entitled to housing assistance

And as we were talking about “Sakani” adds the service of waiver of housing assistance, and the new service allows the waiver of eligibility for housing assistance between spouses and the accomplishment of all the procedures, we therefore mainly learns about the eligibility conditions:

  1. The beneficiary must fulfill the family condition.
  2. The age of the applicant for eligibility must be above 25 years old.
  3. The grant recipient does not have adequate accommodation.
  4. The aid eligibility applicant is a Saudi national.
Basic conditions for being entitled to housing assistance
Basic conditions for being entitled to housing assistance
  • January 2022 Support Release Date

  • Housing assistance for eligible individuals for the month of January 2022 is due on accounts on 01-24-2022, which falls on Monday 06/21/1443 AH.
  • The disbursement is for recipients on specific dates of each Gregorian month, and when the change is made, it will be by notification through the Housing Assistance Platform or the Ministry of Housing website.
  • In case of complaint or objection, the administration can be contacted as follows:
    • Ministry of Housing: via the unified number 199090.
    • Real Estate Development Fund: via the unified number 920033321.
    • Or on the fund’s website or file a complaint and track it through the fund’s branch.

Home help rates

  • Families most in need from the perspective of the Ministry of Housing: These are the families that fall into the income classifications below low income, as they differ according to the number of family members.
  • For example, a family consisting of 6 members and an income of 8,000 riyals is considered more needy than a family of 4 members and an income of 6,000 riyals.
  • Funding under the Housing Assistance Initiative comes only from participating banks and finance companies.
  • As for the support in the form of land, the surface areas of the land vary according to the existing project, from 500 m2 to 800 m2.
  • Through the questions page of the housing assistance platform, you can find out about the conditions for housing assistance for the military and the rules for entitlement to housing assistance for divorced women.


The Sakani platform in Saudi Arabia offers the #e-finance service:

  • The service makes it easier for housing benefit recipients to apply online for funding for their first home.
  • There is no need to visit funding agencies.
  • You just need to download the #sakani application and benefit from the service via the following link:
  • For more support and services, you can follow


E-finance from the Sakani platform
E-finance from the Sakani platform

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