Ibrahim Issa’s wife reveals her opinion on “Faten Amal Harbi”: my unscathed testimony

Thank you for your interest in reading the news of Ibrahim Issa’s wife revealing her opinion on “Faten Amal Harbi”: my testimony unscathed on our site and now with the details

Abu Dhabi – Ahmed Al-Jazzar – Amira Abdel-Fattah, wife of writer and journalist Ibrahim Issa, commented on the controversy surrounding the series Faten Amal Harbi, which was written by her husband, and which was shown in the dramas of Ramadan season 2022.

Amira Abdel-Fattah said: I hesitated a lot to write my opinion on the Faten Amal Harbi series, for a whole month of broadcasting; From the point of view that all need I will say; She will stay on the path of “who bears witness to the bride”.. But the truth is that the bride is sweet; A thousand who bear witness to her.. and her family is the first.

Ibrahim Issa’s wife added: I am writing this article today; From three points of view, first; As a feminist concerned with women’s issues, second; As six Egyptians and regular spectator, third; As the author’s wife.

And Amira Abdel-Fattah continued: First, as a feminist… I am proud to be part of the feminist movement in Egypt, for the past twenty-five years, and even before I graduated from university and I am part of the struggle and struggle of the women’s movement; For justice and equality, whether at the level of laws and legislation, or at the level of societal awareness on the ground and in the streets, from the first new marriage certificate and the khul’, to the right women on the judicial platform, on inheritance, on the issues of gender-based violence, excision, child marriage and of course the Personal Status law… This movement has existed since before I was born and it continues today today.

Amira Abdel-Fattah explained: I am a feminist; I am very happy that there is an Egyptian drama that deals with important issues that have been glossed over and brought to public debate, issues such as: the loss of custody at the marriage of a custodial mother, the concept of obedience to the husband which is neither legal nor unconstitutional, the concept of guardianship which employs the unemployed; To perpetuate the authority of men, school guardianship and its problems, divorce in Christian law, a woman’s testimony which is half of a man’s testimony in matters of personal status…etc. etc

Amira Abdel-Fattah continued: There are other problems that we have been talking about for years, and unfortunately they exist, such as the difficulty of proving the husband’s income; Therefore, the difficulty of obtaining fair alimony, the impact of family problems on children, inheritance and male appropriation of women’s inheritance, especially land and real estate, and in general, the difficulty of litigation procedures, and the long absence of justice on women’s rights.

The wife of Ibrahim Issa, the author of the series Faten Amal Harbi, continued her speech: The family court, which is the first time on the screen, the huge number of cases, the houses of accommodation that nobody knew existed before, all of this is a great success for us as feminists from my point of view, and an opportunity to build on, and benefit from, instead of empty patronizing , that sadly “some of us have embraced it” in a traditional auction frenzy.

Amira Abdel-Fattah continued: It is possible that the author was greedy, benign greed; So he tried to give us so many problems in the 30 episodes, even if one or two scenes, but that in itself is a noble challenge, a stone and you throw it in the pool, and it creates circles and waves of ‘training effect .

Amira Abdel-Fattah also said: Did you take into account the Syrian role of the six, which honors the Syrian presence in Egypt, did you consider that Sheikh Yahya was going to Saudi Arabia? Because at the time Egypt brought him back because he was enlightened or had a different thought; Saudi Arabia is open to these changes, between the lines or between the scenes, and it’s all very sweet. Because this discourse is communicated to the people, to the real people.

Ibrahim Issa’s wife, Amira Abdel-Fattah, said: The series contributed to the movement of stagnant water, and the rest remained with us, direct remained, indirect, an article in the form of a series, I am feminist; I’m not interested in this speech here, I’m glad this speech appeared on the screen and created a broad and healthy discussion.

And Amira Abdel-Fattah to continue: I was an Egyptian, watching remained, Nelly Karim, it’s almost the real six she spent, one of the 1.5 million cases filed in the court of the family, the amount of six who saw the same in these six, and she brings the table to the children, eats them in transport while they go to exercise Al-Shatta, between work and homework, lessons and exercises, women Egyptian women who play all the roles without any appreciation from society.

And Amira Abdel-Fattah continues: The series appeared on the screen, and appeared spontaneously, appropriate clothing, realistic filming locations, laughing scenes and crying scenes, and that is its meaning; A distinguished, intelligent and diligent director, and he paid attention to every detail, the aesthetics of the series very much, from my humble point of view, such as the faithful viewing of the series and Ramadan drama, the aesthetics from the first use of the songs of Warda and Umm Kulthum, up to the great song of Angham, in the titles, passing through the spirit of Shakib and the idea of ​​the genius Avant Tatar. .

Amira Abdel-Fattah added: “The girl who writes her mother’s name on the notebooks instead of her father, it’s not exaggerated, you. These are real stories that have already happened. Girls who don’t know how to book a hotel room.” Because of Muharram’s retirement, it happens to you, which sees the series exaggerating women’s issues; He asks himself these questions in order. Am I six, am I six divorced, am I six divorced, if you don’t fall into these categories. Via Rit Tnqtna Bskatk.

Amira Abdel-Fattah continued: It is not important for me, I am Egyptian, because the series is the most important in the scene, the most exciting, the most exciting, etc. etc., it is not important at all,
إحنا مش في مسابقة، المهم إن في ملايين من الستات شافوا نفسهم على الشاشة، في خناقاتهم من أزواجهم، في معاناتهم اليومية، في معاناتهم بعد الطلاق، في طبطبتهم على بعض، المسلسل ده كان عن الستات دي، وهما فرحانين بيه في السياق ده، وأنا Who are they.

And on being the wife of the author of the series, Amira Abdel-Fattah said: As for being the wife of the author, she said: We witness the great effort that Ibrahim did in writing, examining and checking every legal and jurisprudential detail, a hard work Mon, and sometimes false to the law, I as a princess of the times of Abraham Jesus; I am very satisfied with the final product that is shown on the screen, which is the effort of the writer, actors, director and all the creators of this work.

Amira Abdel-Fattah noted: Ibrahim and I got married in April 2001, at that time the new marriage document was still emerging. Very few of my generation that I know who used this right, it was Ibrahim that I married and of whom I am proud.

Amira Abdel-Fattah concluded: Someone kept telling me, he’s a journalist, put him in the press, he’s an advertiser, whether he’s on television, whether he’s a writer , whether in the books.

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