Muhammad Abla: The arts are the powerhouse of nations, and public celebration is a ‘true honour’

A rich artistic experience presented by the Egyptian visual artist, Mohamed Abla, who relied on the combination of various types of arts, such as painting, sculpture and photography, in addition to his public role in society and his distinguished initiatives, which have made him a clear imprint in the contemporary Egyptian plastic movement, and an artistic experience celebrated in Egypt and abroad. Artists from all fields have always been ambassadors of their country and their culture while communicating with other communities during their long journey.

Finally, the artist Mohamed Abla received the Goethe Medal for the year 2022, which is the highest medal awarded by Germany to influential figures in his field. This spanned decades in which his works were characterized by diversity and became part of the Egyptian cultural scene. , and one of its main motives was to bring Egyptian society in all its aspects closer to local and global audiences.

The Egyptian artist is due to receive the award next August from the President of the Goethe Institute, Carola Lenz, at a ceremony to be held in the German city of Weimar.

On the importance and value of honoring, the artist, Mohamed Abla, said in his speech to ‘The Independent Arabia’, “The importance of honoring in this case is that it emanates from ‘neutral international bodies that monitor and monitor the artistic movement and the cultural scene in Egypt, and when you choose an artist to give them the award, they value their work and their career and celebrate it.’ I feel the award is for all of Egypt, not just me.”

Abla added, “There is a real honor that the artist always looks forward to, which is the celebration by the general public of his works and their interaction with them. It is the direct appreciation that the artist receives on a daily basis and in a tangible way.

local and global

Art has always been known as a universal language that people from different cultures can absorb and interpret according to their opinion and point of view. Abla indicated that he imagines that “the artist is not supposed to be concerned with this idea, because the artist can grow in one environment and go through stages of his life in other environments, of course it will be. affected and will have glimpses that will appear in his works, but his primary concern must be to express himself And he believes in his art in which his environment and culture will appear, because they are part of his composition and through which he will meet the world and the artist in particular.

Muhammad Abla believes that “Humanity is one, and man’s spiritual needs are one, and sincere creativity reaches people everywhere and at all times, because it is human in the first place. Authentic artistic values ​​affect and affect the recipient’s feeling, and this is not only limited to fine arts, but to all kinds of arts, For example, a novel with high artistic values ​​will touch the heart of its reader, who belongs to another culture, and so it is with all forms of art.

comic book museum

In one of the pioneering experiments, Muhammad Abla established a museum specializing in the art of caricature in the area of ​​Tunis Village, located in the governorate of Fayoum (90 km south of the capital Cairo) to be not only a reference and a pilgrimage site for those interested in this art, but a cultural center in the governorate that works on community development and organizes various cultural events. About him, Abla said: “The museum is the first of its kind in Africa and the Middle East, and was created 20 years ago, and includes about 500 original works that monitor the history of Egyptian and Arab caricature from 1920 until now, and it is one of greatest museums of caricature in the world, and this initiative was adopted in order to Celebrate this art, because it is one of the most important arts that easily reaches people and expresses their reality in an easy and easy artistic language. in a sarcastic way which reflects their concerns and their life.Specific collects and documents these works so that they are a reference for those interested in this art.

He added, “I established the museum in Fayoum Governorate for several reasons, the most important of which is to have a role in the development of society, and not just be a tourist or cultural site, and we are already keen to organize various events. for the people of the region and organize workshops for children, because as we know, the governorates are outside Cairo. Larger cities have a greater need for such cultural activities, and it is one of the roles entrusted to the artist; the adoption of such initiatives will reflect positively on the whole community.

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Arab society and the visual arts

The problem still arises of the extent of the interaction of the Arab public in general with the various plastic arts and of the disconnection of certain artists from real communication with the ordinary public and the presentation of their works in concert halls. closed exhibitions frequented by critics, the elite and those interested in the arts, which widens the gap between the artist and the general public, and Abla believes that “taste The different arts must begin at an early age, so studying the arts should be a priority like the rest of school subjects, as it was in the past, and children should systematically study the arts in the different school levels, and get to know the artists and their works and the different schools of art, because there is no future Without arts and culture, it is an important part of building any nation and advancing any society. People in general need the s arts are part of their lives, and part of this responsibility lies with the artists themselves, who must have contact with people and a role in the development of artistic and cultural awareness in their community.

The artist, Mohamed Abla, explains: “It’s not just about education, but there must be a big role for the media in paying attention to high-level arts in all media, whether written or audio and visual, and another for the state. to organize various cultural events across the country, in addition to that. The individual initiatives of the artists themselves, each in their own context and place, so the combination of all these elements will be greatly reflected in the elevation of the artistic and cultural level of the masses, and then the upgrading of society in an integrated manner”.

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