You won’t believe they’re not Egyptian. 17 male and female entertainers are some of the brightest Egyptian movie stars, but they’re of foreign descent. Among them, Mervat Amin! (get to know them)

Thank you for your interest in reading the news you won’t believe they are not Egyptian.. 17 male and female artists are among the brightest stars in Egyptian cinema, but they are foreign origin. Among them is Mervat Amin! (Get to know them) on our website and now with details

Sana’a – Misra Ismail – Since the beginning of Egyptian cinema, “Egypt” has excelled over other countries in the Middle East and has become the pioneer of Arab art, “Hollywood of the East”. Artists come from all Arab countries. and their language and style of speech may differ, but with integration with the Egyptian people, they have become Egyptian in the sense of The word and you cannot tell the difference between them and any Egyptian, for there has artists who have achieved great fame and the public has loved them, and no one knows that they are not Egyptian. We follow for you 17 artists of foreign origin, from the heart of Arab cinema data.

1- The artist Amr Diab.

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You won’t believe they’re not Egyptian. 17 male and female entertainers are some of the brightest Egyptian movie stars, but they’re of foreign descent. Among them, Mervat Amin! (get to know them)

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Al-Jumhuriya newspaper published a report on the origins of the set, which shows that he is from an Egyptian mother and a Palestinian father. His mother’s family hails from a village belonging to the city of Hadramawt in Yemen and belongs to a large family known as “Al-Awaliqah.” His artistic career in singing

2- Actress Hala Sedky

“Hala Sidqi” to a Palestinian Christian father and an Egyptian mother, born in 1961, was born in America and lived her childhood there, then customs with her family in Egypt and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in 84, then turned to art and got to know the director “Noor Al-Demerdash” who gave her a role in the series “No Ya my dear girl”

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3- Actress Laila Elwi.

Born in 1962 to an Egyptian father and a Greek mother, she began her artistic career at a very young age through the radio program “Abla Fadela” then a television program with “Mama Samiha”. Then, “Laila Elwi” obtains the Faculty. of Commerce after studying in French schools and getting to know its director Nour El Demerdash presented it on stage

4- Actress Nelly Karim.

Born in 1974 to an Egyptian father and a Russian mother, she traveled with her family to Russia and learned ballet in Russian schools, then trained with the “Bolshoi” group, and returned to Egypt. and graduated from the Academy of Arts and then higher education. in the direction of ballet art. Nelly Karim began her artistic career with Ramadan Fawazeer, then moved on to theater

5- Actress Ghada Adel.

She was born in 1974 in the city of Bani Ghazi in Libya, to a Syrian mother and the sister of her mother, the artist, “Shams Al-Baroudi.” She graduated from Garyounis University, then came to Egypt and started her artistic career through commercials and picture songs.As a new face and they have five children

6- Actress Sumaya Al Khashab.

Born on 10/20/1966, Kuwaiti national, known by the artist “Daoud Hussein” through “Breaking and We Return with Daoud” in 2013. Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce in 1997

She worked in tourism and banking and wanted to enter the world of singing, but the artist “Salah Al-Saadani” advised her to focus on acting first.

7- The artist Ahmed Zaher.

He was born on 04/27/1975 of Turkish origin, more precisely from Konya. He is of Beshwat origin. “Ahmed Zaher” got the faculty of commerce, but he did not finish it. He joined the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art and graduated from there and started acting through the “Wolves of the Mountain” series while in high school.

8- Actress Mai Ezz El Din.

His real name is Mahitab Hussein Ezz El-Din Wahba Abdullah. She was born on 19-1-1980 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Then she returned with her mother to Alexandria when she was still four years old. She is of Turkish descent, as her grandmother is Turkish.

9- Actress Hana Shiha.

Born on 09/25/1985 to an Egyptian father, a Lebanese mother and a father, visual artist Ahmed Shiha, she worked in art with her sisters “Hala Shiha, Rasha Shiha and Maya Shiha”. working on television and in the theatre.

10 Actress Mays Hamdan and her sister Mai Selim

They were born in 1982 in the Emirates to a Palestinian father and a Lebanese mother who lived in Egypt, and Mays Hamdan is the younger sister of actresses Dana Hamdan.

11- Actress Mona Hala.

Mona Hala, born on 01/10/1985, of an Austrian father and an Egyptian mother, obtained in 2005 a BA at the German department of Ain Shams University, she began to appear on television in through the “Yalla Bina” program and then presented the “Sah Program Saha Maana”.

12- Artist Ahmed Makki.

“Ahmed Makki” born 06/19/1980 is a director, actor, author and rapper who lived in Egypt with his older sister, Inas Makki, but they were born in Oran, western Algeria, d an Algerian father and an Egyptian mother.

13- Actress Nihal Anbar.

“Nehal Anbar”, born in 1961, of circus origin, lived in America for a long time, then returned to Egypt and studied tourism and hospitality, then entered the art of director Sherif Arafa, who gave her gave a small role in the film “The Dark Birds”.

14- Actress Lucia.

Born in 1956, of Palestinian nationality, she worked as a dancer in parties, weddings and nightclubs. She started acting with small roles, then became famous and entered cinema and television.

15- Actress Safiya Al-Omari.

“Safiya Al-Omari”, born on January 20, 1949 to a Palestinian father and an Egyptian mother. She holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce and studied the Russian language. The artist Jalal Issa recognized her and introduced her to art in the 1970s, and then traded her works for cinema and television.

16- Actress Mervat Amin.

Mervat Mostafa Amin, born on 11/24/1946 in Minya Governorate to an Egyptian father and a British mother, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ain Shams University. The first appearance was through the film My Father on the Tree with the late Abdel Halim Hafez.

17- Actress Suhair Al-Babli.

Born in 1937 in the city of Faraskour, governorate of Damietta, in a family of Iraqi origin from the city of Babylon, she simultaneously joined two institutes, the Institute of Dramatic Art and the Institute of Music, then left to work in theater.

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