How do you punish your husband if he upsets you?

How do you punish your husband if he upsets you? One of the most common questions that many married girls are looking for an answer to, there is no couple that occasionally misses some differences between them, and for this we will present from the content of how the wife punishes her husband if he causes her sadness and anger.

How do you punish your husband if he upsets you?

Women have been known to pay a lot of attention to their husbands, but sometimes when the husband angers his wife and causes her grief, he is more than willing to apologize to his wife for fear of tarnishing her image. . important steps you need to follow when punishing your husband.[1]

Communication with husband

Most of the time, your personality may not match your husband’s personality and thinking. He can see himself as being right and not wrong against you. So, first, you should talk to him and explain his actions that caused you harm before you start punishing. your husband for his bad behavior.

lack of control over husband

Walk away from trying to control your husband and forcing him not to leave the house and spend all the time by your side, it won’t help you to change his bad behavior but will only make the relationship worse because your husband will ignore you and do whatever he wants.

Avoid rewarding bad behavior

When the husband hurts you, you must not miss this behavior and give him what he asks of you, you are a wonderful wife who deserves appreciation and respect, but punish him to avoid repeating this behavior.

Avoid begging for the husband

Sometimes the wife plays the victim and starts crying and begging to keep the relationship. This is not good because the husband becomes more controlling. Instead, you can talk to him and understand why he is doing this behavior.

use silence

Don’t ignore his negative behaviors and deal with him naturally, but you should ignore him in some other way that will punish him for his actions, like cutting off contact with him and avoiding answering his phone calls, that way the makes you care about your feelings and think about them before you do anything that upsets you.

Clarify the problem

In most cases, the husband may not be aware of the problem or bad behavior he has done, so you should, dear before you think of any punishment for him, first make sure if your husband is at the aware of this act, this may be all you need to do to resolve the dispute, and that is to let your husband know of the mistake he has made.

get out of the relationship

You can punish your husband by leaving the house and out of the relationship, like going to a friend’s house or going to the cinema for a movie, actions always stick in men’s minds more than words.

Planned instant cancellation

If you, my dear, had previously planned to surprise your husband and give him a gift, you should cancel it immediately and postpone it to another time, this punishment is ideal for the husband to realize the impact of his bad deeds on your relationship.

stop worrying about your husband

Stop caring for your husband and avoid doing some of the usual things that could make him happy, such as preparing the types of food and drink he likes best. If you ignore these simple actions, the husband will realize the harm what he did for you.

lead bad behavior

The husband can be stubborn and not take all the punishment you have given, and the most appropriate solution with this type of men is to put them in the same situation, when he behaves abusively, you must address him the same behavior, it forces him to sympathize with you, and he knows exactly how you felt.

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Ways to calm an angry husband

Many women do not realize how to deal with an angry husband, which increases the intensity of anger and causes a state of tension between spouses, and there are many causes of anger in general, but there is a type of man who can feel very angry for no reason, and his wife doesn’t know how to deal with him, so we have introduced some of the ways that can be followed to absorb your husband’s anger.[2]

be calm

You need to be calm and patient during the argument. Listen to your husband and try to absorb his anger and control your nerves, and avoid talking back to him so things don’t get more tense. This method calms him down and reduces his anger.

husband’s helper

Perhaps the most appropriate and easiest way to appease your husband’s anger is to offer help. Sometimes all he has to do is tell you about the reasons for his anger. something you can do to calm down and improve.

Make her feel emotionally safe

Turning your angry husband’s hostile feelings into kindness and love is the solution he is looking for. When the husband is angry, speak to him with kind words that make him feel emotionally safe. This helps to absorb his intense anger and make him feel loved and secure towards you.

listen to her husband

Find out why your husband is angry and what his needs and feelings are by asking him questions. Listen to him by listening and supporting him by using body language and engaging the senses.

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Reasons for marital conflicts

There are many reasons that can cause differences that arise between spouses, and here are some of them in addition to some ways to resolve them, including the following:[3]

financial affairs

Financial matters can be one of the causes of conflict between spouses, due to the large number of financial pressures imposed on spouses, such as the need to provide the basic needs of the family and children. Divide responsibilities between them.

Family pressures and responsibilities

The pressures and responsibilities of the spouses increase with the progression of time, since each of them requires a lot of work outside and inside the house, in addition to the social responsibilities they have to visit the family, friends and relatives, which leads to conflicts between them, and to resolve the dispute, the spouses must make a list of their responsibilities and divide it between the two spouses. The spouses must also take into account the situation of the other and the pressures they face and assume their responsibilities.

Loss of interest between spouses

One of the spouses may be preoccupied with the other, causing the husband to feel a loss of interest and neglect, and the reason behind this may be the large number of pressures and responsibilities that come with it, and for To resolve these differences, the spouses must be frank with each other about the truth of their feelings, and if one of them is disturbed by the shortening of the other part, he must create excuses for him.

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Finally, we finished our article after answering a question How do you punish your husband if he upsets you?We also talked about ways to calm an angry husband, and at the end of the article, we talked about some of the causes of common marital conflicts and ways to resolve them.

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