America… Does it seek to be hated by the Arabs?

Love and hate are not tools of politics, and they are personal or collective feelings related to individuals or societies towards each other, near or far, but the accumulation of one of them over a period of time translates into political decisions and positions, so these sentiments enter into the calculations of interests and relations between countries.
The policies of the current US administration appear to be seeking to be hated by more Arab peoples, after decades of accumulated hatred for some, an endeavor that seems odd to any policymaker unless what is being pushed at them is “unthinkable”. that is, indifference to reactions in a certain way. Blind, and politicians shouldn’t be blind.
The administration of President Biden belongs to the liberal left within the Democratic Party and it represents “Obamism”, since it is a natural extension of it. She represents him with principles, ideas and sometimes with the people themselves. She took hostile positions. , provocative statements and policies that cannot be called friendly towards a number of Arab countries, including the Gulf Arab states.
The ideological extremism within this intellectual, artistic and political current gradually transformed it into the practice of a hideous “dictatorship” in its domination over human freedom and the choices of the individual in very sensitive questions like ” homosexuality”, and tries to normalize it and transform it from “margin” into “table”, and anomalies are dealt with, with it, according to cultural options and educational policies, into a foundation on which to build “culture”, “education” and “politics”. The Observer finds much resentment among American families themselves for forcing the normalization of this “perversion” on their sons and daughters in the early stages of education.
This subject, which most peoples and societies around the world do not understand, is practiced in America from early “education” to administrative decisions in high positions in a way that represents a kind of “luxury”. civilized practiced by organized and influential “pressure groups”. . This abnormal “luxury” is turning into an abominable “dictatorship”, while it is destined to spread throughout the world by all means of “soft power”.
This is just one example to show that the “American empire” loses a lot when this current of liberal left tries to impose something strange on cultures and societies very different from the American internal debate, and this gives a perception of the major issues and regional and international issues. political crises in which the Biden administration adopts biased options and contradictory policies.
The Iranian “nuclear file” is a major issue for the countries of the region and the countries of the world, and the negotiations of “Vienna” are not promising for several logical reasons. an uncalculated “rush” to satisfy the Iranian side, and secondly, the exclusion of the Gulf Arab states and all Arab countries Participation in these negotiations is in no way an indication of any political balance, and thirdly, it is not only the “nuclear weapon” that worries the Gulf countries and the Arab countries, but rather the strategy of expanding and extending Iranian influence through “groups”, terrorist “organizations” and “militias”, with flagrant interference in the policies of a number of Arab countries in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.
The lifting of sanctions against the Iranian regime will cause it to reactivate and extend this harmful strategy to countries in the region and the world, and the mere fact of negotiating to remove the Iranian Revolutionary Guards from the terrorist lists is chilling evidence of a declared endorsement of policies that will spread “chaos stability” and “terrorism” in an unprecedented way if it occurs, despite strong opposition within the US Congress itself.
“Obamaism” is dangerous in its policies that the Arab world witnessed during what was known as the bloody and notorious “Arab Spring”. Moreover, it is clear from Obama’s own statements in which he spoke of glorifying ‘Persians’ and despising ‘Arabs’, which were announced There is no sane person in the world who thinks that the Powerful and influential countries will remain silent in the face of overt policies that are detrimental to their interests and the interests of their people.
Changes have been made to the hostile policies of this administration, and statements have been made confirming old alliances based on strong policies and decisive and influential decisions on world events, and the balance of power within it. States in particular, and the Ukrainian crisis is only the tip of the iceberg in which it has manifested itself. Deep differences raged beneath the surface, and the changes that occur based on immediate interests and temporary necessities are completely different from the nature of strategic strategies. alliances.
Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies have been able to circumvent policies that are in no way friendly on the part of certain Islamic countries supported by the United States or the West, to form regional alliances that unfairly rearrange the balance of power and abroad in these countries.
The state of “Pakistan” formed a new government, and the state of “Iran” accepted what it had not accepted before in the politics of its followers in the countries of the region, and the state of “Turkey” whose president came to Saudi Arabia. Arabia, and before that, the United Arab Emirates, abandoning previously unexplained programs and relations with “Russia” and “China”, are enjoying a prosperous era and are constantly developing and balancing without affecting the old relations, and in Yemen things are moving towards a historic breakthrough, and in Iraq the Iraqi national forces have begun to strengthen their position, and in Syria things are moving towards solutions that are not yet complete, and those- these combined give a clear view on the recent past and its policies, and how to obtain gains and reap interest.
All this is in the political aspect, and in some of its aspects only. As for the civilized aspect, it is neither useful nor feasible for the Arab countries which aspire to the development, the influence and the industry of the future, for feelings of popular hatred against America. We urgently need ‘science’ and ‘technology’ and all the elements of human civilization that the West represents at its contemporary peak, and therefore policies aimed at acquiring the more ‘Arab’ ‘hate’ of ‘ America” ​​are not useful, even if they are made without calculation or direct intention.
Finally, the statements issued by the countries of the region by officials of varying stature should give an important warning to the decision-maker in Washington, that the countries of the region have international options, and that they are not concerned with the American partisan differences and strive to maintain the old fruitful alliance relations.

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