Another world in which you wander.. Submission of the sea.. Where is the movement??

“Tahr al-Bahr” is a name that has been repeated frequently in the corridors of the second world among the public of Alexandria, over the past few days. The funny thing is that the reasons are many and have nothing to do with each other, despite their sharing the same name Subh al-Bahr, a term well known to the inhabitants of coastal cities, means the land in which The sea leaves it behind, after its withdrawal (withdrawal), at the over time.

The important thing is that the activists of the social networks of the “intellectuals of Alexandria” circulated many messages on “Facebook”, to “commemorate the inauguration” of the famous cultural forum called “Tarh al-Bahr”, which penetrated the hearts of its pioneers of poets, writers, storytellers, painters and musicians… A “haven of peace” to exchange their activities since May 2015, for a period of five years, until Corona forced everyone to freeze at ground zero, and after the forum filled up with hearing and sight, and its page interactions on “Facebook” exceeded nearly “15,000” intellectuals, and its activities varied by welcoming writers and artists from all Egyptian governorates, and adopted many talents in the workshops of poetry, writing, drawing and caricature, economic conditions forced it to close its doors, amid the grief of intellectuals.

However, writer Dalia Farouk, director of the forum, confirmed to Al-Osboa that events take place from time to time in “hosted” places, including the Joanna Foundation for Art and Development.

The second reason for the circulation of the “sea casting” these days in particular, in Alexandria also, is the circulation of hundreds of photos of beaches, in which the “sea casting” appears in real life, far from metaphor, and this are green plants that floated profusely along the coast, called “green vermin”, which bothered vacationers who flocked to the beaches of the border during the Eid al-Fitr holiday, which appealed to Major General Gamal Rashad, head of the Central Administration of Tourism and Resorts in Alexandria, to intensify the daily efforts of the administration workers, in coordination with the cleaning company, to bring up the “offering of the sea”, or the seaweed which was thrown by the waves towards the shore.


Except for the pyramids


“35” seconds, was enough to turn the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities into an operations room, after a video clip posted on Facebook, documenting the harassment and harassment of foreign tourists by a group of young people and children during the ‘Eid al-Fitr, in the square of the pyramids of Giza and their attempt to escape harassment.


Hawawshi “egg boxes”


A major shock came to social media pioneers after a video clip emerged showing the process of ‘chopping egg cartons’, and placing flavorings and spices in them to make them look like meat minced, to be placed in “hawawshi” , that is to say “live on meat”, and sell them at a low price, without being placed It has no meat.

The biggest shock, according to the statements of several doctors, is that the video revealed the scandal behind huge disasters, as egg cartons contain endless amounts of dirt, dust, insect eggs, feces and urine of rats.

The video revealed the answer to a question that puzzled millions of people, how does the price of hawawshi not exceed five pounds in some slums, when this price is not enough to put even donkey meat?


funeral wedding


The pioneers of the second world unfortunately circulated images of the solemn funeral, which took on a different and unusual look, on the Mahmoudia axis in Alexandria, where more than “70” motorcycles gathered in a funeral procession, surrounded by a car carrying the bodies of two young men killed a few days ago on a Corniche road.

Residents of Alexandria woke up on the morning of the third day of Eid al-Fitr to a terrible accident, where a motorcycle collided with a light pole and overturned in the San Stefano area on Alexandria Corniche, and the two young men (Abdul Rahman and Khaled), who were driving the motorbike, were killed.

So what were the friends of the two young men, Bikers Group, a group of motorcycle owners on “Facebook”, but they decided to say goodbye to their friends in an innovative way, and Saad Muhalal, a teacher, the father of one of the two young men, wrote on his Facebook page: O Abd al-Rahman, as if it were your joy, my son.


i want chinese food


The name of Yasmine Sabry, the trend of communication sites, after the announcement of her separation from businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, and entered the line, Dr. Mabrouk Attia, professor at Al -Azhar, released a video clip in which he described the promoters of the couple’s separation story as “jealousy” of women, pointing out that millions Abu Hashima paid his wife, whether in jewelry or luxury cars, if he had “consulted” him, “Atiya” would have advised him to rationalize.

Mabrouk Attia advised the public not to “poke their noses” into cases that do not concern them, especially since the amounts in circulation cannot be certain, and there is no impediment legal if he is obliged to pay his zakat.

Activists circulated a video clip of ‘Atiya’, in which he says: ‘Jeanah.. You used to keep it and eat Chinese. merchant. No, it’s really black compared to the one who has two piastres.. He who has two piastres.


Don’t fancy a vacation?


Second world activists have been circulating this “folk” headline among people about their lack of “holiday joy”, including fun and practical suggestions, and tips for eating a number of foods, which could bring joy to the hearts of the public, even if a question of “hormones”.

The list of suggested foods included dark chocolate, “sushi” and seafood full of the antidepressant iodine, eggs because they contain calcium and omega-3s, lettuce and Greek yogurt, bread and whole grains that activate beneficial bacteria, and the addition of “beets”. To food, for its ability to improve mood, drink cranberry juice which limits the formation of fat cells, and contains vitamin “C”, and coconut rich in triglycerides.


Where is the movement?


Cinema audiences interacted with a video clip posted by artist Ahmed Helmy, on the “Tik Tok” app, in which he said, “Where is the movement?”, asking his audience to participate in a “performance of a dance” proposed to be used in the promotional song for his new film “One Tani”, and he promised to write “The name of the owner of the dance” on the song being prepared.

The funny thing is that the singer Ahmed Saad, owner of the trend “Sarina’s Dance Ya Donya”, appeared in a video clip addressing his speech to Ahmed Helmy, performing an expressive “dance” which he proposed to his fellow artist to include it in the publicity song for his film.

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