Russia and Ukraine: How the conflict in Syria helped groom a surgeon to save lives in Ukraine

  • Swaminathan Natarajan
  • BBC World Service

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Dr. Munther Yazigi and Dr. David Knott perform surgery

says Dr. Munther Yazigi “For my wife and children, it’s very scary. I lost a lot of friends and colleagues, and I’m lucky to be alive.”

The Dr is gone. Yaziji has many wars and disasters. He has seven children and a daughter is pregnant with his first grandson, but his mind remains preoccupied with the suffering of others far from home.

He told the BBC: “I told my family I couldn’t stay here in Texas and watch my colleagues in Ukraine go through what they’re going through. It’s my duty as a doctor and my fracture.”

The Russian invasion caused great unrest. The United Nations reports that more than 12 million people have been displaced, of whom 5.8 million have left for other countries.

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