Love snakes.. Forbidden love journey ends with 3 bloody crimes in Giza in one week

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The end of the forbidden relationships that did not take the right path and the end of which is always a bloody crime, the two lovers think that they are safe and far from people’s eyes and indulge in vice and go to the end of their lusts, violating all customs, social traditions and customs, until their suspicious relationship ends in each other’s murder and scandal and imprisoned.

This week, Giza Governorate recorded 3 heinous murders, which the security services managed to uncover, and their causes were found to be an illegal relationship. In the following lines, Al-Bawaba News monitors these facts.

At the Qanater facility, the female demon hatched a plan with her lover to kill her three children and attempted to mislead the police.

A housewife stripped of her feelings of humanity, took off her maternity dress, threw it away, and wore the devil’s dress instead.

She agreed with her lover to listen and enter his house in the village of Bahrams, affiliated with the Mansha’at al-Qanater center in Giza governorate, in the absence of her husband and the murder of her three children to force her husband to divorce her, but fate had another opinion.Children, but the alternative plan was drawn up to escape the murder of the eldest daughter, so she gave her lover 16 thousand pounds and a cell phone and took her out of the house and called the police claiming that a thief robbed the house and killed her child and hit her with a piece of wood on the head and fled.

The child Sama is a victim of his mother in the establishment of Qanater

A murder.. The details of this incident, as recorded by the detective files of detectives from the Mansha’at al-Qanater police station at the Giza Security Directorate, were that Lt. Col. Ikrami al- Batran, head of the detective unit, received a signal from the hospital that “Sama SARR” had received 9 years, with signs of suffocation and an unknown assault claim, residing in the village of Bahrams. In the center department, moving and examining and asking the young mother girl, she said that trying to steal the dolphin to their place of residence, thinking that it was free from its residents, it has surprised the victim, who recognized his features, so he choked her and fell into his hands a lifeless body, and added that when she tried to leave the room to find out what was going on inside entrance of the house, she was surprised by someone who hit her head with a piece of wood without identifying the accused, she fell and the accused fled. that the girl’s father was at work and that the body was kept inside the hospital morgue at the disposal of the public prosecutor.

The hidden was revealed.. While carrying out investigations, it was found that the story of the mother was false, and the noose tightened and re-discussed her, she admitted her emotional connection with one of the people and the attempt to divorce her husband, but the latter refused, so she agreed with her lover to kill her three children, “Sama” 9 years old, “Salma” 6 years old, and ” Ramadan.” 4 years, to get rid of her husband and force him to divorce, but as soon as the accused returned home and killed her eldest, she became hysterical and did not complete her crime.

After legalizing the proceedings and obtaining prior authorization from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was possible to arrest the fleeing suspect and the mother was taken into custody. All necessary legal measures were taken regarding the incident and the public prosecutor opened an investigation, which authorized the burial following the declaration of the anatomical character and the preparation of an adequate report on the manner and causes of the dead. A prosecution team also accompanied the public to North Giza, the accused, to the location where the crime was committed, to conduct a photographic examination and depict the crime, and ordered their detention for 4 days in pending investigations.

After a forbidden relationship for 8 years.. Hasna Kerdasa gets rid of her lover and represents her body

Hasna Kerdasa left her husband’s house after his divorce with his child in hand 8 years ago to indulge in vice with this mechanic who was satisfied with his relationship with her and approached his fiftieth contract without marriage and he has spent on her and her daughter until just 3 years ago when a young man came to see this beautiful woman who accepted him and married him and refused to leave any money The Mechanic “Chica “and she kept going to see him on specific dates and spending nights with him in the vise until her husband noticed a clear change in her and when she noticed it she asked the mechanic to break off the relationship, but he refused. And arrange a sexual meeting with him in the apartment as usual, and the woman leaves, and her husband climbs behind her, and they kill the mechanic, cut off a sensitive part of his body and torture him to death by electricity.

Details of this incident as recorded in police officer files at Kerdasa Police Station, Giza Security Directorate received a report that a person’s body was found at the interior of the apartment where he lived in the center district. part of his body and lives alone and unmarried, and by conducting investigations and examining the victim’s relationships, it was found that he had an illegal relationship with a housewife for 8 years and that he had spent on her and her child without marriage. , her lover married a young man, and the relationship of the victim with the woman continued, and she was cheating on her husband by telling him that she had her sister and that she was going to the victim’s house to practice the immorality. Recently, the mistress tried to end this relationship, but the victim refused and threatened to expose her. So this lady asked her husband for help, and cheated on him about the exposure of the victim to her and asked him to establish an illegal relationship with her, and she persuaded her husband to kill him, and for this she went to a house The victim and her husband climbed up behind her and they killed the mechanic and cut off a sensitive part of his body with “moss”. and her husband were able to take them to the center office.

All the necessary legal measures were taken regarding the incident and the presentation to the public prosecutor to open investigations, which authorized the burial after the anatomical description of it, and to prepare an adequate report on the manner and the causes death and its contents in the report after its preparation. The prosecution imprisoned them for 4 days pending investigations. The Crown has also requested further investigations into the incident, and investigations are still ongoing.

In October, a forbidden relationship between a furniture dealer and an incense seller ends with his body in the trash, a party for the dogs

The incense seller left her husband and handed over his body to a furniture dealer with whom she had a romantic relationship, and their relationship turned into a practice of vice inside her apartment in the 11th 6th of October City District, Giza Governorate. her clothes and dumps her body in a trash can, and their forbidden relationship ends in a gruesome murder.

He killed his girlfriend in October

The details of this tragic incident, as recorded in the files of investigators from the October 2 police department of the Giza security directorate, date back to when Lieutenant Colonel Mustafa Kamal, head of the detective unit , received a signal from the emergency operations room that it had received a report from the public that a person’s body had been found inside a cell phone dumped in one of the dumpsters immediately, the security services moved to the place of the report and a security cordon was imposed around the area where the body was found, which revealed that it was acted of a naked housewife inside a mobile phone. And that behind the crime was a furniture dealer who had an illegal relationship with her, and that while practicing vice with her, the victim stole the money from her clothes, and after discovering the incident of the theft, he argued with the victim and hit her with a piece of wood “a bed sheet”, and strangled her with a scarf to death, then carried the body in a cell phone and threw it in the trash can where it was found.

After codifying the procedures and obtaining prior authorization from the public prosecutor, it was possible to arrest the accused and take him to the office of the department, and on confronting him, he confessed to having committed the indicated incident. of death, the prosecution also ordered in October the detention of the accused for 4 days, pending investigations.





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