The movie The Box… when someone chooses to kill a person for their personal interests

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An American detective film in sci-fi form, dealing with the idea of ​​choice, and does a person really have the right to choose? And if he chooses, will his choice affect the lives, safety and peace of others? “And most important of all, does he have the right to choose someone to die in order to profit from an exploit?” His personal solo dreams. Or does he think of others even if they are not his parents or his acquaintances, or even if he will never meet them?

the story..

The film begins in the 70s, more precisely in 1976, where it recounts the experiments of NASA to go up to Mars, then in the early morning a house bell rings, then the woman “Norma” wakes up to open the door to this At the beginning of the day, to find a car driving away and a box left outside her door, she enters the house with the box after her husband and son wake up. Arthur opens the cardboard box to find a strange machine which is a large knob covered in a glass bubble and locked with a key, but there is no key to open this bubble, and Walter the child finds a enclosed letter which Father Arthur reads, which It is news that Mr. Arlington Steward is arriving at five o’clock in the afternoon.

Difficult conditions…

The family is confused as to what this means, but everyone goes to their jobs, “Norma” goes to their school, “Arthur” goes to NASA where he works, “Walter” goes to his school, and the camera pans around. towards “Norma”, who walks with a bit of a limp, she explains to her students in the class, and one of the students annoys her, asking her the secret of her foot injury, so “Norma” removes her shoes so that all of the students can see her injured foot, and we discover that her toes are fused together, causing her to limp.

Then her manager tells her that her job has stopped and she won’t have any more salary, and Norma is confused and thinks not to tell Arthur about it yet because their financial terms are not good, and because her husband is completely absorbed in his work trying to reach Mars.

On the other hand, we see “Arthur” in the agency in which he works, and he is waiting for the result of his progression to become an astronaut, and he has passed the tests designated for that, but, the result is shocking, that is- that is, he was not accepted to become an astronaut, although he is sure that he passed all the tests, his superiors tell him that he failed the psychological test.

Norma returns home and at five o’clock the house bell rings, she opens the door to find a disfigured man with half his face cut off. On the floor, but for that, she’ll get a million dollars, and that she has a date until five o’clock in the afternoon the next day, and whether or not she agrees to press the button , he will come and pick up the machine, leave it and go.


When Arthur arrives, Norma tells him everything.


They remain confused all night and until the next day arguing about their need for money, and their dream of securing their son’s future, and also about the seriousness of responsibility for someone’s death, and the possibility of themselves being harmed, and “Norma” stomps the button in a moment of excitement to press and then return to her place, and a few minutes later. For a few minutes, the doorbell rings to show Mr. Arlington Steward, and Norma and Arthur are surprised at how quickly he comes.

Arthur informs the police, and Arlington Steward learns of this and calls Norma and informs her that he is upset because her husband reported it to the police, and he is now seeing her while she is at home, so Norma panics and looks outside. her window to find a strange man staring at her in amazement as if robbed or unconscious.

She asks Arlington Steward for a personal interview, then goes out to meet her mother. A woman comes up to her and tells her that Arlington Steward will meet her at the library and gives her a paper with the address of the library. Then Norma goes to the library. to find a CD and play it in one of the devices and sees Arlington Steward attending a science conference to work at NASA.


At the same time, Arthur is at the police department talking to an officer from Arlington Steward and sees a photo of a murdered woman, knowing that she was killed at the same time Norma pressed the button on the machine at 4:55 p.m. He wonders about the murderer of this woman who was shot in the chest, and the officer tells him that the neighbors testified that he was her husband and that they saw a car minutes before the accident leave the house.

Arthur doubts the connection between this crime and the mysterious experience to which they are exposed and asks the officer to go to the scene of the crime. He goes there and finds a photo of “Arlington Steward” with another woman who appears to be his wife. , and knows the address of the library that “Arlington Steward” takes as his headquarters, he goes there, but senses a suspicious atmosphere and the visitors of the library begin to pursue him and he tries to escape from them, to meet the librarian, who is the same lady who was pictured with “Arlington Steward”. She tells him that he is not a library user, and asks him to guide him to an exit, and she tells him that there are three exits he must choose one, and only one of these exits is the safe exit and the other two will lead to his death, and when he asks him what “Arlington Steward” is doing and what he wants they tell him he wants to test them.

safe exit.

The lady points with her hand to raise the water from the three exits, forming what look like gates, and “Arthur” chooses entrance number two and touches the water with her hand to swallow it and still stays at inside the water bubble. Then the camera moves to “Norma”, who is talking to “Arlington Steward” in another location in the same library, and tells him she wasn’t afraid of him when she first saw him. , but that she sympathized with him and felt love. towards him, because her face is deformed, and because she also suffered from a foot deformity and mistreatment.

Then he asks her to reach out and touch it to find himself on his bed and look up to find “Arthur” in his water bubble above the bed, and the bubble bursts and floods the house with water. Norma asks him what happened? He doesn’t answer, but instead takes a drink, and they go to Norma’s sister’s wedding in the evening, and Arthur decides to tell her, saying that inside the bubble he didn’t feel anything else only complete silence.


Then he comes out of the house, someone kidnaps him and puts him in a car, and Walter the child runs after him, and a group of people kidnap him and Norma, who went to follow Walter. Arthur finds out that the one who kidnapped him is the husband who killed his wife when Norma presses the button, and he tries to help her and tells her that he killed his wife because he chose her girl, and that Arlington Steward is playing an evil game and hurting the people he’s going to, and he’s still got a chance to survive, and then the car stops because a man dressed as Santa is standing in front , a huge truck comes at full speed and crashes into the car and kills the man and “Arthur” survives.

At the same time, a national security man tells the director of “Arthur” at NASA about an incident in which very fast light and heat hit the work crew going to Mars, and that this crew who was struck by the light was missing, only “Arlington Steward” died and then was fired. He regained life and his wounds healed very quickly, and he experiments for the benefit of national security and important state institutions after witnessing his supernatural abilities.

go back and choose..

Arthur and Norma return home, promising that Arlington Steward will perform another experiment on Walter to get him into a swimming pool, which is one of the doors for those Arlington Steward works for. Who hasn’t mentioned who they are. When Norma and Arthur enter the house, they find Arlington Steward waiting for them. Arthur kills his wife, Norma, and the money is deposited in a bank for Walter, who will restore his hearing and sight once Norma is killed.

They are again confused, but this time the horror increases. Arthur stands up in grief and calls out to their son who doesn’t hear them. Then Norma tries to convince Arthur to kill her because she deserves it and because she pushed the button. She kisses Arthur and tells him she’ll help him. Pulling the trigger and sure they’ll meet after he dies, because she saw “Arlington Steward” smiling at them. The bullet goes out and “Norma” dies, and “Arthur” rushes to call his son from behind the bathroom door, but the police rush in and arrest him.

We see Walter looking out the window at his father and next to him a man pats him on the shoulder with the features of “Arlington Steward.” The interesting thing is that at the time of Norma’s murder, the camera cuts to another couple arguing in front of the same machine and the woman presses the button, suggesting that the process is ongoing and testing continues. .

skillful work..

The staging is good, the sets, clothes and equipment gave the place the atmosphere of the seventies with talent, we find the sets of the houses belonging to that era, the costumes of the actors and the hairstyles, and the film was characterized by a calm pace that suits the mystery and excitement of the film, and the performance of the actors was brilliant, and the prelude before the slow reveal of the story features.

And the explanations of “Arlington Steward” himself for what he does when the national security employee asks him, telling him why he chose the idea of ​​the box, because the box is linked to human life , in death she is placed in a box and the house is a box and the car is a box and so on, and he also tells her that those who work for them are from They decide what the tests are and that they pity no one, and that the person who is subjected to these tests must take responsibility for his choice because it is not permitted for a person to put his individual interests above the interest of the group, and that if each chooses to pursue self-interest without caring about others, chaos will ensue.

A person is responsible for his choices.

The idea is important, because the film doesn’t rely on excitement and mystery just for entertainment, but rather presents important ideas about man’s responsibility in his choices. Cruel and brutal, and he is also exposed to the consequences of others’ choices. human beings who aspire to realize their individual dreams without caring about the interests of others.

Arlington Steward made it difficult for spouses Norma and Arthur to make the choice difficult as well. , all to tighten the screw on them so that their choice would be fraught with difficulty, and to see if they would resist this strong temptation of money in their harsh and harsh conditions, and he said frankly to the head of security national that a person can stop this round of harsh testing if they choose not to push the button.

the film..

The Box is an American science fiction horror film directed by Richard Kelly and starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden.

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