Is Israel really weaker than a spider’s web!?

duration/ What is this madness with fiery statements against Israel by Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and Jihad, shouting loud and clear that they will burn Israel and destroy it, annihilate it and burn its green before it comes land!! Today, on the occasion of the maneuvers of the Israeli army, Sayyed Nasrallah announced that Israel is weaker than a spider’s web,!!!!

Ok, our masters, from Qom to the southern suburbs of Doha, from the headquarters of Haniyeh to Gaza, from the headquarters of Sinwar,,, I simply ask the ordinary citizen,,, as long as you and you can earthquake, wipe , burn and destroy Israel,, which is weaker than a spider’s web,,, So why are you waiting?? ? Why are you waiting???

It crushes your bones and ours with weekly raids on the armies of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah, massacres the Palestinian people daily, desecrates Al-Aqsa and holds celebrations without any disturbance from you. Shame on you,,, and you have a sonic missile that all the axes of the resistance did not dare to launch towards Al-Aqsa in the sky of Jerusalem to scare away the settlers of Al-Aqsa and terrorize those who celebrate the Zionists biggest party,,,??

I appealed and promised Hamas and Islamic Jihad that if they fire a missile towards Jerusalem on Thursday at noon above the heads of the celebrants, I will testify that they are the worthy rulers and leaders of the Palestine,,,,, and I swear to God, the Most High, the Great, if Hamas launches or allows anyone in Gaza to fire a single missile into the sky of Jerusalem,,, To become a loyal soldier of Hamas, ,,!! Only if they launched a sonic missile on Thursday 5/5/2023,,,, into the sky of Jerusalem!!!! And they didn’t launch it,,,, and in no year did they launch a single sonic missile into the ceremonial sky every year,,,, and they didn’t launch a single missile on the day of the ceremony. ceremony of declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel and moving the embassy there with a very big party attended by Trump’s daughter and her Jewish husband,,,

Four or six rockets, if launched into the skies of Jerusalem on certain occasions, would equal all twenty thousand rockets that Hamas fired at Israel!!!!
Ok,,, Who launches and launched twenty thousand rockets at Israel,, Why was he unable, unable and reckless to launch a single missile into the sky of Jerusalem last Thursday ???
A day before that, Sinwar promised in a fiery speech that he would burn green and dry if Israel desecrated Al-Aqsa Mosque, and on Thursday Israel desecrated Al-Aqsa just as it had not violated it. . throughout her occupation.Speech allowed, and apparently she fell asleep!!!

In order to patch up Sinwar, who committed himself to the armistice and understandings with Israel, and he proved in practice that the first man of Israel, Israel polished Sinwar and all of Hamas and patched up their nakedness, with his repeated announcements of his intention to assassinate Sinwar (the assassination had become a Coca-Cola ad)
And about his threat to Hamas and his preparations for Hamas to fight him, as he strikes and fights and assassinates the armies of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah without announcement, and that has no also not been counted for them. ‘dependence on Israel, which invented for us the brotherhood of Hamas and Jihad, a second catastrophe for Palestine,,,,,,
And to know that the Sword of Jerusalem was made by Israel from the bones of 66 children who were killed by the Zionists and Hamas together under the auspices of the Emirate of Qatar and Al Jazeera flags, ,

Haniyeh and Netanyahu were charged with committing a war crime in Gaza for killing 250 civilians who were killed in their homes with 66 children in their arms, with direct airstrikes on their homes in Gaza from Israeli planes with smart and unmistakable missiles of the American-made type AGM-114 Hellfire, as well as aircraft.

So Israel kills and kills children and their civilian families with American weapons, and that is what is prohibited by American law. killing civilians is against the US constitution and US arms sales laws,,,
And the frivolous Israeli polish exposed to Hamas has reached the point of shame and indifference, (but we have a walk on most of the chaos of the Palestinian desert, unfortunately). He who wants to be murdered does not advertise,, , like Pepsi ads, isn’t it,,, O sheep of Israel,,, But you know how Naive we are, par excellence,,,!!! Otherwise you wouldn’t do these overt, stupid and polite actions of Hamas and its leaders, Israel could assassinate Hamas leaders for whoever it wanted and whenever it wanted, and how many festivals did the Hamas leaders sit on the podium, parading their rockets, their army and their portable machine guns,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, under the hearing and the sight of the Israeli planes which strike The intelligent, loaded with weapons more intelligent than Haniyeh and Al-Zahar

How did they reassure the leaders of Hamas of their presence,,, with a display of heavy weapons carried on the cars in their possession,,, and material,, sure and definitive to strike Israel!!!!!
How and why did Israel leave these weapons to display them in the streets of Gaza and prepare to strike Tel Aviv, and Israel leaves them and does not strike it???
I want one person in all of Palestine to think about this question, which they have seen realistically on the ground in Gaza, how did Israel not hit a gun with which they are parading in the street and tell the leaders of Hamas and chant that he is hitting Israel,,,, and Israel does not attack with weapons and does not attack the leaders who threaten to shake Israel,,, And the Nakba for the matter is,, , Israel’s planes were in the sky of Gaza ?????

Where is the spirit, people,,, Have the people of Palestine become so blind and blind and so blind????
It is madness that strikes us.
And the dancing cows will curse me with victories,,,,,
Live your victories and dance,,,, raise the sword of Jerusalem,,, carry matches to burn green and dry,,,,,,,
How is the axis of resistance in Gaza made up of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and seven handmaidens,,,, and they did not fire a single missile from Gaza into Israel for a whole year 12 months completely and perfectly , (the two missiles that escaped from Gaza, no axis of resistance faction acknowledged their paternity, so they came out with guns )
And I concluded,,, Why didn’t Hamas fire, but rather stop everyone from launching a rocket towards Jerusalem, if only by sound, last Thursday??? In the answer lies the secret of the Alkhonjih Hamas and Jihad nut industry.

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