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From Sana to Wafa…

Yeah. I got the news. Arrived this morning and is now at the hotel. He takes a comfortable seat in the living room, his purse on the next seat. Safaa says he is waiting in the hope that she will find him a room after the hotel canceled his reservation for not confirming it before he left Cairo. She said she was unaware of the detention; Because he hasn’t contacted her personally, as usual, to follow the reservation procedures, choose the appropriate room and organize his reception at the airport, because he is a distinguished guest and an old friend in her and the hotel management.

• • •

From Safaa to Sana

Wafa called me. She expressed her desire to help solve the problem of arranging a place for Khaled to spend his time in the village. I told him, as I told you, that even though I was the hotel manager, I was not able to find him a room, so I resorted to two young hosts whom I know intimately, asking them to move one to live with the other for a night or two, his wife at any time if she is able to provide a sitter for her child. I contacted friends of foreigners, the villagers, who are generally welcome to host recommended guests for short periods when an entertainment festival or a conference of scholars and opinion leaders is held in the village. . I did not find one or one who had not preceded me with a tourist office or a mutual friend.

Wafa did not despair. She made suggestions, including booking a room in one of the big hotels in town near the village. I ruled out that our friend Khaled would accept this solution, because his duties during this visit required him to be close to her. I dared to accomplish it, if he proposes a solution which hastened, or rather hastened, then I judged him by the impossible proposition. I told him that I wouldn’t dare tell you about it. You know Wafa. Throughout our tripartite friendship, she has always been the most obsessed with unrealism, the most knowledgeable in the history of peoples’ relations with their myths and legends, and the most understanding of men. She said, and still says about men: “The Lord created them, then commissioned the women to bring them to a boil over a cold fire. Wasn’t Khaled our friend Sana’s husband, so let’s bring him back to her. You won’t find anyone in the village who takes care of him, takes care of him and understands him better than his wife. He knows his demands and desires without asking or expressing them. You know how to read it. I tested his mixes. You and me, we were just two friends. We knew nothing about him except what he announced to us or pleased us, the third of us, who said she knew about him and all about him until it became clear to us that ‘she did not know. of him and of him what she should have known.

• • •

From Sana to serenity and fidelity..

I read your suggestion. But before answering, I think it is my duty to tell you again my story with Khaled. Many years have passed since our separation and her departure from this wonderful village, the paradise in which we, you and I, have chosen to live and to bring here men whom we choose to live as our husbands. Admit, and you will both admit it, that we failed. We knew that paradise was only for the strong-willed and we decided, you may recall, to be strict in choosing the men we would select from hundreds of applicants to live with us in paradise. I remember how many wonderful times I spent in the selection process watching a man tormented by boredom, another wriggling with the length and depth of stillness, third his stomach shrinking with kindness wholesome food, and a fourth buzzing with the beauty of the sight and the sound of the sea water flowing in the canal caressing our little boat tied to a primitive moor at the mouth of Our garden, and the fifth, sixth and seventh… remember how much we enjoyed during this intelligence, each of us separately in his house, and at night we meet to compare our conclusions and in the light of them we decide to strengthen our resolve and swear not to deviate from our goal, three men who bring the happiness of eternal life to heaven.

You failed, my friend, but I succeeded, if only for a time. You failed because you jumped to conclusions early, and then I thought you were in a hurry. Safaa prematurely concluded that most of her share of candidates preferred her if she was separated from Heaven. I remember you, my friend, and you confess to us that you did your best with them to convince them that Heaven remains with you or without you. . They refused the offer. Someone said he’ll never live in heaven if you’re away for some reason.

Wafa was no luckier with his lot of candidates. Remember, my dear, someone saw the heaven we chose cry out in its sweetness. That day, the three of us got angry when he described it as a piece of basbousa, because a person needs to chew it and before swallowing it, bite into a piece of pickled turnip to compensate for its fluidity . The second has asked you, Wafa, to accompany him on a tour of the paradise in which we live. We asked you to be with you on the tour, as the man was neither comfortable for the eyes nor for the ears. Already we went with you. We have walked behind you, watching and listening. We have not seen him leave a house without stopping in front of it, peering intently at its interior through its windows and entrances, and after each house shaking his head in an expression of envy, anger, or dissatisfaction. We make our way between the trees and through the canals and at their ends he stops to nod in the same directions and on the same facial features, the same expression, envy, anger or dissatisfaction. We have arrived at your elegant home. We walked in, but he refused to come in, apologizing for being late. He said, “A paradise without people that cannot be walked on.” He added, “We haven’t met a single person along the way.” You have not met a woman face to face, and the darkened panes of the windows did not allow you to see into the shrines of the houses. Get out of here immediately before you pollute our paradise with what you think now.

I differed in conclusions about you. I found the man, and more specifically, the three of us found him, who had the highest average ratings for you and Mona. He came to our village looking for peace and quiet and a wife. He said, as you remember, that he found what he was looking for in the first hours of his stay in the village. He found me and with me calm and serenity. He also found that people here do not practice envy or jealousy. He found, between what he found, that all of our dishes are delicious and that people, walking around the Marina Walk, whisper like lovers whisper. He found in the fluctuations of the wind a source of goodness and beauty for this paradise. He used to say, and we listened to him with amazement and love: “If it were not for this capricious wind, the water would not be renewed in the canals, and the trees would not replace their leaves. withered by green leaves, and the people of Heaven would not work with the pleasure of listening to the melodies emanating from the rustling of the leaves of the trees, with the sounds of absolute silence. He also used to say: “It is true what those say who do not understand that Heaven without people will not be trampled on. People are not equal, among them are the candidates for living in paradise and the candidates for the big bustling city.

We lived for years and he was among us…a man lived among us for three wives, a husband for one, a shepherd and sometimes a protector for three…he deserved our love. One day he called us together to tell us that he had unfortunately discovered that heaven could not be eternal. He is the lover and the lover in his niche has started to get bored. He decided to leave so as not to spoil the atmosphere of our lives. He said: “Even in paradise, its inhabitants must try to live outside once in a while. Just as paradise is not for everyone, it is not for all times. The man changed and decided to leave and left. He had been away for ten years, and now he comes back for a visit that you say is abrupt and asks me to put him up in the boarding house that I manage.

You know how much I love her. It was a sweet tune that I still echo today. If I accept your proposal and take him in, he will sleep in the best room, and before he arrives I will spray him with his favorite perfume, otherwise change it to another perfume as he changed me. His stuff will come back even if he doesn’t recognize it. Do you think she disappeared into oblivion? I myself was one of his things. I wonder if he remembers me! Does he remember my appearance and my nature, my love and my tears, does he remember my details and some of them, as he whispered, are the magic of the paradise in which I live? I bewitched him, so he chose our paradise as his home. How glad I am that the man is back! Yeah. Yeah. They offered to host him in his house and even in his room. We will all be happy to have him with us, you and me, his other things and the heaven that embraced him. all of us.

• • •

From Safaa to the hotel in Sana..

I offered him our proposal. Thank you and we thank you. He regrets very much that his stay in the village is too short, and he is obliged to return early in the morning to the big city. He also said that he noticed, unfortunately, that the village, or paradise as we call it, had not changed. He concluded his remarks with me by saying, “In other words, during the few hours I spent here, I felt that the reasons for my departure still existed. I increased my certainty that paradise, that is, paradise, has its own inhabitants. And I’m not one of them. I tried and failed.

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