Najran embodies the most wonderful images of social tolerance

In a majestic scene, amid a large gathering of tribal sheikhs, community dignitaries and large numbers of citizens, the “Al Shetheen Al Mujebah Yam” tribe in Najran set the most wonderful example of forgiveness and tolerance , and presented a living example of chivalry. , knighthood and chivalry when she renounced her right and announced amnesty for the murderer of one of her sons for the sake of Almighty God, and refused to receive the huge sum of money which was offered to them. The case, which dates back 18 years, was a disturbing concern, as efforts to find solutions to it were not successful, despite the efforts of many to reform, but when the will of God wanted these efforts to be completed, the Guardians of Blood received over the past few days a number of sheikhs and citizens from different parts of the Kingdom and announced forgiveness and forgiveness, so voices were raised with takbir and cheers, and praises to Almighty God, and the tears of precious men were shed with joy at this historic situation.

“We gave 105 million riyals to give up, but what God has is better and more durable. And God gave you the case for Almighty God’s sake. Honest and touching words spoken by the representative of the guardians of blood, emphasizing that the thoughts of these honorable people who sought good are worth more than any money, and their desire to respond to benevolent efforts is stronger than any compensation, this which confirms the reality of this society concerned with its cohesion, its connection and its unity.

He did not stop there, but appealed to the Ministry of the Interior to release the prisoner. Thus, Najran offers a new lesson of sticking to social ties and renews his resolve to solve the problem of the exaggerated value of blood money that has plagued many societies, after some of those who sought to profit of the suffering of others may have found loopholes through which to seek settlements in blood issues, which leads to fueling crises and multiplying problems until the amounts of blood money sometimes reach tens of millions of riyals, most of which go into the pockets of these “brokers”, so to speak.

This problem has not spared any region, and it has spread and become a phenomenon that has caused the bankruptcy of families whose sons are involved in murder cases, because they are forced to sell all their properties and houses, and even reached the point of asking for bribes. in some cases to fill the sums needed to provide blood money.

The reason for this is due to the presence of a certain missing chivalry which claims righteousness and strives among the people for good, when in fact it is a group of opportunists accustomed to entering the lines of these problems and to take advantage of the critical situation in which some find themselves when they are surprised that one of their sons, brothers or relatives has been implicated in a murder case. Then they pretend to want to mediate for the reform, when in reality they provoke the deepening and aggravation of the problem, and double the amount required.

And eager to get money by any means, many of these people would take the initiative to contact the wealthy before paying their zakat and alms and asking them to donate in order to free the slaves. They were also not shy about organizing rallies and camps in order to obtain donations and ask for forgiveness, which undermines positive images that reflect the authenticity of the Saudi people in front of others, and presents a misconception about her with things completely far from religion and traditions.

And because Najran is always a forerunner in social issues due to the nature of its interconnected society, the sheikhs of its tribes, notables, community dignitaries and those interested in relationship reform have taken the initiative to sit down and consult, and reached a binding agreement. agreement signed by all, under the patronage and supervision of His Highness Prince Jalawi bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed, according to which the amount of 5 million riyals as the upper limit in the event of death, 1 million riyals for serious injuries and a half -million for the rest of the injuries. This agreement was a historic turning point, as it put an end to the hype, stopped the pretenders to reform at their borders, paved the way for the truly good, and affirmed the commitment to the principles of true religion which call for the defense of the values ​​of tolerance, forgiveness and forgiveness where possible and reforming the same, and brought us back to the well-established traditions and noble principles on which our honorable Saudi society was founded, of chivalry, magnanimity and generosity.

And because the agreement was comprehensive, thorough and taking into account all aspects related to the matter, the honorable Shura Council took the opportunity to discuss the “reconciliation retribution system” which was voted at the end of the last Rajab. Today, the community of Najran sheds light on this question again and provides a vivid example of selflessness and the desire for reward.

We also do not forget the great role of the sheikhs and notables of Najran in completing many amnesty cases, led by Sheikh Ali bin Hasen Al Makrami, Sheikh of the Makarimah Tribes, and Sheikh Muhammad bin Ali Abu Saq, sheikh of the Fatima Yam tribes, and for all the charitable people who have made efforts to overcome tolerance and forgiveness. In conclusion, I send my most sincere greetings and thanks to the families of the deceased Al-Shateen family, to the admirers who overcame their sorrows, overcame their bitterness, triumphed for their chivalry and originality, honored their guests and presented a true picture of honor, generosity and selflessness that the Saudi citizen holds without expecting thanks from anyone or reward except from the Lord of forgiveness and goodness.

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