The Young Turks movement brought about the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire. Today, the “white Turks” and the “white Kurds” will dismantle Turkey!

Turkish Professor “Sherif Mardin” is considered one of the most famous social and political scientists because he had a high outlook and was distinguished by his solid analyzes and solid readings. He also coined the term “two turkeys” (double turkeys) for him.

Professor Sherif Mardin warned against the radical (radical) modernity project in Turkey, which broke with the roots of civilization and replaced it with its secular politics involved in Western civilization, stressing that this project would lead the Turkey to become a divided society, carrying a double identity and suffering from conflicts.

“Two Turkeys”…the devastating consequences of cultural schizophrenia

Şerif Mardin wrote his first articles on the definition of the term “two turkeys” (double Turkey) and now we can better understand how precise this concept is and how it caught the attention so early that Turkey would be dragged into a protracted conflict that would wreak havoc. on the country. It also seems that there is no mindset to understand what Sheriff Mardin warned and there is not even the ability to understand it in this country anymore, unfortunately!

The definition of the “two turkeys” (Dual Turkey) is already becoming clearer, both the definition of a secular state and the definition of an Islamic community clearly express this schizophrenia. Society is moving in a certain direction and the state (he means the secular state) is trying to lead society in another direction!

Society has been watching events from the place of the creators of history for thousands of years. Turkish writer Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar, one of the brightest names in the secular educated elite, defined the state as not hesitating to commit the crime of cultural denial, since it imposes an engineering project social and cultural aim aimed at destroying the spirit of society, uprooting its spiritual roots and dragging it to the brink of cultural suicide for a century! A society that has not been colonized by the West from without will mentally be colonized by secular Westerners from within.

From strict secularization to moderate secularization

The secular identity imposed by the state did not work initially, but backfired as the strict secular project was enough to ensure that society remembered and embraced the roots of the Islamic spirit in over time.

The hardline secular project reached its peak in conjunction with the Turkish military coup of May 27, 1960, as society moved away from the state. And the state began to realize later that it had fallen into the disaster it had made with its own hands.

Turkey, under the leadership of its former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes, has attempted since the 1950s to implement the project of moderate secularization by society and not by the state. Turkish Ozaliya also adopted the project of moderate secularism (Ozaliya means the economic, social views and political style of Turgut Ozal). And society began to enter spontaneously into moderate secularization. This process intensified after the rise of the Turkish Justice and Development Party, as segments of Islamic society entered the process of moderate secularization.

Before that, Turkey did not see that it had its only cultural and intellectual capital and that it was tearing up the cards of Islamic meaning with its own hands.

Certainly, the Turkish Justice and Development Party did not intentionally initiate the secularization project, because the spread of globalization on a global scale led Turkey to enter a rapid and comprehensive process of secularization in all respects. under the rule of the AKP. As the whole world began to become a slave to speed, pleasure and temptation, the technologies of war were replaced by the technologies of emotion, desire and information.

The postmodern populist dromocratic culture has stolen the principles of the world we live in, destroyed the roots of spiritual societies and brought the world to the brink of decadence.

Turkey at a crossroads

What will happen next?

Turkey has reached a turning point in its history: either the populist and democratic culture drives it towards extinction and destroys its spiritual roots, as has happened in other Asian countries in the world such as China, the India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Korea, where the House of Islam will be built, through which we will present to humanity the idea of ​​a civilization which embraces all, and does not exclude nor marginalize anyone, because all human differences will live in peace and tranquility in the atmosphere of Dar es Salaam, which we will offer to humanity, which will remain its nature through it.

But now there are thorny roads ahead of us and dangerous plots being hatched against us. Yesterday, the Young Turks movement (Young Turks) made serious mistakes that caused the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire and its removal from history. Today, the “White Turks” and the “White Kurds” represent the interests of the world capitalist system and bless for them the interests of class and pleasure and meet this system around the same interests, and threaten to threaten the integrity and Turkey’s unity and sowing the seeds of hatred and rancor in an attempt to bring Turkey to the brink of collapse.

Plans and strategies for refugees need to be developed

The issues and problems regarding refugees in Turkey indicate that the process leading to the elections will be very dangerous.

The hand of Turkish brotherhood stretched out so that our oppressed Syrian brothers are not thrown into the hell of their country exceeds all kinds of praise and appreciation.

But so far, the state has not put in place solid and rational political and strategic plans regarding our refugee brothers, because permanent strategies must be developed to transfer these brothers to our border towns and, if possible, to inside Syria. On the other hand, it is still possible to develop such strategies today.

If we keep the borders open, we will see intelligence agents roaming the country (in fact, they roam!) Turkey will become a medium to long term hell, horrible minority neighborhoods like London and Paris will appear, and Turkey will become an arena for internal conflicts, racism and separatism.

Despite all this, we are considered children of a civilization that has developed the most perfect formula for coexisting peacefully with societies of different religions, cultures and ethnicities.

Plans must be made for permanent and long-term strategies for refugees, and for the transfer of the majority of our brothers to places where they can live safely inside Syria, so as not to harm to the conscience of the nation and to the concept of fraternity.

The possibility of terrorist organizations infiltrating the country in a way that turns Turkey into hell should not be underestimated. As a Turkish citizen, I notice that the activities of different types of mafia are beginning to emerge among the refugees.

Turkey is a country that protects the oppressed and oppressed, but it must do so with cunning and intelligence and plan strategies that will not bother the oppressed or Turkish society, otherwise we will not be different from the racist and barbaric Westerners who do not have no soul.

The state should not give more opportunities to people and organizations that are ready to blow up the situation and sow the seeds of disintegration in Turkey.

The Young Turks movement brought about the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire. Today, the “White Turks” and the “White Kurds”, who bless secularism and sow hatred and hatred against Islam and Islamic values, will dismantle Turkey! God forgives.

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