Magdy El-Hawary explains the reason for her attack on Mohamed Salah

Director and producer Magdy El-Hawary explained the reason for his attack on Egyptian international star, Mohamed Salah, in a post on his Facebook page.

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Magdy El-Hawary wrote a new post in which he says:

Medicine for clarification and correction of Mohamed Salah’s post.. I’m supposed to know how much I love Mohamed Salah, I don’t have to say it! Because I support the club he plays for..because before I supported Roma and before Chelsea, because of that..and I put his picture on the bed of the hero of my series for 30 episodes to that he remains a model for all generations and young people who watch the series, including my children..and I am one of the people I see that is not the case He took his right and has it a lot said! Whether in the Ballon d’Or opportunity or even in the rank he currently takes!! But my opinion is not important, compared to international standards for the desirability of both.”

He added: “But the opportunity has arisen in the offers that are offered to you in other clubs with the number that he wants, and it can be more, whether it is at Paris Saint-Germain or at Real, and he knows Liverpool don’t pay for that.” number to many accounts.. and the highest number they will pay is the 400 thousand.

And I wrote before that, don’t walk, Salah, from your working club, an anthem!! The problem is not there, nor the problem of moving! The problem is in the resolution! In the resolution! Because Salah is focused on the ball… By God, that was my intention.”

Magdy Al-Hawari continued: The problem is why I wrote this very moving post, because it is for the sake of what I wrote!! The problem is that our son Salah’s concentration in matches drops when he needs another occupant, and no one denies that! To the point that the adversary has not stopped playing on this and it is clear that his business manager does not hide all the talk of negotiations from him and makes him think about it all the time with him.. he must work on himself on this file because he worked on himself in a lot of things and stayed behind and got rid of it!! Like mastering the language, very many challenges, and his continuous training to increase performance efficiency, and then with the disaster also our exit from the World Cup, which so far has affected him and his sense of responsibility to all the Egyptian people. Not just the football fans we ourselves have clearly forgotten about, and he is the only one still affected by it!! With another missed opportunity in the Ballon d’Or!! Because he doesn’t need his country’s national team. And whoever makes him not sleep because of her..God will help him, frankly, a lot of dreams that he thinks, and a lot of thoughts are ringing in his heart and his cells are not in shape, he said a little sweet! ! You’re not with me either, it’s been an hour since I came back from Africa and it’s not quite!! Nor am I following the many missed opportunities on his part over the two days, country or club, when Salah said we will deal with him after he returns.Speak the word of truth left!! in his favour.”

And he added: But the two days are two days to decide the titles, O Abu Salah, there is no time for my role after the game between Tottenham and the European champions, the game of Real and the old revenge, and the top scorer title that was close to him by twenty John and your focus in moving and negotiating.. That’s why I say you’re in danger!! focus

He concluded by saying: I think my words like that made it clear, guys, that I’m scared of Salah, and that’s the reason for my excitement because that’s the only sweet craving that tricked us. .. or what !! I want him to focus on the ball on the pitch, because he is the one who will answer him and give us the best. Good evening, Salah, and as you show him he says! Focus, Salah, I’ll see you after the riyal game!! Decisive game!! I hope. Salah’s return with the European Champions Cup. Lord, my words will remain my enthusiasm for the young pharaoh, the pride of our hearts.

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