Letter to the general (1-3)

The Egyptian authorities have called for a political dialogue, and there has been no sign of a real dialogue, except for a few statements issued by opposition groups setting out the conditions for the so-called dialogue, in addition to the scattered news of the release of a few prisoners among thousands behind bars, which shows that the “breakthrough” he hopes for People is only a mirage, or an episode in the series of deception, which began by expressions such as “the light of our eyes”, “the death of the world” and “our hands will be cut off if I reach out my hand to you”…etc.

Be that as it may, this article, which mixes literature and politics, and uses a symbolic style and courteous language, has nevertheless been banned from publication for fear of the reaction of the authorities, which speaks of the right of expression of opposition, and here I am publishing it outside Egypt after my despair of the existence of a party which accepts the adventure of publishing it, in the “land of dialogue”.

Here is the text of the “article/message”, perhaps reaching its destination despite the obstacles to expression and dialogue in Egypt:

Mister President:

I am writing this letter to you with love, without any hatred or malice, even though you are the man who has hurt me more than anyone else in this world.

I hesitated to write to you, lest my message be confused and weak, and my words reach you clear and coherent, for I am but a confused exile from my homeland, far from what I loves and desires, but I am determined not to be a victim in any case.

I think you are very tormented, Mr. Chairman. Only the oppressed man seeks to impose oppression on all around him. I think pain fills your being, not only as a military and political man, but in all of your cases. , so I often imagine you surrounded by birds without wings or legs. With dreams soaked in blood and deadly mud, with blacksmith flags, I often see you drawing the remains of sunken ships, and playing your favorite game: the game of killing.. Kill everything you can reach: rabbits , cats, pigeons and…

How many bodies do you count, Mr. President? There is no doubt that your career is marred by darkness.

How I wish you would let go of all this torment and save yourselves.. How I wish you would let go of oppression and hatred.. Stop imprisoning people in prisons.. May you be happy and stop playing the game of dividing your people. into good people and bad people.

Mister President:

I have little hope that you will hear me, and that is enough motivation to write the letter.

President, don’t think I’m arrogant or arrogant, because I’m not above anyone, especially you, we’re all equal, that’s how I believe, and that’s how I honestly act.

This message is not just my words, it would have reached you from most people, if their mouths were not shut. You know very well that to speak now is to risk losing one’s life in prison, and for this reason those who could have left, and the others were silent.

I am not addressing my message to you alone, and I am not only opposing your regime, because it is only one link in the chain of oppression imposed on the country for centuries.

I hope you realize the situation and remove the restrictions on the suffering majority, and this is one of the most important goals of my message: to change, to earn salvation, to obtain happiness, and all of these goals will not be achieved without changing these conditions. There is no doubt that you know the extent of the fear and intimidation imposed and imposed by your regime.

I think you are in pain and tormented, Mr. President, so you are punishing everyone.

So why not save yourself and be happy?

Why don’t you stop pumping poison through your people’s veins?

How many ashes? How many tears? And how many slow deaths are shared by unhappy funerals amid dark sorrows?

The locals are still rotting in cells because they gave notice!

When someone talks about these painful facts (which hurt my heart), your media is quick to label their remarks as “speak of spite” and “legends of darkness”, and accuse critics and advisers of spreading an atmosphere of pessimism.

Thanks for the description. With this counterattack, we solved the problem!

With this slander, your media believed his lies.

You have the illusion, Mr. President, of being able to conceal mountains of excrement with a small fan!

Horror Group (1):

Before your reign, the republic was collapsing, rapidly rolling in terrible anarchy and ideological struggles, there were no guarantees of human rights, the haves had no chance to live in peace, arbitrary arrests would multiply, revolutionary strikes would continue without limits, assassinations would increase in the streets, anarchy would prevail. Security..

This is partly what you justified with your military coup, and you said at the time that the republic was completely barbaric and chaotic in the extreme.

It was you who brought about barbarism, Mr. President, it was you who sought to divide the people into good and bad, and I do not like this division, because I now clearly see another division: the blind violence, and a victim buried in ashes..

There are men who have been sentenced to death multiple times, so how can the belly of a grave fit all those executions?

How many men have disappeared forever and no trace of them has appeared!

How many men lost their lives behind the walls of silence, and were crushed by oblivion..

And how many martyrs has the earth swallowed up, and their names have not been recorded in the victory arches or in the books of history, not even in the memory of the living…even though they died chanting, “Vive la liberté.”

Sardine burial (2):

Reason may require understanding, tolerance and lack of stubbornness to say: Let all this pain be forgotten.


Yes we can say…

To bear and to say…

But not before condemning it all.

We can say, but after public acknowledgment that the crimes that have taken place will stop and not be repeated.

I tell you something that hurts me, Mr. President:

When many hear me speak of the necessity of writing you such a letter, they accuse me of optimism even to naivety, and they say to me with advice: A man like you has long chaired the Department of Terror. .

And I answer with the same innocent naivete from which I suffer:

Every human being can be called to the blessing of forgiveness, to the virtue of tolerance and to the duty of reform.

why not?!

why not?!


Notes and Remarks:

This message has a history that we will explain in the margin of the third and last article.

(1) “The Horror Group” is the name of an artistic movement founded by artists Fernando Arrabal, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Roland Topor in Parisian exile in 1962, and which influenced Antonin Artaud’s theater of cruelty, and by his expressive audacity, aspired to smash the public’s negativity and incite it to anger at the bad reality that surrenders It has the public, content with victory in art over the Aristotelian method of purification to compensate the defeats of reality.

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(2) “The Burial of the Sardine” is the title of a novel by the Spanish writer Fernando Arrabal, and the title is artistically inspired by a famous painting by Goya. The novel and the painting deal with a Christian religious ritual at Easter, where the “burial of the sardine” is celebrated on Ash Wednesday, which is a symbolic burial of the past, in order to allow society to be reborn and to achieve better and more secure conditions of coexistence. All published articles express the opinion of their authors and do not necessarily express the opinion of

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