Surprise.. Hama Beca posts his photo with his wife, his courtship is the love of my life.. You won’t believe how beautiful she is!

Many people are searching for Hama Beka’s wife through global search engine Google, after the popular singer posted pictures of the two of them together in different places.

Hama Beca’s wife appears with her husband from time to time on social networks due to his desire to show his love for her, although at the beginning of their relationship he was interested in not appearing on social networks or not to post photos of her, but he is always careful not to refer to her personal account, and he also prevents comments through the feature on Instagram.

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And festival singer Hamu Beka posted a bunch of romantic clips a few hours ago that he put together with his wife in front of a plane before leaving on a trip, and Hamu Beka added via his official account on the site photo and video “Instagram”, and commented on it saying: “Love of my life”, and he wanted to share his fans and subscribers, photos He kisses his wife at the airport.

Hama Beka’s wife is called “Zahra” and she is known as “Zuzu.” In the engagement, Hamo Beca gave her “Gweshten, twins (one ring and one ring) and one ring and two rings” and her price exceeded 100,000 pounds. .

Zozo married Hama Beka almost two years ago, and the wedding ceremony took place in a hall in Alexandria, because Becca imposed complete secrecy on the joy at the time, so as not to irritate the administration of Al-Ajami neighborhood and security forces due to the spread of Corona virus.

On the other hand, the festival singer has called for him to stop bullying him recently from captain of musicians, Hani Shaker, and pioneers of social networking sites, and talking about him mocking his inability to read. and write, or intimidate him because of his weight. winning, even making fun of his illness, indicating that he is a human being and is affected by people’s words.

He continued, addressing his speech to the Music Professions Union, saying, “Professor Hani, you were in a symposium and you bullied him and you are his big brothers, and I forgive by God, but that’s enough for you, oh , I can’t read and write, but our Lord created me with a heart that I feel, enough to hurt me, not everyone stays with him.” power that controls people.”

Hamo Beka added, commenting on his official account on ‘Facebook’: “Oh people, I wish we understood that I am in pain and tired, I have been bullied once, twice and three times, and there are still people who intimidate him, for whose sake all this, I am a son of Adam like you, God.

Beka said there were many fans who liked him the way he is and did not intimidate him, and security at the mall in Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, took him out. one of the back doors so that he could leave the place after the end of the movie “The Spider”, which Beka was watching with a number of his friends, because of the crowds and their desire to take souvenir photos with him, and responded to their requests after the film was completed.

Beka revealed, in a telephone conversation with the great journalist Amr Adib, his real name, and that he had no objection to giving up his nickname of Beca to join the Egyptian Syndicate of Musical Professions.

Hama Beka said in the phone call, “I am ready to change my whole life to work and earn a living, and my real name is Muhammad Mahmoud, and the nickname name is Hamo. If we want in the union remove Beka and put any name, I have no problem.

And as Hamo Bey’s statement on the veracity of his name came after it was reported that the Music Professions Union had issued a new set of conditions for accepting festival singers into the union, which was denied. by the syndicate’s first agent, Muhammad Abu al-Yazid. , during an intervention with the program, and Muhammad Abu al-Yazid said: “There are no conditions for festivals, the conditions It is for all members, and some have come out with this story and spread it in a weird way, and this is the first time we’ve heard of the subject.

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