Women’s National seeks permission to release husband’s accounts and sources of income regarding

11:53 p.m.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Cairo – A Sh A

The National Women’s Council led by Dr. Maya Morsi, and all its members and adherents, thanked and appreciated President Abdel Fattah El-Sissi for his statements yesterday, during an intervention on a television program, on the need to discuss family matters honestly, impartially and without bidding.

Dr. Maya Morsi, President of the Council, expressed in a statement today, Wednesday, her gratitude and pride for these statements, which confirm the extent of the will of the political leaders to propose a balanced personal status law and fair. These declarations are part of the extension and confirmation of the directives and permanent missions of the President concerning the study of bills and proposals.

Morsi stressed compliance with non-violation of the provisions of criminal liability for marital property disputes, and the permission to inspect the husband’s bank accounts, taking into account the confidentiality of data, and that the elements of income include all types, categories and sources of income despite their diversity in the articles relating to alimony; To indicate the actual income of the spouse or divorcee.

The President of the Council indicated that among the proposals is the regulation of the authorization of the wife to divorce in accordance with the contract or to pursue and clarify her decision in this case that it is an irrevocable divorce, d organize the divorce and submit it to the judge or notary to settle the rights arising therefrom and to be in front of the wife or to her knowledge of an official notification. ; To counter verbal divorce.

Morsi stressed the importance of the requirement for the wife not to marry another woman in the marriage contract, as this is considered a presumption of the occurrence of harm unless she is harmed by it. aware and has consented to its approval or the expiration of a specific period. is an irrevocable divorce and not an annulment of the marriage contract.

Morsi highlighted the need to consider the best interests of the child with regard to custody in terms of non-confiscation of the widow and widower, as well as in the event of the guardian/mother marrying another – unless the judge decides otherwise in the interest of the child and for any other reason he deems appropriate – and according to the social and psychological reports and the regulation of the absence of rights of the guardian For housing and the rent for the crèche in these cases.

The head of the council said that among the proposals, it is not permitted to change the youngster’s name or their travel outside the country, except with the documented consent of their parents. This serves its interests, unless otherwise agreed.

Morsi underlined the importance of relying on the new decisions issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the disputes over the possession of the nursery residence, emphasizing in the legal proceedings that the wife/divorcee and the child in custody continue to occupy the crèche residence without the need to submit an application because the origin is in the best interests of the child, that the custodial mother with the child continues in the marital home, and if the husband asks to allow him to obtain the matrimonial home if it belongs to him, he must provide the divorcee and the guardian having a suitable dwelling.Marriage and not change it without written agreement.

The President of the Council demanded the establishment of a specific legal regulation for the problem of divorced women without work, breadwinner or housing, who have been harmed by their divorce after a long marital period that can reach more than 20 years, deciding on compensation and housing wages.

Morsi stressed the importance of stipulating the status of women in the financial and legal dealings of their children and granting guardianship and supervision to the mother in urgent cases through the judge of temporary affairs in order to facilitate the affairs related to the minor, such as performing surgical operations, extracting official papers and supervising the management of his money for his benefit in a way that benefits him and in cases that the judge deems In addition to the rules of guardianship on the money, the text provides that the mother has the right to dispose of the minor’s money in the devolution of her own money.

Morsi stressed the need to stipulate the regulation of the implementation of the vision and its downfall, especially in the event that the non-custodian refuses to implement it, and to set appropriate sanctions and measures for this. , taking into account what the non-custodian does to fulfill child support and other duties related to the child.

The President of the Council demanded to activate the proposal previously presented in the government bill regarding the establishment of the Family Support and Development Fund, which replaces the Nasser Social Bank, and to take into account the provision that he must be affiliated to the Council of Ministers and that his training and skills come under a decision of the Prime Minister.

Morsi said that with regard to any proposal for accommodation, corresponding legislative changes must be made in the procedural part relating to the non-application of the provisions relating to the return of children and the respect of the strict sanctions related to the accommodation in the event of a breach.

Morsi stressed that controls, safeguards and standards must be established which take into account the provision of an integrated organization which guarantees that the children are not kidnapped and that they return to the incubator, and procedures and controls strict, and clear and binding mechanisms and tasks. the official state authorities (Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Interior and Public Prosecutor’s Office) to determine the modalities for the implementation and monitoring of the continuity and multiplicity of handovers and handovers to young children and return them to the depository party.

Morsi indicated the need to take permission and approval from the caretaker and take into account the opinion of the child after reaching 10 years old in the case of accommodation, and not to extend the scope of the accommodation rule, as it does not include all relatives at the same time.

Morsi disclosed safeguards and standards, including meeting all financial obligations, including educational expenses and fees, no ongoing litigation between the two parties, safeguards related to the existence of a fixed, known and permanent employment for the non-custodial party and the determination of a known place of residence and such other safeguards as may be stipulated by law, travel and the non-change of names of children, except with the consent of the two parties or in the presence of a documented agreement, the implementation of judgments, in particular in cases of inclusion of children and cases of child abduction / non-extradition of the child.

The President of the Council stressed the respect of the appropriate place for the child and the provision of the necessary care during the period of reception, and the absence of precedents and criminal judgments against the non-custodial party, and not to mistreat the mother and children at present or earlier, free from psychological and mental problems of a non-custodial party, referring to the role of Auto scientific experts, meeting and reviewing case finding reports issued by them.

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