A famous artist couldn’t have children and because of her love for her husband, his wife from another woman.. You won’t believe what happened after that!

Egyptian cinema’s ‘Abla’, a nickname for which the late artist Koka was famous, after presenting 4 films about the desert lover in which ‘Antarah bin Shaddad’ was prominent, but before the brunette actress appeared before the cameras to embody the character, she was on a date with a press campaign that made fun of her excess weight. .

Koka was born in Cairo in 1917 to a Sudanese officer father and an Egyptian mother, and formed a successful duo with director Niazi Mustafa. in front of the artist, Siraj Munir, to present the film “Antar and Abla”, in a press interview. .

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She said: “I was preparing to shoot the film (Antar and Abla) when my husband, Niazi Mustafa, director of the film, noticed that I was getting fat, and he advised me to follow a special diet, so that the obesity does not affect my appearance.”

She added, “It was getting close to filming time, so I tried to get rid of obesity no matter what it cost me, but I couldn’t bear to deprive myself of the delicious foods that I love best.”

Koca continued, “When Niazi was desperate to persuade me to maintain the regime, despite the shooting date approaching, he left me alone and did not discuss the matter with me afterwards.”

And she continues: “I was surprised the next day, by one of the most circulated comic magazines at the time, which published jokes about my obesity and my weight gain, and I repeated the publication of new jokes in the following preparations, until I became a high-ranking competitor in the field of education of obese women.”

Coca, who has featured the character “Abla” in 4 films, added: Jokes went from the pages of the satirical magazine to the language of readers, and it bothered me a lot to be the object of people’s ridicule and from their laughter, so I decided to stick with the diet, until I got rid of all my weight gain, and two weeks didn’t pass, until I became in l gazelle’s agility, and the magazine stopped publishing its jokes about me.

The brunette star revealed a shocking surprise and said: “The shooting of the film ended and then I found out that my husband, director Niazi Mustafa, was the one who had instructed this trick against me, so that he forced me to maintain the regime.”

The artist Koca, whose real name is Nagia Ibrahim Bilal, began her artistic career working in studios as an editor, and there met the director Niazi Mustafa, who played the role of the Bedouin in 16 films.

Coca presented the character of “Abla” Habiba Antara in 4 films, which are “Antar and Abla”, with Siraj Mounir, and “Antar invades the desert” in front of Farid Shawqi, and Fakher Fakher, and a year later in front of Farid Shawqi again in the film “Antar Ibn Shaddad”. In 1964, the same team presented the film “Bint Antar”, all directed by Niazi Mustafa.

The love story that brought Koka and director Niazi Mustafa, her strength came when she was surprised that she couldn’t have children, because she asked him to marry another woman who might have children. children. He decided to separate from her and return to the owner of the only love affair of his life, Coke, especially after learning that she had cancer, and he stayed with her until her death. January 29, 1979.

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