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Directed by Kamila Abu Zekry, the most nervous series was “Baloo’ Al-Rouh” last Ramadan. No wonder, the Egyptian director is known for her observant gaze and realistic imagination. The story of the series is true, and anyone who has denied its authenticity and claimed it was “stolen” for similar stories, not much is known about the news and stories that have leaked over the years. years following the defeat of ISIS after the war in Syria and Iraq.
So the story is now: Rouh and Akram are a married couple from Cairo, who have a son. Affordable and happy. Spirit worried about Akram and his suspicious contacts. She doubts him, but loves him. He offers her a short vacation in Turkey. She rejoices and they travel with their son. There, in Turkey, Akram agreed with his good friend Omar to set a trap for a soul, destined to live with their son in Raqqa (Syria), ruled by the Islamic State. Akram, who reveals to her that she only suspected her contacts with Omar in Cairo, and her arrangements for affiliation with the “Islamic State”, in her capacity as a mujahid fighter. Lost the soul of this movement, and afflicted with slowness and anxiety. She rejects him and gets angry. But the “flashback” and the unfolding of events make us understand that Omar, who trained them in Raqqa, and who is the second in charge in Raqqa after Abu Jihad, who is the close friend of her husband, his colleague at the college, don’t forget, when he told her he was in love with her, before they graduated, how she laughed at him. It was this love that drove Omar to lure Akram to Raqqa, and involve him in one of the military operations to disappear from the screen, and die as he wished, to possess a soul.

A “rest”, full of widows, with their children. They spend their waiting period, in preparation for the publication of their names on the list of captives

After everyone is convinced and accepts that Akram was killed in the operation Omar sent him on, a soul is forced into a “rest”, full of widows, with their children. They spend their waiting period there, in preparation for the publication of their names on the list of captives from which one of the mujahideen will choose a “wife” for him, in accordance with the sharia that the Islamic State applies in Raqqa, which he says is by order of God. Meanwhile, Abu Jihad, Jihad’s father-in-law, is killed by the explosion of a portable bomb. Here are two words about the latter: She is the wife of Abu Jihad, the emir of the Islamic State in Raqqa. A lustful, dominating and ferocious woman. But after the murder of her husband, Umm Jihad is not transferred to the “resting place”, nor joined in the ranks of the widows, the “ordinary citizens” invited to wait for an IS “groom”, who add to the ranks of his many wives. No one objects to this exception. Rather more than that. After the end of his waiting period, Umm Jihad assaults Omar and proposes marriage to him, as does Lady Khadija, who asked for the hand of the Prophet. She alludes to him about the sexual paradise he would enjoy if he became her husband. Omar stops her and scolds her: “Aren’t you ashamed? The bombs are above our heads? And you want to get married?!” Umm Jihad replies: “Since when have the bombs and the fiercest days of fighting prevented us from getting legally married while we are in the Islamic State? And she continues to pursue him, even after failing to execute a soul, as punishment for his attempt to escape “rest” hospitality. Caught in the clutches of Umm Jihad, Omar saves her at the last moment, declaring that she is under his protection. That is, she enslaved him, empowered him, so he saved her from death and left Umm Jihad while she was in a state of extreme anger. And his intuition tells him that he prefers a soul to his warm embrace, she is the mother of Jihad the Leader, the Leader’s wife, who is known for her sexual worth.

A woman in a temporary marriage is inevitably of lower rank, prestige or position than a man who will take advantage of it.

The series ends well, after Rouh manages to escape from Raqqa with his son. What concerns us about this plot between her and Omar and Umm Jihad is that it is repugnant to violate religious law imposed by ISIS in Raqqa, and the rest of the lands they have controlled for two or three years between Syria and Iraq. As is the case in reality and in the series, all the laws they imposed on the people are laws of God. The penalty for violation begins with flogging and ends with the death penalty. Their divine law says that the spirit, “simple citizenship” in Raqqa, imposes on her the rule of marriage after the death of her husband and the expiration of his waiting period. And his escape from the rule of marriage, will be the death penalty. As for Umm Jihad, it is invincible. Do not, therefore, enter into “rest”, either voluntarily or voluntarily, not subject to the sacred law of captivity. She is the wife of a prince and the leader of the Khansa Brigade. He has dual power, allowing him not only to escape divine law, but also overt sexual initiative. This is against the law of ISIS and its sacred morals.
This pattern of violating and violating religious law, whether whoever cares has authority or honor…is not limited to ISIS alone. Find it as you see fit. Take, for example, this diligent religious authority, which is known for its defense of women and for issuing fatwas supporting them. He has a strong opinion of temporary marriage, encourages it, strives to seek its holiness, in honorable texts and hadiths. However, when asked if he would agree to one of his sons, daughters or sons contracting this temporary marriage, he answers without hesitation with a firm “no”. Without giving reasons for this rejection, neither religious nor worldly. But this rejection is indicative of the sense of class, authoritarianism that temporary marriage implies. The woman in this marriage is inevitably of a lower rank, prestige or position than the man who will enjoy it. This last man has less prestige and rank than the man without pleasure; Given his ability to marry whoever he wants, cover their expenses, and “equitably” with each other. Marriage mut’ah as a sacred right, enshrined in the heavenly book, is here crushed before the balance of forces on earth; What makes this woman exposed to him, poorer, weaker and inferior than the one who “will enjoy it”, this marriage is no longer a religious right, but a faithful translation of the balance of the dominant forces of the relationship between social groups between them.

Muslim clans, like other civil groups, apply to their men and women the provisions of religion regarding personal status

Another example: Muslim clans, like other civil groups, apply to their men and women the rules of religion in matters of personal status, such as divorce, inheritance, marriage, custody, etc. . However, these provisions do not apply to everyone in the same way. A divorced woman among them, if her father is strong in the clan, stronger than her ex-husband, can violate the divorce and custody provisions under which the religious courts operate, keeping her children with her as she wishes, depriving him of seeing them, or mingling with them, if she wishes. In doing so, she violates religious and divine law, by brutalizing her father, the thighs or the bellies of the clan.
Examples do not, if one wishes to explore the point of the superiority of the strong, regardless of their type of strength, over divine law. That is, when their abilities allow them to escape it. What is missing from the leaders of the Islamic State to force Umm Jihad to move to the “widows’ rest house” while awaiting captivity? What is lacking in the jurist reference to facilitate to his daughter or his son the temporary marriage that he demands? What is lacking in the religious courts to submit to the will of one of the elders of a clan, and not to apply the law by which the women of the “private citizens”, the tortured, and the demonstrators, the sit-ins, are killed for one of the provisions of this law which falls on their heads with the sword of oppression and tyranny?
One of two things: Either they don’t believe in what they preach. That is to say, they do not believe in the word of God. They are on a degree of synechism. For them, the law is nothing but a tool for their domination over the group before their eyes. At best, the divinity of their laws is put to the service of their political, not religious, worldly projects. Or else they are believers, but they turn into dumb devils before the people of slander. Their faith weakens before their small interests, or their greatest ambitions, or the prestige that surrounds them with infallibility, or simply their survival, so their divine argument is selective. They could be tormented. Perhaps they realize in themselves that by submitting to the strongest, and therefore by violating the divine law, they are sinners, miserable, and that they ask forgiveness morning and evening from their Lord.

Date: 05-12-2022

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