Very interesting details about the life of the Egyptian artist, Laila Murad. She converted to Islam and was accused of working for the Mossad, and she got married in secret (Rushdi Abaza)!

Despite the absence of Laila Murad from the scene, but her works knew how to make her present and strong for many years, and why not, and she presented the most important exhibition films of the forties and fifties.

No star could present her. Lilian Ibrahim Zaki Mordechai was born on February 17, 1918 in the city of Alexandria in a family of Jewish origin. She learned the art of her father, the artist Ibrahim Zaki Mordechai, and his fame is Zaki Murad, a well-known composer and singer who performed the operetta “The Good Ten” by popular musician Sayed Darwish.

He taught Laila the origins of singing since she was young and used to take her to salons to listen to Sheikh Muhammad Rifaat and other senior sheikhs at funerals and weddings, and her mother is Jamila Salomon, a Jewess of Polish origin.

She suffered as a child after her father traveled in search of work abroad and no news of him was lost and her family was kicked out of the house after their money ran out.

And the suffering started in the family, which includes brothers other than Laila, Maurice Murad, known artistically as Mounir Murad, and Malakah, who had a beautiful voice, but preferred to stay away from the art not to be compared to her sister and got married then traveled abroad and recorded many records, and also Samiha, who married choreographer Ali Reda then broke up with him and also traveled abroad. ‘stranger.Abdel Wahab adopted his talent and 1200 songs during his career When she was fourteen years old, Laila Murad went into professional art to save money for her family, so she attended a few parties that made her known at this time until she met the artist Mohamed Abdel Al-Wahhab at the Cairo Theater in 1932.

And from that moment, he began to adopt her talent to start her debut, because she presented many songs on the Egyptian radio in 1934, and she presented a weekly concert, which she started with the song “Ya Ghazala Zan Yeh Kohl”.

Also, she contracted with Mohamed Abdel Wahab to present ten discs in 1937, to begin an artistic journey as a singer who presented more than 1,200 songs in which she collaborated with great poets and composers, including the musician generations Abdel Wahab and his brother Mounir. Murad, Mohamed Al Qasabgy, Riad Al Sunbati and others.

This and his most famous songs are “The World is Ghanwa”, “Dearest Than My Eyes”, “Ya Sarqni With Eyelashes”, “Shahat El Gharam”, “Ibjad Hawz”, “Laughter Karkar”, “Al Shaqil and Busy “, “I’m My Heart Khali” and “Ya”. Habib Al-Rouh”, “I love you two Sawa”, “Ho Al Dalal means quarrel” and other songs. She also started performing through the film “Long Live Love” with artist Mohamed Abdel Wahab and director Mohamed Karim in 1939, although she was not an actress Strong, but Youssef Wehbe regained her acting talent a year later when she co-starred with him in the film “Rainy Night” and participated with Hussein Sedky in the film “Laila in the Dark” and “Shati Al Gharam”, and the rock on which she sang in this film was named after the city of “Marsa Matrouh” Rock Laila Mourad, and she participated in the film “Shahat El Gharam” in front of Mohamed Fawzy, during which they presented a duet.

The only actress who presented a series of films in her name and the highest paid among the giants, in the manner of the series of comic star Ismail, who wrote in her name cinematically. Laila Bint Al-Aghani’, “Laila Bint Al-Rif” and “Laila Bint Al-Madras”, and during the 17 years that she participated in cinema, she presented about 28 films, the most important of which were the films which she presented with Anwar Wagdy, who monopolized her for These works were characterized by reviews, including “Anbar” and “My heart”. Dalili”, “The Unknown Habeeb” and “Ghazl Al Banat”, which is considered her last film, and she was 37 at the time.

She fell in love with Abdel Wahab and got married three times during the filming of the film “Vive l’amour. Laila Murad fell in love with Mohamed Abdel Wahab, and confessed his love to him, but he pushed her away, especially since he was impressed by her talent and her voice, and despite his repulsion, she confessed before his death that she still loved him and owed him a lot. .

But Laila Murad has been married three times, the first to Anwar Wagdy, who surprised her while filming ‘Laila, the Poor Girl’ and said, ‘Oh peace if I marry you and lived with you” to celebrate the wedding at the end of filming, and the marriage lasted 8 years, but the separation took place after the differences between them. It is said that the main reason was his discovery of his infidelity.

Moreover, one of the reasons which led to the exacerbation of the differences was Anwar Wagdy’s monopoly on his work and his refusal to present films with other companies. As for the second marriage, it was from Wajih Abaza, where the marriage took place in secret due to the rejection of her former family. He is from the Abaza family, and she retired from art at the time and gave birth to her son Ashraf, but the separation also happened a year later.

As for the third and last marriage, it was to director Fateen Abdel Wahab, and the love story started behind the scenes of a movie for her brother, Mounir Murad, and she actually married him, and despite being over 35, she insisted on giving birth to him, and indeed gave birth to her second son, Zaki Fateen Abdel Wahab.

And who participated in some artistic work as an actor despite his mother’s refusal to enter the artistic field, so he was studying at the Institute of Cinema without his mother’s knowledge. It is also said that Laila Murad was the reason for her separation from actress Soad Hosni.

He married her in 1981, so he divorced after a few months of marriage and attributed the reason for the separation during one of his meetings to the age difference, because Souad was more than twenty years older than him. , and she was nearly fifty years old. , and Fateen was 25 years old.

She converted to Islam and embarrassed Al Shaarawy by asking artist Laila Murad, who surprised her audience by embracing the Islamic religion when she married artist Anwar Wagdy in 1946 in the Sheikh of Al-Azhar.

She was also one of the artists who visited Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al Shaarawy, and she continued to listen to his lessons, and on one occasion I spontaneously asked her, “Why does the man have breasts?” What made Shaarawy’s face red

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