“Benzo” is the latest work of art. The most striking statements of Yahya Al-Fakharani in “His Excellency”

The media, Esaad Younes, welcomed the great artist Yahya Al-Fakharani and his wife, Dr. Lamis Jaber, and the great artist revealed news about his personal life and works.

The artist, Yahya Al-Fakharani, revealed the details of the last call that took place between him and the artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, noting that he felt his death.

Yahya Al-Fakhrani said: “I spoke to Mahmoud Abdel Aziz before he died, and he said I was very hungry, and he said I want to die, I don’t want to stay well, and I said you must resist.

Yahya added: “I decided before the movie ‘Al-Kif’ to see the scenes of removing drugs from the body actually, and I actually met a specific girl, Jatli, and we sat together. all day and until 3am the withdrawal symptoms started and i saw it all and saw the secretions coming out of his mouth.”

Al-Fakhrani continued, “In the film ‘Al-Kif’, I embodied everything I had seen in reality, and I refused to wear makeup in the film, but my hands were shaken in the withdrawal scene, and I couldn’t rehearse it at the same time because it was difficult, but I did it the next day.”

Yahya Al-Fakharani revealed the reason for his refusal to participate in the film “Shame”, saying: “I did not participate in the film Shame because of the role, because I wanted to play the role of the prosecutor, and Jali Mahmoud Abu Zaid and Ali Abdel Khaleq Al-Bait so that we could agree on the film, and nobody said that I would play a role, and I thought that I would play the role of the prosecutor.

Yahya Al-Fakhrani added: “Because this movie is the prosecutor who sells drugs and I’m waiting for the prosecutor to tell me, but they told me to work as a doctor, and I started to escape from them. because I didn’t want to do the role, and the prosecutor took it to Hussein Fahmy because he was a colleague of Mahmoud Abu Zaid, and that’s why he was the first nomination I apologize for the film.

Artist, Yahya Al-Fakhrani has revealed details of his Carthage Festival award win, as the first Arab and Egyptian artist to receive the award because it previously honored international and African stars.

He added: “The prize came by a strange coincidence and I was invited to Carthage, so I said to go and let go, and I had kidney colic while I was going to the airport so i called them and i apologized and i went to Cairo Specialty Hospital, and at that time they hung me the solutions and the stone fell off, so i called them back and told them the stone had fallen, so they booked me a ticket for tomorrow.”

And he continued: “I was in a room with Muhammad Khan and Youssef Sharif Rizkallah, in a hotel, and I was on the phone, and I found a girl who spoke to me and told me that she was the secretary of Monsieur Choukri, then Muhammad Khan said: “He is one of the most important directors. Come down, may I want you in a new movie.”

He pointed out that “he went downstairs and met the man and he didn’t speak Arabic, so he told the secretary to tell him he was a good actor, and 3 hours later the result came out, and he was one of the winners at the Festival.”

He explained: “The artist, Nour El-Sharif, explained to me what happened and was a member of the jury at the time, and he felt that they did not want to give him the prize because ‘there are those who are older and more important than him, and the head of the jury, Shukri, when he saw the film, told them to bring it.”

And about how he felt when honoring him, he said, “I was stunned because I couldn’t find an end to my joy, even to the point that artist Farid Shawqi said to him: You are upset.

Artist Yahya Al-Fakharani said: “Love does not come by chance, revealing the love story between him and his wife, writer Lamis Jaber, emphasizing: “The love story began between me and Lamis when she loved me and we were friends in the beginning, and Lamis always accompanies me to the theater.

He added: “True love is the one you don’t know if it’s love or friendship?” He pointed out that true love is the feeling an individual has when talking to his wife that he is talking to himself.

For her part, Lamis Jaber explained that the declaration of love between her and Al-Fakharani started when he traveled in 1969 with the Youth Organization.

Yahya Al-Fakharani revealed his latest artwork during the episode, and explained that he is set to return with a new movie titled “Benzo.”

Al-Fakharani said the film is different from all his previous works and was written by Taghreed Jamal, directed by Sarah Wafik and produced by Shahd Ramzy.

Al-Fakhrani emphasized his great love for the theater, whether in theater, television or cinema, but the theater has a special pleasure, as he said: “Every year I do a play as it is , to make your work shine and return to daily work and daily feelings.

He also insisted on his rejection of the titles saying, “The artist is old or young. You can’t give him a title.”

He also recounted a situation that happened to him and said, “I was surprised once by the director Ismail Abdel Hafez, who edited the sequences of the series My Name with the title of Star Stars, so I strongly refused and repeated streaks.”

It should be noted that Yahya Al-Fakharani took part in the last season of Ramadan in the series “Zaki Zahi Zarkash” with Anushka, Hala Fakher and other elite stars.

Lamis Jaber said that Esaad Younis was in high school and I entered medical school and we were great friends and she asked me to come to college to see the theater then I entered her into the museum at place of the morgue.

Lamis Jaber added that Esaad asked to visit the morgue and was not afraid at the time, and at that time I was in first medicine, noting that they interviewed Yahya Al-Fakharani and gave us offered, as well as Esaad Younis, to invite us to the cinema, and the price of the two tickets was 10 piastres.

The great star Yahya Al-Fakharani spoke about his childhood and his education, the beginning of his entry into the field of art and the most striking situations he was exposed to in the profession. He also speaks about his wife , writer Lamis Jaber, and the romantic relationship that brought them together and the differences between them despite being married for over 40 years.

Meanwhile, writer Lamis Jaber spoke about her relationship with him, revealing his husband-at-home persona, the secret behind their successful marriage so far, and his opinion on his work, and the reasons behind it. its continuation in the art scene to this day.

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