Good times comedies | Zinaat Al-Fan .. “Oh my sister, her beauty is sweet”

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Comedy is a kind of beautiful diagnosis with a special character, in which the actor embodies certain characters in funny images and paradoxes, resulting in performances written with the intention of entertaining in easy chapters that rise on paradoxes and timeless euphemisms to create a state of joy. and the happiness of the public. Under the dome of the theater all forms of art gather, and during his long journey he stood early on his stage; A group of pioneering women from its beginnings to the present day, offering an immortal legacy that will remain through time. The game historian d. Amr Dawara “The Gate” includes unpublished chapters from his new, unpublished encyclopedia, titled “Ladies of the Egyptian Theatre.” He did not choose a publishing house to print it until 2020, accompanied by rare photos, whether personal or of their theatrical performances, and they managed to bring their creativity to the enrichment of the process Egyptian theatrical. And during the days of the blessed month, we will continue to publish 30 episodes of the biography of the pioneers of Baran in the interpretation of comic roles

The artist, Zeinat Sedky, is among the artists famous for their distinguished manner. As soon as her name is mentioned or she appears in any of the on-screen roles, or even seeing her photo, everyone will remember her, as they will immediately remember her distinguished roles and her exaggerated comic and cartoonish interpretation of certain popular characters and styles, and his success in using his facial features. The authentic Egyptian, who is characterized by his broad haircuts in a way that may suggest cruelty and cruelty. aggressiveness, as they will recall some of his wry phrases and distinctive laughs, perhaps the most important of which are: it’s not even good for my subconscious, sisters, instead of Ali instead of the patient, O Lord, you pray for this why and the cunning in your eyes, the crushing beast The treacherous lion, the long-tusked orangutan, the thief of the hearts of virgins, my sweet beauty, my sweet chick, my brown chick, I’m Miss Hanafi, the Mahdi in the garden, the ward of and Africa.

She played the lead role embodying several comedic styles in one endearing image, including: “The Unmarried Woman, the Chatty Matchmaker, the Nursing Woman, the Sharp-tongued Worker, the Cruel Stepmother, and the Stepmother. authoritative mother with a strong personality. ” She was born in the Customs district in Alexandria, on May 4, 1912, and her name is The real Zainab Muhammad Mosaad Sedky, whose family belongs to Moroccan origins, and her father was a sheikh of one of the great merchants of Alexandria, and she studied compulsory and then primary education.Theatrical historian Dr. Amr Dawara, referring to certain references to her concern to hone her talent by studying at the Institute of Drama and Equestrian Supporters, founded by artist Zaki Tulaimat in Alexandria, but her family prevented her from completing her studies in order to marry her to her cousin, the doctor, so she married at the age of fifteen, and her husband was older than her 17, and he treats her badly, so their marriage only lasted 11 months and they divorced with no children.

After that she married twice, her second marriage was to famous composer Ibrahim Fawzy, and despite her affiliation with the artistic community, their marriage failed and they separated after a short time, until ‘she married in the fifties of the last century one of the Free Officers, a marriage that lasted fourteen years despite the discontent. Her family accepted this marriage, but it also ended in separation after her husband tried to force her to retire from art and asked her to place her mother in a nursing home.

At the beginning of her life, she worked as a monologue and a dancer, but her family opposed her artistic work, so she fled them to the Levant, more precisely to Lebanon with her friend Khairiya Sedky, who bore the title of her family, and her name became Zainab Sedky, until she met artist Najib Al-Rihani, who reached out to her and included her in his group as extras. his name and the name of the artist Zainab Sedky, member of the group Ramses. During which she acquired theatrical skills and experiences, and became famous in film and theater for playing the role of a bachelor, and managed to form a duo artistic group with some of the most famous artists: Abdel Fattah Al-Qasry and Abdel Salam Al-Nabulsi. The artist Ismail Yassin also participated in a large number of films, and also worked with him in his theater troupe for several years.

With the “Fatima Rushdi” Troupe, she presented the play “Le Rebelle” in 1927, and with the “Badia’a Masabni” Troupe, showed: “The private secretary, the movie star, Paris in Egypt, a grocer and a clinic, the madhouse, ninety-nine moulds, madman on the part, wholesale passport, and sweetness.” The security, the servants of the house, the choking of the telegraph, the groom with his pike, and the love of his life, and on the size of your duvet, and the money you run, and you’re not afraid of sixes, and he’s very observant” in 1939, and “the first and the second , and he who laughs at the last, the four knights, reputation and the rich, Who does not accept peaches, hot watermelon, turkey pants, original wings, the line of fire, respectable inhabitants, the nets of passion, the cabaret of hell and the world circus, and a night in rehearsal” in 1940, and “a daily pass, mad needs, a history lesson ire, and you have to laugh” in 1941, “The night of Dakhla” in 1942, and “Al-Hanaim against men” in 1943.

With the “Al-Rihani” troupe, she presented plays: “Hassan, Morcos and Cohen” in 1943, “Except Five, and Weapon of the Day” in 1945, “The World is Live Like this” in 1948, “I Love My Mother-in-law, and Thirty Days in Prison” in 1949, and “Attention.” Sixes, and sixes to each other, and I see your things I’m amazed, and you and him, and where did you you got this? In 1950, and who’s son is safe?

As for the “Ismail Yassin” troupe, it presents plays: “Habibi Koko, You Will Not Like This, and A Groom Under Training” in 1954, “Her Majesty, Jozy Bechchi, Her Majesty, and From Every House is a Story” in 1955, “The Woman’s Corner, and Khamis “The Eleventh, and I want a millionaire, and my soul is in you, and an evening at the cracoon, my fiancé’s imp, and my wife in Port Said” in 1956, and “Koura with Bulbul, Bunduq Building, and all men are like that” in 1957, and “Josie is a liar, a first-time thief, and my conscience.” I take a vacation, I want to love, and my wife is a satellite” in 1958, “Love, passport, money, wedding night, and oh, pay, jail” in 1959, and “My mother-in-law on TV, another year old passport, the spirit of six, and my aunt’s sugar fatwas, and hypocrites for hire.” in 1960, and “Sweeps in Garden City, and three chicks and a rooster, and do you like my Shelby?” “Me, my brother and my brother” in 1965, and “I am lucky to have a pump and the ambassador of the Hakka Baka” in 1966.

She also performed with the “Sa’a Lelbak” troupe in plays: “The Kitchen Doctor” in 1957, “I’m Who in Them” in 1958, “Dor on Others, and My Woman is an Egyptian Industry ” in 1959, and “Al-Satat Malaika and Talaali Fi Al-Bakht” in 1960. , “Madam, you must love me” in 1961, and with the troupe “Hassan Abu Dawood”, the comedy theater show “Un movement, I’m losing you” in 1966.

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