Peugeot Live launches the new “Peugeot Communities” feature to enrich the system of mutual aid and community synergy

DUBAI – Bigo Live, the leading live social media platform in the Middle East and North Africa region, has recently launched a new interactive feature called “Bigo Communities” – an ever-expanding communication space which allows users to create and join groups to gain social support and meet people with similar interests, backgrounds, or inclinations. The “Bigo Communities” feature is one of the latest initiatives launched by “Bigo Live” to improve communication and community convergence experiences in light of the virtual world, and to enable its users to communicate closely with each other in a more achievable and effective.

The new feature is currently available to all users, although some communities have thousands of members. Users can create up to 3 communities that suit their needs and connect with people to highlight specific topics and interests so users can engage with posts by sharing, liking and commenting. In addition to interacting with messages, and as the first feature of its kind in the live streaming industry on social media platforms, “Bijuu Communities” allows users to easily start and join live streaming sessions. live, by clicking on the “Live tab” element available on the new feature.

To ensure that Bigo Live remains a safe environment for everyone, in addition to existing measures, the Bigo Communities feature on Bigo Live will introduce a series of new measures that will allow system administrators to manage their communities by limiting actions that violate the guidelines. of the platform. . .

Many communities have already managed to thrive on Bigo Live by bringing up discussion topics related to food, football, games and more. Sharing Iftar tables, Ramadan cooking tips, analyzing football matches and learning languages ​​are just a few examples of how knowledge is communicated and shared within the community.

In addition to fostering a sense of belonging, “jewelry communities” also provide valuable opportunities to ask for help when needed. In fact, there’s a pet community where people can not only find fun and entertaining keepsakes, but also get help when needed: whether it’s finding a vet, coping to the loss of a beloved pet or finding pet supplies. made by entrepreneurs such as individuals or small businesses.

A Peugeot Life spokesperson said: “Peugeot Life is committed to serving and meeting the needs of the community in a positive and meaningful way, and we at Peugeot Life believe that the recently introduced Peugeot Communities feature will help achieve this sight.” He added: “Having listened to the opinions and feedback of our users and identified what is important to them, we believe that building communities will not only help build and solidify social connections, but will also provide valuable opportunities. to create other meaningful connections that can play a critical role in resolving physical, mental and emotional issues.

Recent findings show that many people with personal difficulties often turn to online communities for help. Some are also turning to text chat channels with close friends to air their issues and seek advice. Others prefer to specifically seek help from people with similar experiences in support forums, which often have more than 1,000 members online at a time. So, by surrounding themselves with like-minded people, users can maintain their privacy and avoid the so-called social stigma that often accompanies seeking personal help, and this type of communication with peers with whom they share cultures and viewpoints will not be affected by geographical barriers.

Online communities play an important role in people’s lives today. Regardless of age or circumstance, communities are able to provide people with supportive relationships that will always support them and never let them down, whether they’re in groups on Facebook, in a Clubhouse chat room, or otherwise.

In addition to the above, the importance of the benefits associated with the concept of online community continues to gain popularity regionally and globally. Since the launch of Facebook Groups, social media platforms have been increasingly quick to adopt Communities. Twitter is testing its new Twitter Circle feature which will allow users to create groups of up to 150 people, while WhatsApp has announced that it will soon be rolling out its own community feature to form separate groups. With added support for tools such as file sharing and conference calls for up to 32 people, as well as controls and monitoring, among others.

Social media is here to stay and virtual communities seem to be shaping the future. MENA countries will continue to learn and invest in how to develop this sector, not only to connect people to each other in a more positive, feasible and efficient way, but also to create new sources of income that can contribute to improving the lives of individuals and the achievement of progress and prosperity for institutions and countries as a whole.

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